Sunday 31 August 2014

Donatella Versace: The Most Luxurious Ice Bucket Challenge

As everyone has been noticing, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral all over the world, with everyone including high-profile celebrities jumping on the bandwagon.

I think it's great that something so simple can raise awareness and money for the cause, although I am in agreement with some of the arguments against it, especially those who claim people are now doing the challenges for their own personal recognition.

Another important thing to remember is to always put the correct donation information in your video. There's no point doing something like this and donating to a non-reputable foundation.

Okay, rant over!

Donatella Versace, one of my all-time fashion idols, has taken up the Ice Bucket Challenge in the only way she knows how: glamourously.

In the video with over 2 million views on YouTube, we see Donatella in a beautiful garden with two ripped hunks standing on either side whilst she forms a goddess-like stature.

With her signature tousled blonde hair and all-white clothing, she screams minimalist-chic, as if she just came from a beach in Santorini.

'I'm not just here to ruin my makeup, please donate to ALS', she says before getting drenched by two classic Versace vases with the iconic, golden print.

She's such a graceful woman and despite all the negative comments out there, I appreciate what she's done for the fashion industry and how she overpassed tragedy in her life to leave an unforgettable legacy behind.

I give Donatella props for giving back and doing this challenge with elegance and class!

To donate to The ALS Association, please click here.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Looks Good On Me: The Most Revolutionary Shopping App EVER?

I'm really excited to let you guys know about a new app, 'Looks Good On Me' which will undoubtedly make your shopping experiences 10x more stress-free.

As we browse through the rails on the high street, we often grab several items and spend minutes, even hours (yes, hours) deliberating on the following:

1) Will I look fat in this? Surely there's a reason why that Zara model is staring at me disapprovingly, right?
2) Is this trend too outlandish for my office job?
3) Do I really want to pay for another cocktail dress that will end up in the back of my wardrobe?

Co-founder, Tatjana battling a serious fashion problem: Shopaholic Syndrome. 

Well, an innovative new app is set to take those pressures away!

The best part is that it's SO easy to use! Co-founder, Tatjana Apukhtina is confident 'anyone will be able to use ‘Looks Good On Me’ effectively'. I would take her word for it.

'Looks Good On Me' really does aim to put the fun back into shopping. Say goodbye to fashion faux paus...

So How Does It All Work?

How cute is the logo?

All you have to do is pick a group of trusted fashionistas to be your own personal fashion advisers. They could be your friends, family or colleagues. It's completely up to you and for me personally, this is my favourite part. There's no need to feel self-concious or nervous if you're only asking people you can trust, right?

Next, you can take some selfies of your potential new outfit whilst you shop and send them to your chosen advisers. You can even set a time limit so you won't have to wait around too long for them to make up their minds.

It really is as simple as 'yes' or 'no'.

After a straightforward 'yes' or 'no' vote, you will be shown an overall verdict at the end and all of a sudden, shopping just got easy!

The app is so entirely versatile. It can be used to choose your next job interview outfit, dinner party jumpsuit or even your bridal gown. The possibilities are endless.

You heard it here first, I think this app will take the fashion industry by storm and if you ask me, it's a retailer's biggest dream come true.

Great, Where Do I Sign Up?!

In order to achieve their goals, there is a Kickstarter campaign that you can get involved in to fund their final development stages.

First, let me take a selfie!

The co-founder, Matthew Blakemore says that they have been 'overwhelmed with the support' they have received so far and that 'it’s imperative they hit their target to make this project a massive success'.

You can donate as much as you want, although they do have some pretty impressive rewards for certain donation amounts. The campaign is live until September 10th 2014. Go check it out for yourself! 

The app is set for release in October 2014 and will be free to download firstly on Apple IOS and then later on Android. 

Tuesday 26 August 2014

The Haute Couture of Trainers: AW14 Rundown

Okay, so today an idea randomly popped up in the circus I call my mind- why not write a post about trainers. No, wait! Why not write a post about trainers that are one step above the average pair of Converse. So, does that make them like... couture trainers? Yep, that's what I've decided to call them anyway. 

