Saturday 19 November 2016

IPR x B2B SS17 Press Day

Alrighty so apologies for such a late post but essays have taken over my life (: #ThirdYearUniIsAmaze

I thought it was only right to give you the lowdown on the IPR x B2B press day. This was the first time going to one of their press days but I was super impressed and the trek to Shoreditch was definitely worth it. I loved the huge variety of brands which varied from the minimalist Axel Arigato  (if you follow me on the gram you'd have seen that I recently went to their uber-lit store launch party) to the luxury Loriblu. 

So without further ado, let's get into my faves! 

The first brand that captured my attention was, without a doubt, Sadie Williams. As you can see, there is no colour too risk-ay in this collection. Love the multi-flag embellishments too (#GoDiversity!)

These silk blouses were absolutely stunning! Silken Favours is a fab brand for luxury quality blouses with a contemporary feel... throw one on with some black skinnies and you're good to go!

Loriblu, oh how you stole my heart! Can we say gorgeous? I need these nude heels in my life ASAP! I couldn't stop staring at the crystallised booties with a satin finish... brb just adding this to my sugar-daddy's list ;) 

One of my favourite brands that I got acquainted with was the Alama Project. This stunning jewellery line held a special place for me because they not only support artisans by using their own creations but all their revenue goes to Africa Amini Alama- an initiative that directly helps the Massai & Meru tribes. Having been to Africa before, I am in love with the culture and spirit of the people so I think this is such a brilliant idea and I encourage you all to check them out and show them some love. We need more projects in the fashion industry that give back and I'm glad to see that Alama Project is leading the way :)

It was so exciting to see Axel Arigato's display and I was pleasantly surprised to see these beautiful block heel ankle boots alongside their famous trainers. They are definitely my kind of thing... still effortless and comfortable but would transform an outfit into a statement in no time. 

Zena Presley's range is a work of art. These watercolour-esque designs are fit for a high-powered city woman going from her editorial shift to a gala... I mean, I almost didn't want to touch these beauties because they looked so precious!

Before I left, I noticed this sweatshirt in the corner of my eye and I found the awesome Cats Brothers line. I love the oversized basic black sweatshirt with this 3D beading sparking off it as a firework would do. Perfect for the Xmas season <3

Sunday 30 October 2016

Hey, It's Okay to Switch Up Your Aesthetic: Things My Mother Taught Me About Fashion...

So I've been thinking long and hard about this- I've been stuck in a quandary about how I'd like to integrate my late mother into my blog and in what context to write about her in.

The fact of the matter is that my mother not only raised me but taught me a lot about the perception of myself, the world and God. Not having her around has been numbingly painful and some days I just breakdown... the pain is such a circumscribed experience that it's impossible to explain.

A chunk of me is definitely missing, that's how I'll put it. In that missing chunk I feel like a lot of my motivation has gotten lost because there's no active driving force around anymore. Having said that, I will always remember my mother as a cheerleader because she always supported me and never forced any career paths on me at all. She let me explore the world of fashion and never told me it was worthless or would amount to nothing... she was proud of what I achieved on my own and always had positive things to say about what I was doing. Often the one holding the camera or helping me decide what to wear for an event, my mother was undoubtedly the biggest supporter of mine and wherever life takes me, I will always attribute any success I have to her.

The crux of what I'm getting at is that I want to include my mother more in my articles. I think it would feel wrong if I didn't. I want to remember her positively, and I want to share some of the love & light she brought to my world...

1) Who Cares!

The version of my mother, Anita that I got the pleasure of knowing was never really into fashion. For her, fashion became more about comfort over style. She was on the larger side and underwent a mastectomy in 2007 so I guess she liked to wear what she felt was natural to her- cotton t-shirts and long flowy maxi skirts. I have a vivid memory of her returning home post-surgery; I was 12 at that the time, and although I was scared of the lack of hair on her head I was incredibly happy to see her alive and well. She unpacked this bra that many women wear after having a mastectomy, and as you all are aware, most women choose to have a breast reconstruction afterwards. My mother did not. I never understood it at the time and I couldn't grapple with the idea of her going through the rest of her life without the most 'feminine' of parts back and not feeling attractive again. How wrong I was because for her, happiness came from within and primarily through her dedication to the Lord.

