Thursday 28 March 2013

Vogue Festival 2013

If you're a fashion fanatic, you need to be at Vogue Festival at the Southbank Centre next month! I know I'm going to be! 

Seriously, I cannot wait. Front stalls to hear Donatella Versace speak words of wisdom... me thinks yes! 

There are still some tickets available for various events available here:[series]=2134

Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, Christopher Kane, Cara Delevingne, Anna Dello Russo are just a few of the big names that are participating in the festival.

Buy, buy, buy!

Monday 25 March 2013

Vera Wang's Outrageous New Try-On Fee

Our beloved Vera Wang has designed bridal gowns for some pretty elite clientele but she may have taken a step too far.

Currently, the newly opened Vera Wang bridal store in Shanghai is charging customers a £317.70 equivalent to try on any bridal gowns. Whether or not this try-on fee will expand to her other worldwide stores is unknown but I personally think it's ridiculous.

Clearly, copyright is a huge issue and protection of your brand and items that are worth thousands upon thousands is necessary. Photos are already forbidden in her stores which is vital. Why the fee?

If clients decide to purchase a gown, the fee is wavered but if not, they'll have to pay up. Now some might say £317 is nothing to someone who can afford a £317,000 Vera Wang gown but there are many that are a lot more simple and range in the £3,000-£4,000 region too. Surely, most soon-to-be brides aspire to wear Vera Wang but choice is still out there and this fee could certainly detract potential clients from even bothering entering the bridal store.

Bad move Vera!

G-Shock x Margiela

Ahh G-Shock has combined with none other than... Maison Martin Margiela and I'm dead excited. The watch is looking so entirely sexy in the newly released advert.

Only 3000 of these watches will be released in celebration of G-Shock's 30 year anniversary.

Sunday 10 March 2013

Alexander Wang x Balenciaga Fall 2013 RTW

So I've been meaning to do a post about Wang's debut at Balenciaga for a while now. It's been a long time coming and everyone's been dying to see the first pieces from this unexpected, yet potentially genius collaboration. Scrap "potentially". It was unconquerable.

Some may critique Wang for not flourishing in the personality department when it came to this RTW collection, yet this is understandable as he really tried to incorporate the brand's ethic in order to stick to the roots of Balenciaga. I believe he did this incredibly well. Nothing was too boring or too extreme.

From what I've read, Wang started working on this collection since Janurary which means this overlapped with his Fall 2013 RTW collection time frame  Wow. Wang has clearly gone out of his way to prove that he can deliver pieces which will not be unrecognisable to the Balenciaga label.

I got vibes from Céline during this collection... perhaps it was the flashes of fur and the long black dresses.

The collection was certainly modest but in no ways bland.

Wang is a versatile designer. He can go from the sportswear aesthetic with boxy jumpers and sweatshirts to elegance and sophistication within a matter of a few months. What better colour palette to choose here too? Monochrome- black, white. Brownie points for that!

Pristine and wearable. Love the simple white blouse with no embellishments. The boots act as trousers due to their high-leg. The chain details add a bit of a specialty to this look. 

This is what Wang is brilliant at. He can use shapes and fabrics like no other sometimes. Love the cutout details, they look gorgeous from the back. Original, yet a pump might have been better than the boots. 

A transformed peplum with simple black trousers. The top reminds me of Charlize's Oscar look...
Shimmery jumper with high-waisted trousers. Like the cute, thin bow belt but I don't care for the shoes at all.  Too open. 

Rouching at its best. Wang has gathered the fabric on this dress so well that nothing else needs to be added to this piece.

The collection starts to take a nice twist with the metallics and sparkles. I like the  neck on this jacket with the open-ended sleeves. The t-bar heels are also a win for me. 

Wow. This cracked paint-speckled knitted jumper is too good to be true. What a twist to knitwear this is. Truly out of the ordinary and I love, love, love it. 

Black fur peplum for warmth and elegance teamed with metallic print trousers. Like the bronze and black combination.