I am by far no expert at all on streetwear or trainers, I think I own three pairs altogether, one of which is probably about 5 years old. I am definitely more of an ankle boots girl. However, sometimes a girl's just got to have some comfortable throw-on shoes in her closet. Yeah, well I have flats for that. You must be thinking... what is the point of all this. Well, what if comfort and high-fashion combined in a strange, innovative, sports-luxe type of way and luxury trainers actually came about. I wish I could have invented this wacky concept but I'm a few years too late I'm afraid. 

I've been aware of luxury trainers, or sneakers for you Americans, for a while now but I've never paid any attention to them whatsoever. As I've been browsing online, I'm absolutely in awe of some of the styles out there that I felt it was only right to give you my personal rundown of best designs on the market for AW14. As it's turning colder, we sadly do have to say goodbye to our peep-toe wedges and think about some other types of footwear. I know, what a vile thought, but it doesn't have too be that bad... 

The Picks that are Oozing of Luxury...

What? Lacoste Bernelle Peeptoe 
What's the Damage? £130.00
Why Should I Wear 'Em? Trainers with a peep-toe and a wedge, are we sure these are even trainers anymore?

What? Nike Dunk Sky Hi, Blue Recall Liberty
What's the Damage? £120.00
Why Should I Wear 'Em? I adore the subtle floral pattern and the colour combinations, it just makes the design so much more feminine!

What? Nike Air Max 1, Metallic Bronze Cut Out
What's the Damage? £105.00
Why Should I Wear 'Em? These are my personal favourites. Whilst they may be hard to wear, I would suggest teaming them up with plain black or white, i.e. a white tee and black skinnies. The all-metallic in this style is to die for!

What? 3.1 Phillip Lim Trance High-Top 
What's the Damage? £340.00
Why Should I Wear 'Em? These certainly don't come cheap but the addition of the shearling patches adds such an avant-garde edge to a classic pair of black trainers. 
What? Golden Goose Superstar Low-Top
What's the Damage? £295.00
Why Should I Wear 'Em? At my last internship, Press boutique in Primrose Hill stocked some gorgeous pair of Golden Goose trainers and since then, I have loved seeing their new styles. The leopard is always trendy but what makes these so stylish is the worn, purposely dirty look to them. 

What? Carvela Kurt Geiger Laurel
What's the Damage? £99.00
Why Should I Wear 'Em? Bright red slip-ons. Comfortable, eye-catching, statement pair needed in any wardrobe!

What? Guiseppe Zanotti Bucklewedge Heels
What's the Damage? £675.00
Why Should I Wear 'Em? These are a huge, cult celebrity favourite. Zanotti trainers have definitely had mixed reviews but I adore the designs. They're so luxurious that you forget they could possibly be under the trainers category. At £675, they are one of the most expensive pairs on the market and will probably break the bank unfortunately.

What? Converse All Star Quilted-Leather High Tops
What's the Damage? £69.99
Why Should I Wear 'Em? These are such a simple, yet stylish twist on the classic Converse design. These will literally go with everything. Quilted leather is a huge staple and I don't see it going anywhere for a very long time.
Photo credits: Office, Selfridges, Farfetch, Kurt Geiger, GzanottiUKMall

Saturday 23 August 2014

It's Our 2 Year Anniversary! + 2 OOTD's Just For You! (Internship + Coffee Meetup)

Pop the Champagne...

I seriously can't believe that today marks two years since my very first post on The Rebirth of Fashion. I remember being 17 with a huge desire to get online and start something I could call my own, with my very own ideas and concepts. There have definitely been hiccups and moments of lack of motivation, I'll admit. However, today I can honestly say that I am proud of myself for taking the time to continue on and focus more on my ambitions.