I was such a little bitch growing up though. Forever on her case telling her that things looked bad or that she should let me pick out some things for her to wear instead but it never seemed to bother her. From her nonchalance I've learnt that it's really not that serious. Some people are more into style than others and if someone doesn't care so much about what they wear, let them not care!

At the end of the day, is it really worth having a coronary over a piece of material?

It's safe to say that my mother shook up my idea of the 'ideal body'. What is a body? What does it mean to clothe the body? Why should a woman feel pressured to artificially recreate a 'perfect' body back after a traumatic experience? I now feel so incredibly moved by her bravery and although I feel torn about writing this content without being able to ask her permission, I feel that she would be happy knowing that I am using her legacy to make a difference in the world and in particular, the promotion of women's liberation and freedom over their bodies, minds and souls.

2) Confidence Comes From Within

Every time I would have an event to go to the panic began the night before. My mother soon got used to the stress and chaos that came with the flabbergasting question that we all know so well... 'what should I wear?' Without a doubt, my room would look like a tornado hit it by the time I was done trying things on. I'd always show my mum 5-6 options and she would tell me her honest thoughts...

A lot of the time, especially when I reached a size 14, I would go off in a huff like a little brat exclaiming how fat I was and how I couldn't sit down without rolls showing etc. My mother was probably screaming inside because it became such a common occurrence and Lord knows why she put up with it but she did and for that, I will always treasure her. She'd always come and comfort me and tell me that I wasn't 'fat' and that I had curves and I shouldn't feel down about myself.

You know when you have a crippling headache and you breathe a sigh of relief as the paracetamol kicks in? Well my mother was my paracetamol.

I always felt that little bit better when she re-assured me that I was being too extreme. After all, if you don't feel confident from within then whatever you put on is just a layer on top of a fragile internal, right? How will you ever feel comfortable in what you wear if you don't feel comfortable with your own body?

Today, in fact, I had a lovely message from someone on Snapchat that said that I had a lovely figure and that I shouldn't put myself down about the way I look because people appreciate it and actually prefer my look to the Eurocentric skinny blonde model look. It was something that I needed to hear today and it came at a time when I was feeling low about myself but it just goes to show that there are kind-hearted people out there and no matter what you look like, you will always attract someone. Part of the reason why I've been doing more swimwear looks etc. recently is because I want to be a part of the body-pos movement that almost forces people to understand what a natural body looks like because that is SO important in this superficial generation that we are living in nowadays. I've realised that you can either spend your life in doubt about yourself or you can embrace yourself and accept God's creation for all that it is. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in a journey towards full body confidence but I definitely sense that I am progressing and getting more acquainted with the once scary notion of 'self-love'.

3) Don't Force Yourself

Shifting focus now to cultural clothing, I was never one to truly embrace Indian clothing on myself. To this day, I rarely wear it unless it's a special occasion and when I do, I prefer to wear kurti tops with leggings as this is a lot more in line with my aesthetic.

Living in an open-minded city like London is a plus because there's no real pressure to dress up in traditional clothing when visiting a temple- some people do, some people don't. As long as you're modest that's all that matters. I've heard a lot of comments being made from certain individuals particularly in relation to Gurdwara etiquette (for those who aren't aware, my Sindhi roots meant that I spent a lot of time in the Gurdwara when I was younger). I saw this one guy on Facebook a while back demeaning women who choose to wear leggings to a Gurdwara instead of say, a salwaar kameez or sari etc. etc. Now, here's where I have a real issue...

Yes, it is important to be modestly clothed in a place of worship but do I think it's okay to judge a woman for what she willingly chooses to wear on her body whilst praying? Absolutely not. It actually infuriated me that this individual felt the need to do the equivalent of 'slut-shame' on a public forum. Is it not tragically ironic that religion promotes peace and non-judgement yet there are people who will go and bow down to Guru Nanak and go home the same day bashing a girl for wearing some freaking leggings. If the girl is clean-hearted and genuinely wants to express her worship for the Lord then who are we to dictate her body? It would be another thing if we were talking about some chick wearing a Celeb Boutique bodycon dress at langar here but we're not, it's just some damn leggings that actually cover the body really well if you ask me.

