Wednesday 10 September 2014

London Student Style: The REAL Side of Fashion #LFW Special!

As London Fashion Week approaches, our attention is often focused on top designers and catwalk trends, as opposed to the 'real' side of fashion. I'm talking about students! London is a hub of academics and full of buzzing students from 45 different universities. 

Whether we realise it or not, their style is what makes the fashion industry boom. Top designers and high-street stores often get their inspiration from street style, especially in London as we are known for pushing the boundaries a bit. 

I'm so excited to do a street style post but what I love even more is that the 4 gorgeous ladies featured today are some of my close friends. I'd like to let my readers have a look at what students are really wearing and what they think about fashion as a whole. 

Let's see what they had to say... 

The Models Students

Name: Kiana Nicole
University & Degree: King's College London, Pharmacology
Outfit: Kimono- H&M | Crop Top- Miss Selfridge | Joni Jeans- Topshop | Shoes- Nike Air Hurrache Black Safari

Her Fashion 411: 'I would describe my style as practical, preppy and modern. I'd like to think my style stands out from the others but with so many students, there's bound to be different outlooks on fashion. I like recreating trends that I see bloggers and celebs pulling off, but being comfortable is important to me- I need an outfit that I like but won't be getting annoyed with throughout the day.'

Kiana is open to modelling opportunities and she may even be one to look out for in the blogger sphere!

Name: Isabel Conde
University & Degree: King's College London, Hispanic Studies with English
Outfit: Cardigan & Mom Jeans- Urban Outfitters | Top- Zara | Bag & Glasses- Camden | Shoes- Vans

Her Fashion 411: 'Dressing stylishly everyday is important but I'm not obsessed with every little detail. I would describe my style as quirky, practical and warm! My style doesn't always fit in with the others but in London, you do see lots of students going out of their way to be different. I guess you could say that London is one of the most fashionable places in the world with all the diversity in people's looks.'

Name: Laura
University & Degree: University of Leicester, History (Deferred)
Outfit: Dress, Earrings & Shoes- New Look | Cardigan- Market Stall

Her Fashion 411: 'My style is simple but I love to experiment with colour blocking and patterns from time to time. I guess I'm still figuring out my style! The nice thing about London is that style varies so much that it's hard not to fit in! Whether I decide to wear a hoodie or a tea dress, highstreet or hand-me-downs, I'm bound to fit in somewhere. One of my favourite things about fashion is when clothes have a story. The blouse my Grandma got married in has been passed down to my mum and then to me. I absolutely love wearing it!'

Name: Fatima
Degree: Pharmacy
Outfit: All abayas from Dubai & Sharjah, UAE

Her Fashion 411'My style is elegant and modest. I wear an abaya everyday. An abaya is a full-length, outer garment traditionally worn by some Muslim women. I love to wear abayas for occasions also. My everyday abayas tend to be simple and practical. The ones I have for special occasions are nicely embellished, elegant and embroidered. I notice a lot of new styles people go for at uni, but one good thing about wearing an abaya is not having to worry about what to wear everyday!'

If you would like to contact me regarding opportunities for these students please email


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