I'm working on a few things to grow and develop this site into something a lot bigger and I know that I will get there eventually but I wouldn't be posting today if it wasn't for the views of you guys!  Everybody around the world reading this, yes you, you have helped me to achieve my goals so you should be proud of yourselves too! I am thankful for every single read and I hope that you will continue to visit this blog to get your daily dose of fashion inspiration, a laugh or even to sit and criticise everything I do. I don't mind 'haters' at all, I wouldn't have the drive today without you guys too! xoxo

#1 Outfit of the Day: Fashion Website Internship 

First things first, I have started a new fashion internship with Fever London and I am super excited for this amazing opportunity. I've just begun and already, I'm loving it and getting stuck in with everything. In fact, I've just written an article on their blog if you'd like to have a look at some of their beautiful, vintage-inspired designs that I picked out:

For the second day there, I wore a simple black miniskirt teamed with a classic, monochrome striped blouse with flats and my spacious tan Michael Kors handbag.

What I love about the blouse is that it's slightly oversized so it goes really nicely with a shorter skirt and tights. Stylish, yet perfect for getting down to business.

#2 Outfit of the Day: Coffee Meetup

If you've been following my recent OOTD posts, you'll already recognise the handbag as it's from River Island and I have been wearing it to death. Seriously, I can pair it with almost anything and it will add that oomph that a staple outfit will need.

For a recent catch-up with a friend, I wore a simple, oversized blouse which has a slightly cropped hem and teamed it with ribbed leggings and tan ankle boots.

The darker green is gorgeous as it gives the outfit a pop of colour and to be honest, the leggings are very flattering on my curves. As for the boots, they have a mid-heel so they're both comfy and stylish. Another item which goes with literally everything!

Saturday 16 August 2014

My 5 Staple Wardrobe Items (+ They're ALL High Street!)

Every girl needs to have some staple items in her wardrobe. That's a fact. We all have some items that we just cannot imagine life without, like seriously. The most obvious is an LBD right? Well times have changed and a lot of us are a tad more selfish than that. I thought I would give you guys a brief post with my personal staple items that I've had for quite a while now.

Many would argue that staple items are investment items and quality is everything because you're bound to be getting a lot of wear. Now, investment items usually equate to high-end or luxury. At least that's what I think of in my mind. Everything I pulled out was indeed a high-street item at a very affordable price, proving that spending zeroes upon zeroes on prestigious 'investment items' is all bullshit. 

As a student, I don't have much of a choice but to shop on the high street for most of my clothing anyway, but I still do have the mentality that if you can get the same thing for half the price, why not?  I hope I don't end up changing that in the future and wasting cash on simple cotton vests purely because of the Dolce label. No offence to the team at D&G, you divine, divine people. 

1) The Shift Dress 

Where? H&M
How Much? Approx £15
How Do I Wear It? This is incredibly versatile and flattering on all body shapes. Wear on a night out with heavy jewellery or at work with pumps. 

 2) The White Blouse
Where? Forever 21
How Much? Approx £10
How Do I Wear It? As this is unlined, do wear a simple vest underneath if you're looking to wear it on formal occasions or at work. Otherwise, you can go bare and daring with a black bra underneath and pair it with some leather leggings for a night out. 

 3) The Leather Jacket
Where? New Look
How Much? Approx £30
How Do I Wear It? Throw this on over pretty much anything, night or day. I have worn this over everything under the sun including skater dresses to add some edge or even embellished clubbing dresses. 

 4) The Denim Shirt
 Where? H&M
How Much? Approx £12
How Do I Wear It? Wear this chilling out at home with leggings or my personal favourite, tucked into a leather skater skirt, just like Kim Kardashian. 

5) The Versatile Shorts
 Where? New Look
How Much? Approx £15
How Do I Wear It? I like to wear these with peplum tops or plain grey/white tees tucked in as these are slightly high-waisted. 

Friday 15 August 2014

Kim Kardashian x Balmain 2014

Throughout 2014, Kim Kardashian has clearly proved that Balmain is one of her favourite designers to flaunt around award shows, premieres and dates in. I personally feel that she has the feminine, curvaceous figure to wear Balmain well, although sometimes she does get it wrong by picking unflattering cuts and lengths. 