Woman’s crime of being other - of embodying all that man fears and despises yet desires - finds fitting ‘punishment’ in clothing that draws erotic attention to the body by simultaneously constraining and ‘correcting’ it. According to de Beauvoir: “In woman dressed and adorned, nature is present but under restraint, by human will moulded nearer to man’s desire”. (Angela King, 2004)

Anyway, the point I am getting to (rant over, soz), is that my mother never ever forced me to wear Indian clothing to places of worship. She encouraged me sometimes, sure, but she knew deep down that I wasn't feeling it half the time and instead of pushing me away from my spirituality by enforcing  dictatorship over my body, she logically made sure that I knew it wasn't about what I wore but the fact that I kneeled down in front of the Lord and prayed whole-heartedly.

4) Treat Yourself Well 

In retrospect, I acknowledge that my mother spoiled me and always tried to make my desires possible but this should be understood in the context of my childhood which I won't go into detail about here. To summarise, my mother tried to compensate for my fucked up childhood by showering me with clothes/makeup etc. which was nice, sure, but it just put a bandaid on things.

As she got older I think she recognised that I was picking up on her habits from the past in my shopping sprees and retail therapy so she would try and snap me out of it because it's just not the way to fix anything. The temporary high you get is exactly that: temporary.

We all deserve to treat and reward ourselves but she taught me that this should not be in excess.

5) Hey, It's Okay to Switch Up Your Aesthetic

It was only after my mother passed that I had access to a whole archive of photo albums spanning way back to the 80s. I found photos of my mother with her short bouncy hair, graphic tees and leather bomber jackets that I never even thought existed!

I had so much fun going back and uncovering the mother that lived before my time- wild and carefree. Honestly, I wish I could have had more conversations with her about how she used to be in her student days and beyond because I think I'd want to be her friend! Her laidback, avant-garde, pseudo-hipster, 'I read Freud in my lunchbreaks' look is so often forced by the basics in my uni that I commend her for being so beyond our time.

Looking at photos like these makes me realise that it's okay to switch up my aesthetic. Recently I've been so into blurring the gender lines between masculine and feminine... I love bomber jackets, oversized sweatshirts, minimal accessories. Trapstar, Nike, Supply & Demand are some of my faves right now. It's quite a big leap as I was so feminine this Summer in my chiffon dresses and floor-length gowns but I'm really feeling this sports-luxe vibe and I think I'm becoming more open to change.

Change is good. Experimenting is good. Never feel stuck or one-dimensional. Fashion allows ourselves the ability to change and enables fluidity on our rigid bodies...

I will now end on a very essay-ish quote (I think the English degree academia has absorbed into my blood... oops):

'Dress constantly poses the possibility of distance between body and clothing, between 'true' self, the fixed gender of ideology, and assumed persona'. (Annette Kuhn, 2013).

P.S. I cried a lot during writing this but I hope this was an enjoyable/gripping/funny/heartbreaking read for some of you (any one of those adjectives works for me).

Saturday 8 October 2016

London Fashion Week SS17 Part 1: Delna Poonawalla

So LFW SS17.... where to begin!

Firstly I'd like to start by saying that for me, this season was pretty chilled. I only fit in a couple of shows and in fact missed both my on-schedules (tut tut). What I am thrilled about, however, is that I managed to catch Delna Poonawalla's show at the stunning Amba Hotel in Charing Cross. The location was spectacular and it really set the scene for an outstandingly elegant collection. 

I was really excited to see Delna's vision come to fruition, especially after having met her in the past and having seen first-hand her out-of-the-box concepts. If you don't remember, refresh your memory and have a browse through my article from 2014 reviewing her fabulous Kaleidoscope Karma collection. A couple of years have whizzed by but that collection has left an imprint on me because of how innovative the concept was- as you all know I love me some hybrids! Mixing different elements of femininity and masculinity together is something that Delna has an irrevocable talent for and so I was super excited to see what has been brewing behind the scenes with this 'Dark Mistress' collection.

I was not left disappointed... 

(P.S. I did take my own images but I felt they really did no justice to the collection so I will be using Vogue's high-res for reference.)

I love the colour palette used in this collection- very rich and regal. The champagne tone here is incredibly flattering and the square plunge neckline of the jumpsuit is harsh but toughens the look up just the right amount.

I'm getting major Greek goddess vibes! Take me back to Mykonos! The draping across the shoulder is beautiful and traditionally feminine. Juxtaposed with this is the unexpected dark navy detailing. Against such a light tone I pick up a sense of Gothic with the web-like embroidery. Again, a fantastic re-appropriation of femininity in high-fashion.

I love the theatricality of this collection... you can almost imagine it being worn on stage in a play. This bold midnight blue is gorgeous alongside the gold detailing. The models strut with sass and I'm all the way here for it!

