Monday 18 February 2013

Christopher Kane Fall 2013- London Fashion Week

Christopher Kane is a designer that will never bore me nor fail to excite me in any way. I know that whatever he presents on the runway, it's going to intrigue me, whether it's aesthetically pleasing or not.

In this whopping 60 piece collection, Kane pulled out all the stops for Fall 2013. There were so many visions that came to the forefront every 4-5 looks. One attribute about Kane that I adore is that he knows how to mix up a collection and capture so many different moods. In this collection, specifically, there was definitely a transition from the army prints and camouflage with the "tough" mood to the more romantic, delicate looks with huge amounts of beading.

When I was trying to pick out the most prominent looks from the show, I had a tough time narrowing them to less than 15! This is what I love about Christopher Kane's shows and I'll never grow tired of the anticipation I get from viewing his collections. There's always something unique- something no-one else is doing.

We saw so many wonderful fabrics and prints- Kane is the master of prints! At times, I had to stop and stare and wonder how I should feel about certain pieces but that was expected.

Kane gave us a taste of each aspect of his collection before moving on to something new altogether  It was definitely appealing to me.

A vibrant, "strange" and fairly "dark" collection overall. You could tell a lot of work went behind this collection, I mean 60 pieces?! Wow. Kane is proving his capabilities more and more every time he presents a collection and now that PPR have invested in him, I'm looking forward to seeing his booming growth in the industry.

<img src="Christopher Kane Fall 2013 LFW 1.gif" alt="Christopher Kane Look 1">
A coat you'll never see elsewhere. "Statement" is an understatement. The camouflage  print looks more rich with the  fur off the shoulder. 

<img src="Christopher Kane Fall 2013 LFW 3" alt="Christopher Kane look 3">
Again, the camouflage is "prettied up" with the shimmery miniskirt. 

Gorgeous black biker jacket teamed up with more camouflage. Edgy and tough.

I thought this dress was brilliant. The camouflage is enhanced in metallics and the buckle used to connect the V neck is  so "grunge". Pretty but "in your face".

A rich variation of the camouflage as new shades of red and gold are used in this textured minidress.

This piece looked so incredibly costume. Every bit is handcrafted with swirls or a floral pattern for the skirt. 

Love the distressed/torn pieces of fabric at the bottom. Breaks up the prettiness of the look, as Kane likes to do.

Something gothic and serious. The cuffs are great additions to this dress fit for a warrior.

On to something more delicate and simple with the red satin finish and sweetheart neckline.

This is a look for the brave. Full-on floral embellishments on the top and sheer skirt, yet  there's still something dark about the appearance. 

Out of nowhere, we see some geometrical inspirations on a dress that seems very "tissue-paper like". 

Fuzzy and bold yet sparkly with the black glitter. 

Divine. The beadwork on this and the next look is exquisite. Perfect ebening look with the subtle sheerness over the midriff and the transition from black to navy is beautiful for Fall. The patent shoes are perfect for this look too. 

Again, look at the work here. Sexy and feminine. Something unexpected towards the end of the show. A pleasant surprise. 
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