Sunday 17 February 2013

Mulberry Fall 2013- London Fashion Week

Mulberry's Fall 2013 collection was filled with simplicity hidden in glamour. I thought the burnt red, navy and black made a gorgeous colour palette for a Fall collection, especially with the bags being at the forefront of many of the looks. Loved the colours of the totes, especially the nude and tan colours to match the coats. 

Layering seemed to be very prevalent, not only in this collection, but quite a few other Fall 2013's too. Mulberry went for many jacket-skirt-trouser looks, showing that an outfit doesn't always have to stick to its conventional format for Fall.

I'd like to say the collection was pretty British and I could definitely see lots of these looks worn by London's elite office-workers! 

Beautiful leather combination with the cape-style jacket, long leather gloves and pleated skirt.  Cute snake-effect tote to match. 

Again, love the leather combination. This time, the navy looks even more attractive for Fall.

Layering at its best. Mulberry shows us that we can wear dresses in the Fall as long as we team them with super long leather gloves, a cute skirt underneath and a beautiful brown tote.

All-black glamour. The amount of fur is used nicely here, there's not too much or too little for an evening look. 

I fell in love with this combination of brown with that sheen finish. Love the clutch and this shade of chocolate brown is so incredibly complimentary.

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