Probably my favourite of the whole collection... An unusual shift dress made with gold chains and complete with sequinned embroidery on either side. This is of course a statement look but my 'literature degree eye' can't help but view the chains symbolically; the woman is wearing the once shackling chains loud and proud. The woman's body is no longer a site of constriction or appropriation, it signifies freedom and a f- load of power. Woo!

The beautiful Delna alongside two fierce models. Can we talk about Del's gorgeous bardot dress though? So flattering! 

Image Credits: Vogue UK

Wednesday 24 August 2016

How to Survive London Fashion Week (The Real Deal)

Hey lovelies!

So please forgive me for not posting regularly but I am in a pretty stressful period of my life right now. I'm trying to adjust to the fact that my mother is no longer with me (aside from in spirit) and I'm also moving (yay -__-)!

I thought I'd do a little 'filler' post as London Fashion Week is creeping up on us all and I thought it'd be cute to do a mini rundown of how to survive it as a blogger/attendee and give you a bit of insight into what it's actually like. Before I start, I am in no way bashing LFW... I think it's a wonderful experience to be a part of and I am grateful that I have gone to on-schedule and off-schedule shows (the majority have been off-schedule).

I was telling my friend this the other day but when I was a kid I used to literally sit and watch Fashion TV with my Hello Kitty notepad and rate all the catwalk shows out of 10. I mean seriously... I thought I was Anna Wintour. Anyway, the point I'm alluding to is that I never thought I would actually be able to experience it years down the line. It's quite surreal but there's a lot of chaos and bitchiness that comes with it too believe it or not. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'd know that I keep it all the way 100 on here. Unlike some bloggers (no shade), I'm not afraid to say how I actually feel because I don't take fashion so seriously. It's meant to be enjoyable people! If you're easily 'offended' then take a valium first before reading...

Dress Comfortably

Maybe I'm just a lame for saying this but I am NOT someone who will try and kill myself to look good for LFW. Yes naturally I want to be stylish but wearing 6-inch stiletto heels and a restricted dress is probably not the way to go. Maybe you can pull it off if you're literally getting an Uber to one show and an Uber back home but if you've got a lot lined up for the day you might want to consider toning it down a noch. 

If you insist on wearing huge heels you better act like the next Giselle ready to walk down the runway because it's not cute turning up and complaining 24/7. Just saying.

Dress in Alignment With Your Aesthetic 

I have seen SO many bloggers dress ridiculously for LFW in order to get 'papped'. Everyone and their mother knows this exists because you'll see the same individual the next day and they're dressed completely differently. 

Now I know this may offend some people because sure, it's LFW why not go all out right? I just feel like people try way too hard sometimes. If you don't usually dye your hair cotton-candy pink, wear tattered double denim, studded 12-inch platforms and carry a watermelon as a clutch then don't do it now all of a sudden. 

Prepare for Bitchiness

I'm not saying everyone attending LFW is a bitch. Far from it! There are amazingly lovely people in the press/blogging world and if you are lucky enough to find these people then kudos because your experience will go up a few notches. Saying this though, there are many girls who get invited to these shows and think that they are SO boujis with their freaking Céline micro luggage tote and black floppy hat. If this is your aesthetic then I'm sorry and if you can rock it great but there's literally no need to act like your shit doesn't stink. 

I remember last year I was queuing up for a show (which I will not name) because I had gotten sent a provisional invite from a PR company who usually distributes about 18291819 more tickets than they have capacity for. So anyway I was pretty excited but I arrived late so I was right at the back of the line. Bear in mind this day was freezing cold and it kept raining intermittently. I had just arrived from a previous presentation and I honestly couldn't bring myself to stand there for God knows how long just to possibly be turned away or be squished right at the back if and when I did get entry. So I called up my friend in the line and I had said something to the effect of 'This is ridiculous, I'm not waiting around, this is crap'. Now, these two girls in front of me turned around with such death stares I felt their anger penetrate into my soul. 

Literally them.
Honest to God I thought I was going to have a full-blown fight with them in this line the way they had just eavesdropped and thought it was cool to stare me down like that. Like honey, fix your face because it's looking more chopped and screwed than a PartyNextDoor remix. Is it really that deep?! I wasn't even talking about the designer being 'crap', that'd be disrespectful. I just don't understand why people take all this stuff so damn seriously. It's just a fashion show... 

