Monday 24 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend Photos

Here are some photos I took at London Fashion Weekend on the 23rd of September, the closing night. I had the privilege of watching the Trend show which saw the sixties trend, the military mixed with indigo trend and the brocade trend. All of which were stunning but my favourite was the Lady Brocade because of the glamour I saw coming down the runway. As for the clothes, I saw some stunning pieces, especially from Margiella, Vivienne Westwood, D&G and Moschino, loved so many coats but my pockets didn't span that far for me to buy one :( maybe next time...

Tuesday 18 September 2012

LFW: Burberry Prorsum S/S 2013

Hyde Park was the location for Burberry Prorsum's Spring 2013 show at London Fashion Week yesterday and thankfully I was just in time to watch the live stream.

I thought it was exceptional how the roof closed just before the models walked out in gorgeous Burberry coats. I knew Christopher Bailey would deliver, just as he did with his phenomenally nostalgic, ever-so-British Fall collection.

From Anna Wintour to Harry Styles of One Direction, a variety of special guests attended the show and they were in for a treat.

Here we see a bolero jacket intertwined with the longer, pristine white, belted coat.


A gorgeous, tight-fitting, metallic gold jacket, showing how Burberry can cater to lots of clients including those who want to stand out in the crowd.

 I love the colours used in this colour block coat, hot pink and fuschia.

A rich brown satin cape, perfect for a high-glamour look.

If I could buy any one product, I would buy this jacket from this collection because of the deep indigo colour and the sheen which makes this double-breasted jacket a must-buy.

Corsets are back and Bailey cleverly teams this blue peplum corset with a shimmering green pencil skirt to meet the popular blue/green combination demand.

The finale showed the traditional Burberry trench upgraded into shades of metallic colours from pink to blue on all the models.

Monday 17 September 2012

LFW: Temperley London S/S 2013

The Spring 2013 'Temperley London' collection by Alice Temperley debuted today at London Fashion Week. After seeing her collection for John Lewis, I was particularly impressed by Alice Temperely's way of representing femininity in a playful and sexy way and this collection confirms this. After being particularly popular with both Kate and Pippa Middleton, Alice Temperley's collection certainly impressed me. 

Her inspiration was the 1950s glamour era and she has paid tribute to the couture models of the time as being her guiding inspiration for this collection. “I like to work with a timeless mixture of contrasting influences. I had visions of a late 1950s couture model or a young Sophia Loren, but also modernising the Temperley Woman making her uncomplicated and effortlessly beautiful. I wanted to maintain a balance between refined elegance and modernity" to put it precisely. 

Here we see a dress with a structured, satin bodice and sheer fabric for the legs. The dress is elegant yet modern with the horizontal stripes.

Again, we see horizontal stripes on a navy jumpsuit. This look is more casual but can easily work as an evening look.

 I love this look, I think the short cape works well with the patterned evening dress.

A glamorous and timeless look. A tight bodice with a pleated skirt. The shade of blue that's used here is a gorgeous shade of icy blue, not seen it much in the other collections so it's a nice fit here.

A jewel-encrusted dress which  accentuates the female figure.

A shimmering silver top with flowy, pearl trousers. Classic.

More wide brim hats are seen along with a black halter-neck dress and the sheer net detailing for the bottom half. A high-fashion beach look?

Sunday 16 September 2012

LFW: Moschino Cheap & Chic S/S 2013

I think I was a bit too excited to see the outcome of the Moschino Cheap & Chic show to be honest. I watched it via Grazia's live stream yesterday, loving the way in which you got to see glossy, HD footage of the models getting prepped backstage and the celebrities walking into the EC1 venue. 

Iggy Azalea, Pixie Lott, Nicola Roberts and Alexa Chung were just a few of the famous faces at the show, lucky...

The show was accompanied by a live band, AlunaGeorge who I sorta fell in love with and I'm listening to them on Spotify as I type this. 

So Moschino went with lots of crimped hair, bright, neon colours, a bit of the hippy movement, satin sportswear and... fruits. 

Purple and orange was big in this collection, here's a V-neck dress with large, statement bangles and trainers.

One of my favourite looks, a purple minidress with embellishments on the collar and a small cut-out in the middle. 

Moschino brought back the peace signs with this maxidress.

Who says suits have to be plain? Embellishments are seen on this neon orange blazer.

Really cute bralet and hotpants with fruit prints on them.  

Large mirror-work is seen on the front of this netted top, which were also huge in this collection without bras underneath.

