Saturday 28 September 2013

Rihanna for River Island: A/W 2013 Review

Naturally, after the first Rihanna for River Island collection, I was definitely hesitant to purchase anything from this one. I still can't believe how terrible the first one was, if I'm honest.

Well, this collection definitely isn't amazing and it's not worth obsessing over, in my opinion. I can see Rihanna's fan base buying a lot of the items for the sake of buying them, however. I suppose celebrity status will always conquer merchandise, no matter what it looks like.

Personally, I've bought 2 items from the collection and I'm questioning one of them now...

G4Life Sweat Dress- £50.00
I'm pretty content with my sweat dress purchase. It seems like that incredibly warm jumper that'll always get worn on blustery Winter days. Paired with cable knit tights and heeled ankle boots, I don't think this is a bad item from the collection. It makes a statement without being too loud.

G4Life Cropped Sweatshirt- £35.00
Although I bought this, the sweatshirt is definitely nothing special. Maybe if paired with high-waisted acid wash jeans, I'll change my mind.

Aside from these items, there was quite a few items that just weren't realistically wearable to the average British girl or woman. Somehow, I just can't see myself walking around the streets of London in these glossy trousers, can you? Now, if Rihanna walked around in these... she'd somehow make it onto a "best dressed" list. Why? She's Rihanna. Rihanna can pull off anything, quite literally.

High-shine coated trousers- £50.00
One item I will give Rihanna props for is the tan stiletto boots in her range. They're so tough and rebel-chic. Rather on the expensive side, but I suppose you wouldn't expect anything less.

Suede stiletto boots- £120.00
Overall, Rihanna's new collection is definitely better, but still doesn't have enough appeal to me. The items still all seem like things Rihanna would wear. Although that's the idea, successful celebrity collections have always intertwined personal style with subtleness. The neon yellows, PVC and the lack of pretty much anything that isn't cropped can definitely be off-putting for your average shopper in River Island. Definitely a hit and miss collection.

Saturday 14 September 2013

NY Fashion Week: T by Alexander Wang S/S 2014 Review + Personal Update!

Where on Earth have I been?

New York Fashion Week has officially come to an end and I feel like I've completely missed all of it. I've been away for a while on internships and preparing for life at university but I can assure my readers that I am doing everything in my power to stay motivated to blog. I'm not exactly sure which direction to take with blogging but for now, it'll still remain a big interest of mine as there's nothing I love more than to review collections. My experience working for has also confirmed that this is one of many passions and I will continue to invest in it until I don't feel satisfied anymore. What I will say is this- seeing the views on this blog continually increase so rapidly is definitely the most motivating factor for me. Whoever you are, I genuinely appreciate you as I have a lot to learn in this sphere and it's going to take a hell of a lot to become a noted blogger.

Wang's Modern Wardrobe Staples  

As you may know, Alexander Wang will forever be one of my favourite designers. His unique mindset enables him to create the most statement pieces that don't even scream "statement". With this collection, I was pleasantly satisfied to see Wang stick to his simple and minimalist stance on clothing. As per usual, no print and no embellishment. It really is all about silhouette and fabric in Wang's collections.

The choice of rich red separates in a ribbed knit material is definitely shows Wang's ability to create wardrobe staples. Comfortability with edge, as the zips that aren't fully done almost personifies the average Wang girl... a bit mysterious but definitely not reserved. 

A boxy shirt with an unusual fabric that's almost similar to latex. Wang definitely loves to play around with dimensions as he creates this street-luxe ensemble. 

"Fetishism" and "Wang" are words often used interchangeably and now I understand why. The tightness of this dress on the model's figure is seductive. 

A utility jumpsuit that goes perfectly against the construction background. With Wang, there's no clear line to mark what is feminine or masculine.