Prepare for After-Party Snobbery 

I only went to a couple after-parties last season but from what I saw at one of them, there is a lot of shadiness going on especially when it comes to the people at the door. Even if you've got an invite, you'll be judged thoroughly on your dress sense before you're allowed in (unless you're on a reality show... then you'll get a free pass). 

Some of the up-and-coming designer's after-parties are super chill but there will be a few that will be 'super exclusive' held in Mayfair locations with people desperate to get in for the free champagne and mingling opportunities with the C-list celebs. 

I got into one of these after-parties last season... I guess my outfit met their 'standards'... a couple of my blogger pals got turned away which I thought was terribly rude but I proceeded anyway...

Once I entered it was a bit of a ratchet hot mess! I mean it was fun and I enjoyed myself but all the champagne ran out and I wasn't surprised after I saw stylists, journalists and bloggers twerking in Louboutins on the dancefloor and whacking their Chanel flap-bags all over the gaff. Some of these things just aren't all they're cracked up to be for the level of snobbiness you have to endure... 

Monday 1 August 2016

Task PR: Christmas in July Press Day

It's hard to believe that we are now well past the half-way mark in 2016 and slowly heading towards that joyful time. You guessed it... Christmas!

As hard as that is to conceptualise and as scary as that may seem to your bank accounts, just sit back and relax. Go and grab yourself a hot chocolate to get yourself in the festive mood as I take you through my favourites at the Task PR Christmas in July press day...

Ash Footwear
Sparkly midi-heel boots are perfect for dancing the night away in style during the winter months... you don't need to worry about comfort or freezing your little soles off (#winning!) 

Gerry Weber Edition
A staple white blouse is an absolute must for your AW16 wardrobe. You can do so much with one item like this. Teamed with a statement necklace, black ripped skinny jeans & heeled ankle boots, you've got yourself a killer outfit with little to no effort.

This beauty immediately caught my eye when I saw it on the rack. It's just divine. The shade of red is rich and sensuous. I can already imagine rocking this over an LBD and complimenting it with some rouge lipstick.
Warning: strangers may stroke you, this is SO soft. 

I'm a sucker for some bling so naturally I had to include these beautiful watches in my favourites. Adore the luminescent dial and bright straps. I think watches are really going to be the true statement pieces of jewellery for AW16 so make sure your wrist game is always on fleek!

Marc Cain
You may have seen this shot on my Instagram already, it was just too cute to not share beforehand... I am OBSESSED with  the black embellished flats. So in-your-face yet so opulent... love. The sequinned loafers are also adorable, the perfect choice for when you just don't want to bother with heels but still want to make an entrance.

Nikki De Marchi
Me & my girl Lizzie immediately knew this screamed 'me' when we saw this. I love black swimsuits as a curvier girl PLUS this is embellished with gorgeous multicoloured crystals. I wish I could have rocked something like this when I was in Mykonos... I'm sure it would've turned so many heads!

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Benefit Brows: My New Staple Brow Products

Disclaimer: Products sent for review purposes, all opinions are truthful.

Hey guys, yet another overdue post... (save the boos pls).

This time around, I'm going to give you the lowdown on the latest Benefit Cosmetics revamp on their brow collection. It's sexy, it's sleek, it's everything. Honestly guys, I have not stopped using ka-BROW! since I tried it at their blogger preview- it has changed my life. I think I may even name my first child "ka-brow"... it could work right? D: 

The new packaging is gorgeous and brightly coloured, featuring lots of staple pink tones as this is Benefit's trademark colour. If you've yet to visit the Good Ship Benefit docked on The Embankment, you are truly missing out. I've been on there twice now and each time I visit, I'm in awe at how gorgeous it is. It's a must for all girly girls as the decor is fun, playful & perfect for taking those bomb ass Instagram selfies.

So here's a pic I found wearing some bright pink lippy at the blogger launch alongside my new Benefit brows. Bear in mind that, on the day, I had not had my eyebrows threaded for a long time (decades) so it was difficult to create perfect brows. Nevertheless, I found that the products really helped me to tidy things up and create definition where there needed to be some. By the end of the event, I manifested some chic thick brows. I think fuller brows are more youthful but everyone is different and whatever your preference, you can use the products to achieve your ideal look.

Here's me, Bunmi and Georgie having a blast posing for the paparazzi (ok, maybe it was a photo booth but still).

