Friday 26 February 2016

London Fashion Week AW16: Éthologie by Jasper Garvida

Éthologie holds a special place in my heart. Why? Well because it was one of my first ever fashion shows! I remember the excitement I had experiencing my first London Fashion Week and attending all the Felicities PR shows at ME London hotel. 

I adored their collection then and appreciated Jasper Garvida's feminine tones. There was lots of shimmer, glitter, embellishment & cute 70s silhouettes and coming to his show a couple years later, it was refreshing to see some new textures but also many of the same intricacies. 

The show dabbled between high-impact glamour looks and more subtle, toned-down everyday outfits. Take the look below... it is classy, simple and does the trick. I think we'll be seeing a ton of open waterfall coats with that 'throw on top' vibe very shortly.

The glamorous looks were just fierce hunny! I was living for all of them because as we all know, I live for shiny things. Although there was still lots of glitz and glam, there weren't too many ultra girly silhouettes... rather bomber jackets that glittered in the light. I love the juxtaposition of masculinity with femininity though.

The model below worked that runway like anything. The pose just screams 'fierce'!

This was an interesting look that grabbed everyone's eyes and not for the shimmer this time. It was the snood which covered half the model's face. 'Can she even see?' Perhaps you don't need to see her... after all this bitch is bad & will trudge through the snow (and you) to make her appointment ;)

I was all the way here for this cute bodycon dress. At first the belt seems out of place but now I really think it works to add that masculine edge this season.

Very cute look here... the jacket does all the talking & paired with a metallic miniskirt, this outfit is beyond 'statement'. Interestingly, the models wore sunglasses for an AW show which is quite rare but as part of the whole non-confromist, borderline obnoxious vibe, I totes see it working.

This year, the Éthologie girl is someone who embodies confidence, power and will stomp out her competition any day of the week. I really enjoyed this collection and look forward to seeing the development of the line in years to come...

Sunday 14 February 2016

We Only Making the Highlights: Yeezy Season 3

A couple days ago Kanye West showcased the third season of his Yeezy collection with an exclusive listening party for The Life of Pablo. 

The hype about this show was absolutely insane. Literally everyone on my Twitter timeline was talking about it, even people who had no idea about Yeezy were getting hyped up. I think this time round, Kanye has seriously shown what a marketing genius he is. Combining both his fashion line and his new music in one event is just brilliant. Like the title of this post, I felt that Kanye's show was just full of 'highlights', à la his new track with Young Thug. 

Say what you want about Kanye but he is killing the game... even Naomi came out and strutted her stuff. 

He's built the contacts and he's really worked hard on this line by the looks of it. When Yeezy first launched I honestly wasn't sure if he was going to make it for several seasons because of all the controversy with his Sway interview etc. but let's be honest, it did him good. Any time he 'gets out of line' with his crazed tweets or statements about how he would like to be the creative director of Hermès it creates so much buzz in the atmosphere about Kanye and his brand. He is the king of 'omg' moments and I don't see him becoming irrelevant in a very, very long time.

As for the actual collection, I don't have all that much to say. Mostly he has stuck to the basic concepts of Yeezy being underwear as outerwear and that edgy sports-luxe vibe. I love the khaki distressed jumpers paired with tattered mini-skirts. Something about it is just hot to me. Some of the statement coats and jackets were nice too, like this cropped tan shearling one below. I can see that being worn nicely with a pair of black distressed jeans & perspex heel boots.

In all honesty, I'm actually less concerned about the clothes and more proud that he managed to pull this all off and create such a vibrant show. It really is one for the fashion history books if you think about it. BryanBoy, my all-time favourite fashion blogger, summed it up perfectly with his Facebook post: 'Zeitgeist! So relevant. So now!'

Ultimately, this show is all about culture.

The merging of different art forms. The almost 'wrong' picture of Anna Wintour sitting next to Kim Kardashian. The success of Kanye coming up from all his struggles and creating such a legacy. The idea of him nearly dying in 2002 and still trying to create music from a hospital bed as he came out of a coma. It's only now that I can truly understand the meaning behind 'Through the Wire' and respect him for what he's gone through and achieved.

I adore this picture below. It's so, so, so cute. I just loved seeing the Kardashian-Jenner clan being so carefree dancing to Kanye's music without fear. Just pure love and support. Oliver Rousteing obviously looking back at Kim like, 'God damn she is selling my shit right now'. Not to mention the STUNNING Balmain x Yeezy looks. I can't lie I just love the looks. I wish they weren't wearing animal fur though but I guess everyone has a choice.

Postmodernism at it's finest.

Extreme high-end glam furs meet streetwise beanies & torn mini-skirts. Fab.

One of the most surprising but lovely surprises of this show was seeing Lamar Odom there alongside Khloe! They look awfully cosy to me and I secretly wish that they reconcile and manage to salvage their relationship again. I mean it's a miracle he's even alive and I suppose in the worst of the worst traumas, love finds love and people manage to come together in beautiful ways. I just felt like there was a lot of love with this show all-round. The smiles didn't seem fake to me. There seemed to be a genuine sense of appreciation and family unity there. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

Overall, I'm happy for Kanye's success and I hope he continues to build on this legacy. I think what we're witnessing now is a major historical landmark within the fashion industry that will be talked about in years to come.

Photos courtesy of Yeezy via

Thursday 4 February 2016

L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod: Straight Hair From Steam?

So guys, I decided to randomly to jump on here and write up my thoughts on the L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod purely because I have only used it once and from that one time, I was so genuinely impressed I just have to shout on the rooftops about it.

I purchased the Steampod on FeelUnique a while back and it's been sitting in its box for a good few months. Don't ask me why. I guess I'm just really lazy and I've just kept reaching for my GHDs which are (literally) 10+ years old. Poor things have been used to absolute death and now the wire is actually breaking so I think I should just accept that they've left my world. R.I.P. </3

At first I was getting a bit sceptical that this would take forever to set up and it would be super complicated because you need to keep filling it with water. Another thing that crossed my mind was the danger of using water in an electrical appliance like straighteners.

How wrong I was.

All I had to do was test the PH of my tap water using the strip given, fill up the 'resovior' with water, and plug the Steampod in, select my temperature and wallah, steam was produced within about 60 seconds. I took the first section of my hair and did it once through slowly from root to tip and I was just so surprised at the shine. Honestly, I was touching my hair like 'oooooh, shinyyyy' forever. I've had steam treatments at the hairdressers a few times before so I know how gorgeous your hair can feel after those but I didn't expect to feel the same feeling from using an at-home device.

I bought this because I have become quite conscious about using heat or basically anything damaging on my hair because I have experienced a lot of breakage because of stress & PCOS so I needed something which would work for very fragile hair and luckily enough this allows me to control the temperature and a run-through on 180 degrees works really well for me.

Honestly, I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for something less damaging to the hair. The results are fairly long lasting. They sell products to accompany the device and I have one but I haven't bothered to use it yet so I can't vouch for them but it's not really necessary to get good results. I just used my regular shampoo and conditioner, a bit of argan oil afterwards and proceeded with the Steampod later in the night.

Hope this was helpful to anyone out there who has suffered with hair loss and breakage. It can be really distressing but I think the key thing is to always give your hair a break. Don't use heat all the time, even something like this all the time would ruin your hair. Find out what works for you and don't be afraid to change up your routine even if it means ditching products you've used for years. Anyway, I shall try and keep you all updated as I continue my own health journey and learn more about what works and doesn't work for me. For now, stay beautiful! xo