Sunday 26 October 2014

Lyla Loves: Finally, an Affordable AND Stylish Jewellery Line!

As temperatures begin to drop and we pull out more knits and leggings, I think we can often be a bit less adventurous with our choices. I know that I often go for simple jumpers with leggings and boots... I struggle a bit with picking more statement pieces for sure.

Jewellery is definitely an element which can spice things up during any month though, especially during AW14. If you're wearing a simple knit, you can easily add a chunky necklace and a statement ring to create a bit more sparkle and glam.

Even for the daytime, adding some jewellery can work if you have some more understated pieces...

Thankfully I recently discovered Lyla Loves and I am not exaggerating when I tell you I was genuinely so so so impressed with her range, especially the affordability! So many of her items are only £1, I couldn't believe how cheap everything was! Plus her range is so large that you can find really dainty pieces like the Gold Lotus Flower Bracelet I bought or very elaborate statement necklaces.

The good thing is that whilst her range is affordable, Lyla still prides herself on creating quality jewellery so you don't have to worry about buying something which will break or show wear easily. Everything I've received has been top notch and I can easily see similar things being priced for 3 or 4x the amount in certain other retailers.

Let's be honest, when was the last time you found a store where you could get 8 items for £10? It's so exciting to receive that package in the post with an endless amount of treats... plus you don't feel guilty about it at all! It's fab for students like me :)

I HAD to Snapchat as soon as I got my Lyla Loves package- yes, I was THAT excited! 
So far, I've gotten quite a few things from Lyla Loves, including a free Multicoloured Bangle which is lovely for wearing with a plain blouse and jeans. After my first order, I couldn't resist placing another and Lyla kindly gifted me with the Orange Crystal Statement Necklace which I've actually worn three times already! 

 As you can see, everything sparkles and looks so chic! 

I really, really, really adored this Blue Spike Necklace below as the combination of turquoise blue and gold is stunning and I am a big fan of spikes and studs so I naturally loved this design. Only £3 too!

Below, you can see one outfit where I used the Orange Crystal Statement Necklace to add some glamour to my look for The Labels Fashion Show.

Bardot Top & Leather Skater Skirt: River Island
Necklace: Lyla Loves
Boots: Dorothy Perkins
This necklace is absolutely gorgeous. It sparkles and attracts so much attention, plus it's SO versatile so you can pair it with another shade of orange like me or wear it with other colours such as white, black, blue... whether you contrast or match is up to you! 
I will definitely be buying more jewellery from Lyla Loves as I have been so happy with everything I've gotten so far... I honestly don't know anywhere else where I can find the same quality for the same price.

Sunday 19 October 2014

vPersonalize: Now YOU Can Be a Designer!

Often, we have random spur-of-the-moment ideas where we step into the oh-so chic shoes of a fashion designer. We come up with designs that we would love to produce and wear ourselves. From the prints, fabrics, textures... we really think of it all!

But after a few short-lived moments, we usually trash those ideas.

'What's the point?', we often ask ourselves.

What if there actually WAS a way to make your ideas come to life though? Without much time, effort or money? I'm not talking about basic personalisation here. Not ripping some jeans or adding some beading to a top...

I'm talking about actually creating garments from scratch and deciding the details for every single element, just as a designer would.

Taking Exclusive to the Next Level...

I'm so glad I found about vPersonalize as the newly-launched company actually has such a simple concept, yet the site is designed with you in mind.

You can pick an item from their selection and customise every detail using their innovative technology and easy-to-use software.

So for instance, I had a look at their 'Designer Wear' section and chose a tunic.

The items come as a simple, plain garment for you to unleash all your creativity on. A blank canvas if you like.

Unleash Your Inner Designer!

Now, what I found really beneficial is the fact that you can actually choose custom sizes and even pick which material you want. So if I wanted to create the ultimate, luxurious silk tunic with an edgy, unconventional print... I could!

We don't always find the exact things we're looking for in stores and it can be hard to browse through thousands of ready-made products online. Even then, who's to say you're going to find something with the exact details you want? vPersonalize takes care of that by allowing you so much creative freedom to do exactly what you want! Who said custom-made clothing is only for celebs? 