When I think of Balmain, I immediately think of luxury. It's a very high-end designer that stands for class and elegance, with some of the most exquisite designs in the industry. I'm sure some would not associate the brand with Kim and wish that she would have less of a reputation with them but I completely disagree. Other than being a guilty fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the other spin-offs, the fact of the matter is she has the money and the stylists necessary to rock as much Balmain as her heart desires. I'm sure she barely pays for any of it though. 

We've seen her wear a lot of cropped length tops with high waisted pencil skirts. This look clearly emphasises her curves as her smallest section, being her waist is exposed and the bodycon materials cling to her lovely lady lumps! What I also admire about her is her ability to go from seductive to modest as she throws her staple nude Max Mara coat over her nude dresses. 

The Balmain Statement Looks 

I quite like this look! I love that the dress has a high neck and a short hem. Kim has chosen the right shoes to go with the dress, although I would have liked to have seen a sleek ponytail to show off the dress even more. The florals in the middle remind me of Dior, especially with the pastel hues going on too. 

This was definitely a look that Kim got slated for a lot. I actually quite like this purely because of the sheer uniqueness of the dress. Clearly there is an incredible amount of detail in this dress and I adore the gold and cream colours together. Again, I'm a fan of dress and think wider hips are appealing but many would disagree. 

I absolutely adore these Balmain biker jeans. The khaki colour goes so well with an understated white blazer and tee. 
This is possibly one of my favourite Balmain looks from Kim. The skirt's rouching actually flatters her in my opinion. It's well-fitted and with nude heels, the skirt is truly the statement piece as the rich silk material shines like anything. 

Here, I think Kendall definitely rocks Balmain a lot better. The colours work a lot better and the skater skirt look and sleek ponytail makes her look so youthful and elegant. Kim's look still works for me although I think it's overkill. There's simply too much going on especially with her bold makeup. If she kept it more simple and paired the skirt with a black sleeved top instead, I would have thought otherwise. 

Now this look I really adore. For the Teen Choice Awards, Kim made the right choice to keep her hair slick and straight, making her look youthful and fresh, rather than her elegant side-swept curls. We know that the pencil skirt and cropped top  look works well for her so that's a plus. I do like the zebra print teamed with leather, it's very daring and rock-chic. I'm not a fan of the shoes at all, they seem to clash a bit. I would have loved to have seen white, matte pointed pumps instead. 

Hands down this is the worst Balmain look Kim Kardashian has ever worn. This is just all wrong. The dress doesn't fit her will and looks baggy from the bottom, making her look bigger than usual. For such heavy beading, this look is very hard to pull of and even I'm unsure of how it would work on anyone. What makes this worse is the fact that Kim has worn knee-length suede boots! She basically has no skin showing at all and it looks very odd indeed. 

Photo credits:,,, Kim Kardashian's Facebook Page,,

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Autumn/Winter 2014 Trend Outlook: Grey is the New Black

It's August. The sun is out, people are out in their coral playsuits and Havaiana flip flops without a care in the world. Summer has actually held up pretty well in the UK which calls for Venti Starbucks orders and crazed maxidress hauls. That's for most of the public. I say most because the rest of us slightly misunderstood fashion lovers are already taking a look at A/W 2014 catalogues and deciding what the trends are going to be. 

Now, I love sunshine like everybody else even though my body hates to absorb Vitamin D for some reason (I hope Twilight casting agents aren't reading this). It's just something about the rich red, tan and navy hues of winter that get me excited. Especially coats with faux fur collars, I am all about those! Anyway, there is one trend that is set-in-stone for this winter and that is grey, grey, grey. Grey can be dull, boring, lifeless and just bland but it can also be sports luxe, monochrome, minimalist or elegant ice queen. Do you see where I'm going with this? Grey is no longer restricted to the staple Nike joggers, we're talking evening dresses, boots and handbags. 

For now, I've compiled a list of some picks I found that I am obsessed with although I'm pretty sure I could have had about 50 items.