Sunday 10 February 2013

DVF Fall 2013- New York Fashion Week

Diane von Furstenberg presented a colourful, fun and flirtacious Fall 2013 collection. I almost mistook it for a S/S collection. As it was a DVF show, I predicted lots of red and pinks and that's exactly what we got with a few other bold colours along the way.

There was definitely a disco vibe throughout the show. It was upbeat and lively. The models' hair and makeup was stunning. Loved the bouncy, voluminous hair and red lips. Very feminine and glamorous.

"Anna Wintour was smiling so it had to be good" - now this made me giggle.

Also loved that Diane took her time to receive her applause at the end. That woman deserves every last clap. Brilliant designer. 

Black fur jacket, leopard print and a leather skirt. Seems quite 90s.

Tan midi wrap dress with a side belt. Love the cute leopard print clutch.

Love this coral v-neck dress with the triangular detail and open slit.

Fur and double metallics. Disco x 100.
Adore this double-satin suit in a rich, fuschia colour. Wish the shirt would've been black or white though.
Open and airy chiffon dress in a gorgeous deep shade of blue. Love the hippy-style belt.

Burgundy velvet. Who would've thought it?

Aqua dress with distressed satin. Halter is stunning, love every bit of this dress. New take on the ever-so-present satin too. Props to DVF!
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