My Honest Opinion...

There are a whopping 36 products in total in the new collection, so as you can imagine I won't be reviewing all of them but I thought I'd give you the scoop on these four below...

As you can see, the chrome metallic finish of the packaging is beyond stunning and really makes an impact on the dressing table. I mean, why not have your makeup look as chic as you right?

The Goof Proof Brow Pencil is a very easy-to-use tool and is perfect for travelling as it has two ends - a spoolie-brush and eyebrow pencil. It glides on the brows very nicely - I reach for this when I want to fill in my brows in a rush and don't want to think too much about what I'm doing. Let's be honest, we all have our moments when we simply can't stand in front of the mirror for half an hour creating perfect brows so why not let this tool do it for you?

The BrowVo! Conditioning Primer is a clear gel loaded with kertain & soy proteins. You can use this primer on its own to help grow your brows and keep them in place or you can use it as a base. It really helps to seal any brow products that you place on top and helps to maintain a tidy appearance.

Ka-BROW! is my ultimate favourite from the collection. I've mentioned this product before on Snapchat/IG but I just can't get enough of it! If you're on a budget and just want to try out one product first, I would thoroughly recommend this one because it's an all-in-one cream-gel colour and again, this is SO good for travelling. The point on top is not just for show, it actually contains a handy brush for the cream gel. What I love about this brush is that it's really tiny and precise, allowing you to achieve small strokes as you glide it across your brows. Lots of brow products fail to get the brush sizes right and you end up using too much product but Ka-BROW! gives you lots of control which I appreciate.

Finally, Gimme Brow is a great volumizing brow gel, great for natural-looking definition and shape. Again, the brush is tiny so you can use small strokes across the brow and get all those hairs into place. This product is great if you haven't had a tidy-up or wax in a while. I haven't reached for this one as much as the others though because quite frankly, I think ka-BROW! has stolen my heart.

Have you tried any of these beauties yet? Let me know which one is your fave! xoxo

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Guest Post: Balance Your Emotions with These Healthy Tips

We are living in a time when we are attacked by numerous stressors everywhere we go. Unfortunately, it is something that we have learned to live with and we rarely try to defeat it. How can that be when we know that stress is referred to as the number one silent killer? The fact is is that stress is linked to six out of ten leading causes of death worldwide. 

Stress is a physical response which can result in detrimental consequences on our mind, body, and soul so it's time to start fighting back. Regain your emotional balance and start living a happier and healthier life by following these few easy-to-integrate tips. 

Take a Deep Breath

It might sound silly, but sometimes all it takes is one deep breath. According to the American Institute of Stress, deep breathing is one of the best ways to decompress and balance your emotions. Try to practice it as often as you can – breathe from your stomach for about 20 to 30 minutes at least once a day.

Once there, you can enhance your state of calm with meditation and yoga. Meditation is something you can do wherever you are. If you feel stressed out at work, you can close your eyes and go to a happy place – it’s that simple. Yoga will require more privacy and space, but it is one of the best practices for reaching the height of balanced emotions. 

Food for Mood

When upset we reach out for comfort food, and that is perfectly normal! The notion that food makes us happy has been there since the beginning of time. What do we do wrong then?

Well, we eat all the wrong food – hamburgers and additive-filled ice-creams – which cannot make us happy. It is quite the opposite – they make us unhappy and unhealthy. So, instead of those, try some mood-boosting healthy foods like leafy greens, almonds, pumpkin seeds, eggs, legumes, nuts, tomatoes and fish. 

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

Have you ever heard that someone is exercising to let go of their stress? Well it's true. Working out triggers a response that helps you let go of negative emotions, stress and anxiety. So make sure you establish a basic fitness routine.

You can go out for a run, get a gym membership or workout at home. If you choose the dynamic and weight exercises, you should get appropriate equipment and bodybuilding apparel that will help with your performance and range of motion.

Be Positive

Think positive and good things will happen to you. Cultivating positive emotions can help you find balance in your life. That, however, does not mean that you should repress the negative ones. When you feel sad or angry, say it out loud and let it go.

It is actually quite easy to develop an optimistic mental outlook. Just find things that make you happy and use them to beat all the pessimistic voices. What you wear, for instance, can actually lift up your spirits more than anything (think bright colours, flattering fabrics, quirky designs). 

