Thursday 7 February 2013

Red Valentino Fall 2013- New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has officially kicked off and everyone is buzzing waiting to see these Fall 2013 collections. Without a doubt, the most exciting fashion week. For me, it'll be live stream after live stream whenever I can catch one.

The first collection I've had a chance to look at is Red Valentino's which debuted yesterday.

This collection was adorable! Very fairytale-like with big inspiration drawn from Hansel & Gretel, Alice in Wonderland etc. Valentino knows that the Valentino Red customer is probably reasonably young and wants to have a little fun playing dress up. This has clearly been reflected in the romantic colours and bow detailing. The model looks as close to porcelain and doll-like as possible with her icy white skin, alice band and below-the-knee stockings, not to mention the illustrative, changing backdrop!

Strapless, bandeau dress with a cute, floral red pattern.

Hansel & Gretel, much? Lovely white tweed enhanced with red leather details and matching clutch. Ballerina  pumps to match.

Mid-length checked coat with a pleated skirt. Love the matching fur collar in an "enchanting" jade.

This look is a bit costume-ish but I like it. A white vest with a black dress finished off with a tied bow. 

Something a bit more simple and wearable. A quilted blazer-jacket and skirt with Hunter-style boots.  Love the alice band with this look, makes it all the more cute. 

The glamour look. Love the polka dotted A-line skirt with a big black bow belt paired with a cream/gold full sleeved shirt and blue floral detailing. 

Spaghetti strap dress with an inserted sweetheart neckline and chain print. 

Strapless, denim dress with frontal bow. Would be a gorgeous summer look. 

Mustard yellow is really working here. The crotchet jumper with a subtle white shirt and high-waisted  miniskirt and bow belt is uber-sweet. Innocent to the max. Nude stockings and a paler coloured heel are used to mute the colour palette.

Stunning, evening romantic look. The black and white contrast with the huge roses on the shoes and dress pull this look together. I'd buy in an instant!

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