Saturday 15 September 2012

London Fashion Week: House of Holland S/S 2013

A new thing for me: posting practically straight after a show has ended at London Fashion Week. A good thing about this is that I don't get a chance to read anyone else's opinion first, I'm writing entirely based on my views, which is what I do anyway but sometimes I take into consideration other people's opinions and comment on them. However, I don't get to see the collection on Youtube or on video anywhere, but I'll try my best.

These are a few brief thoughts about the House of Holland S/S 2013 collection by Henry Holland, who I adore! After his role as a judge on the panel of 'Styled to Rock', Henry seems to be very busy and in the spotlight which he absolutely deserves.

The themes of the show seemed to be tie-dye, acid and "rave".

I like the concept of this dress. It's a strapless and the print is a checked blue which almost looks luminescent. Not too sure about the belt though. Love the idea of trainers on the runway, this is what I like about London Fashion Week, you always see original ideas and there are often less constraints with British fashion.

Omg, I need this t shirt! It's so cute!

Here we have the use of metallics and florals against a burgundy colour which looks quite nice. As Holland does, he always adds a twist and this look bares no exception with the thin strap going across the model's neck.

I like this jacket, I think it'd be wearable with jeans.

I like this gold, metallic jacket on its own, I'm not a fan of the dress though. I'd pair the jacket with a simple vest and jeans, Kate Moss style, and maybe platform heels for a night out. However, it makes sense that its paired with this dress on the runway, as this is RTW, buyers can purchase the jacket on its own and pair it with whatever they want.

Henry knows what London style is all about, we've seen quite a bit of acid wash this summer and it looks like it's here to stay.  

Overall, I think this collection oozes creativity. Although I might not wear some of the pieces because they're a bit risky, I like the fact that you never know what Henry Holland is going to deliver next but you just want to know all that more.

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Rachel Zoe- S/S 2013- Boho & Glamorous

Before seeing this collection, I'd heard many positive things about Rachel Zoe but I never managed to check out what she was about and what her style was like. After this show, I can confidently say she may become one of my favourite designers, I loved so much of what came down the runway. 

A popular colour contrast, black and white looks were seen and in my opinion, they were constructed well together. Take this shift dress, the colour blocking works because it's not overdone and it can work well for a simple evening look.

I love this look. The long, open black blazer teamed with a short, white dress and black buttons is so effortless. Along with the models' simple makeup and blonde hair, the elements of boho definitely come together in this collection. 

Here, the tight, waist-cinching belt helps define a small figure and the small gold metal chain detailing is just enough to add some glamour.

The 'IT Girl' look? A gold, sequin top teamed with green shorts and strappy heels. The sunglasses with a pointed rim are the perfect touch. What I was a little surprised with is how much I loved the bags I saw. I would buy practically all of these slouchy shoulder bags.

A sequin, indigo dress teamed with an oversize black bag.

A turquoise maxi dress is paired with a sunbrero hat, a tasseled gold necklace and a large, cream shoulder bag. A part of's interview read: "When a model walks down the runway in a floppy hat, sunglasses, and gold lariat, carrying an oversize bag slung across her body, it's easy to overlook the clothes." Personally, I don't think this collection is too overcomplicated, I like looking at several elements in one look, but I can see why people may want the hat removed, say in this look. 

I think this pastel pink dress is gorgeous and surprisingly, I think the fanny pack bag actually works here. The way it's been reinvented could see a comeback in 2013.

An off-the-shoulder top with a sequinned maxi skirt. Again, here, I think Rachel Zoe has understood where to leave out the accessories and bags, the look is enough as it is and the lack of other elements is a big advantage. 

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Friday 14 September 2012

Vera Wang S/S 2013- Gemstone Colours

The Vera Wang collection had models arrayed in a series of rich, gemstone colours.

The first few looks were in all-white but then we saw shades of blue topaz, emerald, amethyst as well as black, gold and yellow.

Here we have a look seen quite regularly recently, a long tunic top with 3/4 length trousers. 


The blue topaz looks start appearing and we see a pattern of leaves which add to the garden atmosphere of the show.

An off-the-shoulder dress with embellishments on the ends of the sleeves. This was a common theme of the show, to have jewels and embellishments on pockets, shoulders and the ends of sleeves. 

Another example of the detail on the "pocket" area as well as a layer of sheer lace on the end of the dress.


More lace on the end of dresses, this time we see the design on a shiny, emerald fabric that falls off the model's body.

This dress is very regal as the combination of green and gold connotes, the gold detailing on the top part also resembles gold applique.


This golden outfit glitters down the runway, a tunic with 3/4 trousers again, the shimmering gold top seems to be a staple piece in many of the S/S collections this year.

The closing look, a shimmering, floor-length dress with a V-shaped neckline. Again, the sheerness appears on the bottom of the dress for a sexy, yet less revealing look.