So I was just playing around and I created the start of a very intergalactic, hipster-looking tunic! Naturally if I wanted something more subtle, I could do that. I can even add text and change the colours around for different parts of the tunic. The great thing about the software is that it gives you a 3D view of your item, ensuring that you can actually see what every part of the garment will look like.

What you design = what you will receive. What more could you want?!

I encourage you to check it out and let me know what you think! Have a play around with the functions and create something only you will get your hands on! They ship everywhere within the US but keep your eyes peeled for updates on their Facebook page if you're somewhere else :)

Sunday 12 October 2014

NOVO London: Effortlessly Elegant Fashion (+ A Special Giveaway!)

NOVO London is a stylish brand that prides itself on creating simple, yet beautiful pieces for fashion-forward women. 

All their pieces flatter the female body to ensure you feel sexy and confident, yet the concept of the brand is to make fashion effortless. Sometimes the show-stopping nature of an evening look actually comes from the carefully constructed details and the fit, rather than exaggerated prints or embellishments. 

I was lucky enough to have come across NOVO London at the Bloggers Love Fashion Week Day 2 Event where the lovely NOVO London ladies let me browse through some of their pieces and believe me, they were absolutely gorgeous! 

This dress is their Statement Shoulder dress which features an exposed back detail. I styled it with a pair of nude heels from M&S and my staple black clutch from Jasper Conran at Debenhams. Why? The dress really does all the talking. By teaming the dress with nude and black, the focus is kept on the figure-hugging fit and the edgy structure of the dress. 

Lucky for you guys, I'm running a competition on my Facebook Page for you to WIN this amazing dress! For details, please visit & like my page: The Rebirth of Fashion

With a red lip, slick ponytail, chunky necklace and nude heels, this model clearly knows how to work her Statement Dress. Look at how chic she looks! 

The back detail of this dress is honestly so beautiful and unique. I love it when brands really think about the small details as this can make a huge difference to the overall look. 

By using a statement structured fit, NOVO London have revamped our common conception of 'statement looks'. I often think of lots of sequins, embellishments, colour and prints, yet this dress creates a statement through its nipped in waist and streamline bottom. How innovative! 
If you liked this look, why not check out NOVO London's website & be sure to 'like' their Facebook page to keep up with all the updates!

Friday 10 October 2014

Being a Fashion Blogger: Misconceptions, Misunderstandings & Misinterpretations

Over the last few months, my life has completely changed.

I really underestimated how much the fashion blogging sphere could change everything for me and I am loving every minute of it. I enjoy networking, going to events, collaborating with brands, attending fashion shows and learning from industry professionals. Every day is a day for development and a way to improve myself and the way I work. I'm not there yet but it's an ongoing process and I am quite honestly proud of the journey I've taken thus far...

Whilst I don't intend for this blog post to become negative in any way, I wanted this to be as real as possible. Everything I'm saying is the truth.

KCL Diwali Boat Party outfit 
I want to share with you a rare personal post which will entail a few of the things that have really irritated me recently, including the preconceived notions people have of those working within this industry.

Disclaimer: I am not targeting anyone here but if you take it to heart, oh well, I probably am addressing you xoxo

University vs. The Rest

First things first, I would consider myself as a hard worker. I attend the 16th best university in the world and I study English with Film as a degree.

Throughout my educational life, I have pushed myself to the highest point in order to attain the best grades possible. It has not been easy at all and for the people who believe that I am naturally intelligent or have a special gift, you are chatting utter bullshit. Academic success can be achieved if you work hard and actually make the effort to meet the criteria being set. Sure, there will be individual challenges for everyone, but that's not to say that I have not had any along the way and have had a smooth sailing life by any means.

I feel like I'm going off topic... the point I'm making is that I am academically focused and my intention is to balance my degree with my fashion internships and my blogging. My life does not primarily focus on fashion. It is a huge part of my life, but not the epicentre. So for people who judge me for possibly being shallow, one-dimensional or materialistic, perhaps you should get to know the real me as I do not love fashion for the branding, I love it for what it can do to a person's mood and confidence. Experimentation with fashion can change somebody's whole demeanour, and therefore their life. Whether we choose to admit it or not, first impressions mean a lot in this world. A woman who walks with confidence because she likes the fit of her clothing will undoubtedly look more appealing than one who has thrown on an average outfit. It is all in the mind too. You have to feel confident to look confident. This is coming from someone who used to feel so entirely afraid to share opinions or even speak to those not close to me, FYI!