Some find their passion in fashion, others in sports, reading or cooking. In the end, appreciate the little things, and above all appreciate yourself. Face the burden of the modern world by utilising these tips and be proud of yourself for succeeding. Reward yourself with a stylish pair of shoes, a delicious and healthy dinner or a simple pat on the back. You deserve it.

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty, lifestyle and health blogger. She is very passionate about organic beauty products, yoga, healthy lifestyle and personal development. She is regular contributor at Ripped and High Style Life.

Find her on: Twitter  Facebook  Google +

Monday 27 June 2016

OOTD: Enhance the Hourglass

Top: Primark
Midi Skirt: Apricot at New Look
Structured Handbag: River Island
Gold Bangles: Market in Mumbai
Metallic Block Heels: Carvela 

Photo credit: Tola Afolabi 

Sunday 26 June 2016

Fitzjohn Skincare: Balancing Facial Moisturiser Review

Disclaimer: Product sent for review purposes

Whilst I was in Mykonos, soaking up the sun and admiring the muscles on the Greek Gods playing  beach volleyball was indeed my main priority. However, I did have another goal that I set myself and that was to try and experiment with some new skincare products whilst I was there and use that week to find out what really works for my skin and what doesn't. So that's exactly what I did! I started off with the Fitzjohn Balancing Facial Moisturiser...

What drew me in the most about the product initially was the heavy make-up of plant-based ingredients. I'm becoming a bit more mindful about using natural ingredients over chemicals so this was a big bonus for me. With the likes of organic Jojoba and Hemp Seed oils, in addition to antioxidant Pomegranate, Fruit AHAs, Yarrow extract and Vitamin E, this moisturiser is packed with treats that the skin is absolutely hankering for. 

As my skin is slightly oily, I was concerned that the product might be too heavy for me but the owner, Ethel reminded me that I only need to use a tiny amount especially when in a hot climate. I took her advice and to my surprise, my skin absorbed it like a sponge! You really do only need a pea-size amount and it took me a good couple of attempts to get this right as the product spreads about so easily. 

What's more, this also doubled really well as a primer for me. When I would use this I wouldn't need to use any further pre-makeup application products as I found that it layered on the skin perfectly and enabled a really beautiful finish for any foundation that I put on top. 

Retailing at £30.00 it is a bit on the high-end for skincare but I would definitely be able to justify the price as the product will last you a long time. After my first application I could tell that this was a top-notch skincare product made with lots of TLC. 

The lavish gold packaging also compliments the fabulously rich product inside- it'll certainly look stunning on any dressing table! 

I would recommend using this as a night moisturiser so you can let those omega-rich plant oils get to work in your pores and see the results in the morning (perhaps a nice change from staring at the ogre that greets you in your reflection after an incomprehensible night out). 

Sunday 19 June 2016

Everything's a Statement: House of Fraser AW16 Press Day

Hey lovelies!

I know I haven't blogged in a bit but forgive me, one needed to get away and take a much-needed break from life and that's exactly what I did... in the beauts island of Mykonos! I'll be posting a couple of lookbooks from there very soon but I wanted to make sure this went up first because I had SUCH a fab time at the House of Fraser press day just before I jetted off.

So here is a snap of me and fellow blogger, Lizzie! True story- I actually couldn't find anything to wear for this event whatsoever. Whatever I tried on just made me look like a hot air balloon so in the end I decided 'hey, I have some Indian picks I haven't rocked yet!' So I went with this elegant kurta top with broacde-esque embroidery and paired it with some simple black treggings. I ended up matching with Lizzie in the end anyway (#twins #bae). 

So the AW16 womenswear collections gave me absolute life... they just screamed 'me'. Glitz, glam, faux fur... what is not to love! The handbags and shoes were to die for. For AW16 the focus really does seem to be on what print your clutch is or whether you have on strappy stilettos or faux fur trainers. Accessories are vital to make your outfits pop and so much of the range at this press day experimented with textures and finishes which was what really made the bags and shoes so much more statement.

The perfect all-rounder faux fur coat- Biba.

It's all about the detail... love the subtle metallics at Biba.

Gorgeous croc-print & splashes of tan at Biba.

Stunning shades of maroon, burgundy & wine. I absolutely adore these Carvela trainers, when I saw them I was just in awe. I'm a sucker for anything that hybridises high-fashion and streetwear. 

Texture is key for AW16 & this structured glossy Therapy bag screams 'texture' with the different panels and embellished shoulder strap.