Monday 18 February 2013

Topshop Unique Fall 2013- London Fashion Week

Topshop Unique was a Fall 2013 collection for the trendy youth of Britain, basically.

Opening and ending with Cara Delevingne, Topshop definitely knew how to seal the deal with their masses of teenagers and young women.

Overall, PVC was used on skirts, satin, fur and chunky knit sweaters were seen and block colours of orange and red broke up the otherwise dark colour palette.

Realistically, the pieces were simple but worn with other statement garments made for some dramatic looks.

Personally, I loved Cara's opening outfit and Jourdan Dunn's closing sequin jumpsuit.

The vibe of the show was definitely a mixture between disco/clubbing and minimalist combinations.

In my opinion, Topshop Unique outdid themselves with this collection. I would personally wear so many of these looks that I saw down the runway, which by the way, was no usual extravaganza. Topshop Unique teamed up with Google + to not only live stream the show but capture millions of angles of the looks and project them on to the walls of the Tate Modern as the audience left. Brilliant!

Oversize black coat, cropped jumper and PVC patent miniskirt teamed with an oversize  tote bag. Works so well together considering the all-black with a splash of navy from the cropped jumper. 

Oversize, statement coat in grey. Love the black patent pockets and details on the shoulders. Teamed with those block heels make this the ultimate street look. 

Here we have colour blocking at it's best. I don't view the patent skirt as cheap, I think it'd be the cutest thing if worn the right way, say with a 3/4 length black top instead of the sheer mesh seen here. 

One of my favourite looks. The jumper is what catches my eye here. First of all, I  cannot express how much I adore the simple navy jumper with the sheen to add glamour but the "thrown-on" fur too? Gorgeous. Makes you wonder whether that's a shrug thrown on top or is it actually part of one highly intricate piece?

Simple, fuzzy, thin jumper paired with satin trousers and a large, carry-on bag. Effortless.

Is it just me or can I see Gwyneth Paltrow in this look immediately? Although I don't know if this fur is real or not....  We're definitely seeing a lot of warm jumpers cropped nowadays. Good for those with toned midriffs! 

Really sweet look compared to the "badass" looks seen in the collection. Love the high-leg  slit and the subtle use of sequins at the shoulders and sleeves. Brogues? Not so sure. 

Cara's closing look- double sequins in burgundy and an oversize, quilted jacket. This suits her because of her figure but I can't argue with it. 

Jourdan Dunn looks stunning in this sequinned jumpsuit. Again, in the deep burgundy colour.  The thin spaghetti straps enhance her cleavage and the outfit speaks for itself really. Disco's back.

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