Wednesday 30 July 2014

Outfit of the Day: Work Social (Girly + Carefree)

I thought I would do another OOTD post considering I enjoyed putting together the last outfit for everyone. I think there's something gratifying about putting together your outfit neatly, posting your thoughts about it and considering why you make the fashion choices you make. In all honesty, I find that I do have some consistencies with the way I dress but I like to mix things up once in a while. I'm not afraid of colour or new trends such as street luxe or neons. 

For my recent work social, I decided to pick an outfit last minute which is very unlike me, yet I managed to pull something together. I may do an organisation post soon but I currently have a clothes rail (which is on its last legs) that sits outside my wardrobes and on it contains all new purchases. I also tend to rummage through my wardrobe and pull out things I've either forgotten about or have not worn in a while so they can go on the rail too. 

On the rail was a dusty pink skater dress purchased from Forever 21. It has a convenient lining underneath and lace on the outside. It's a very subtle pastel colour but it's lovely for summer! 

Along with the dress, I decided to go for the same River Island bag which was featured in my last OOTD post as it genuinely is the perfect size for events where I need to take a few things, but I don't need to overload a huge tote. As I was going for gold accessories, I also figured the gold hardware was perfect to match the colour scheme.

The shoes are another purchase which I have had forever because I haven't managed to upgrade my sandals yet. I've purchased flats but not too many gladiators. They're just too comfortable and I love that the studs have survived all the wear!

I kept the jewellery very simple and I went for one square-shaped ring from H&M which was purchased at least 2 years ago now. I've worn it to death but it is so convenient and goes with pretty much anything.

Forever 21 vs. River Island

My favourite all-time high street store has been River Island for over a year now. For my figure and style, I always find what I want in there hands-down and their sales are to die for. Now, I have always been fond of Forever 21 but for whatever reason, I haven't been drawn to purchasing from them until I visited the online store. I will warn you that Forever 21 online shopping can be endless. The prices are pretty good and they always have offers on on-trend items. Americans do like their offers!

For updated, new season looks I would definitely recommend Forever 21 as you can get more value for money but River Island will always be on top for quality and uniqueness of items.

Friday 25 July 2014

Outfit of the Day: Corporate Event (Trendy + Chic)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Corporate Dharma's event entitled 'The Dharma of Identity'. The event took place at the modern, minimalist offices at Ernst & Young. I took away a lot of useful information about how to elevate my personal spirituality in a hectic, technology-filled world that is gradually becoming very homogenous as opposed to wonderfully diverse.

Whilst deciding my outfit, I wanted an outfit to keep me cool as London has been having some intense heat lately. Naturally, I wanted to be chic and trendy but smart too as I knew I would be surrounded by lots of business people in suits and peplums.

After much debate, I decided on an outfit that borders the nautical trend, yet instead of stripes, I went for a plain V-neck. Only I went and dropped a huge blob of foundation on it last minute and yes, the panic happened. Technically I cheated with this as you can tell but the rest of the outfit is the same, I just swapped the white tee for a black one which works equally well.

Firstly, I adore the skater skirt that I dug out from the depths of my wardrobe and I found this beauty from River Island that I believe I haven't even worn before. For my curvaceous figure, I love outfits that accentuate the right places and hide the other bits. A skater skirt with a fitting tee just does that when it's tucked in right. 

I improvised with the belt as I could not find the belt that came with the skirt to save my life. Now, without the bag I believe the outfit would be quite bland but my recent purchase from River Island saved the day. The structured tote is perfect for adding a subtle splash of colour as the interior is a bright neon lime colour and it is truly one of those buys which you won't regret because I have a LOT of black clothing and I throw this on my arm to look a bit less demure. The outer gold hardware helps too!

I've been seeing a lot of pointed shoes on the high street lately and women tend to go for midi heels which look fab, although I recently purchased this pair of flats from Primark which are not only on-trend with the points, but they are also a neutral beige colour to compliment nearly all colour combinations. My favourite part has to be the gold metallic ankle straps though. For my first wear,  the compliments were already flowing in at the event so I must have made a good decision.