'How's The Fashion Stuff Going?'

Next, when people hear what I do, they sometimes use the words 'fashion things' or 'fashion stuff'. For instance, I am often asked 'how is the fashion stuff going?' Now, I'm not going to make a huge deal about this because I'm sure the intention is good, yet by using the word 'stuff', I personally take that as a reduction of my work. Maybe it's because I study English so I am naturally analytic of word choices, but I do sometimes get the sense that people reduce all the things I have going on. To be clear, I am interning for two fashion companies and I run my blog. It takes a hell of a lot of work and I do not have a team running anything for me. I am my own PR representative, writer, financial advisor, marketing executive etc. etc. etc.

Bloggers Love Fashion Week Day 2
I am also frequently asked how it is that I have actually gotten to this point in life, which is completely fine. I am in fact happy to answer questions! However, it is very hard for me to reply to that question with a brief answer. All of this has taken years of work and continual internship placements for me to acquire the knowledge and contacts I can use today. Admittedly, I have had to sacrifice certain elements of life including having less of a social life but I'm content with this as I have always been very career-focused.

'How Did You Even Get Up Here?'

My next point is definitely the worst one of the lot. I absolutely loved getting involved with London Fashion Week this year and I will never forget all the amazing opportunities. Unfortunately, one element spoiled it a bit for me. I will try to be as discreet as possible here but I was at a very swanky event on a rooftop reserved for press and I met another fashion professional/university student. 'Great', I thought! I definitely expected us to get along and to support each other, considering we are both studying. 

Well, that was until she dropped the line, 'So how did you even get up here?'. 

I was in shock for a few moments. I couldn't believe the utter arrogance and ignorance of this individual. 

Being a member of the press is flexible and can vary from bloggers to high-end editors of magazines. For her to ask me that enraged me to the fullest extent and I am so glad I haven't run into her since as I would most definitely lose my temper. Being in such a competitive industry, you would think that students would support each other but there are a few people who are undoubtedly going to be ridiculously rude and lack in basic manners. 

'Is Blogging Even A Job?'

Another thing that bothers me is when people think this is an easy route to take in life. I would like anyone to explain to me how exactly it is easy to undertake so many things in life at the age of 19. I do not follow the traditional path in life, I am creating my own day by day. All my content is created by my mind and my own creativity. There is no textbook or guide telling me what to do, everything I do comes from within.

Social Media Post by designer, Delna Poonawalla

'Wow, You Must Get Lots Of Free Shit!' 

Lastly, blogging is not about getting free stuff whatsoever. I am not bombarded with samples and free items, as people may imagine. Yes, it is always lovely to receive things from brands you love as I am always willing to try things out and imagine how I would style them but my blog is not all about promotion. I will never ever promote something or include a brand's product if I don't personally like it. Money or influence will never dictate this and I believe this is a very big issue to touch upon as many bloggers have been caught up in this cycle of forced collaborations which just appear fake and staged. I often watch YouTube videos from big name bloggers who clearly only feature certain beauty products because of paid endorsement deals. This will never be me and I will state this clearly now. Anything I feature is because I love it- paid or unpaid.

So I will end my rant here. I hope this was a nice change from my usual posts and I've been meaning to address some issues for quite a while now. As always, feel free to contact me for any questions or enquiries xo

Sunday 5 October 2014

Delna Poonawalla at London Fashion Week: Karmically Fabulous!

Delna Poonawalla: Talented, Unique, Extraordinary.

Kaleidoscope Karma is the title of her most recent SS15 collection which recently debuted at London Fashion Week. Comprising of geometric prints and leather details, as well as organic materials, the collection is incredibly special.

Honestly, when I saw the collection up close and personal, the amount of detail and work was so visible. Everything has a deeper meaning- almost as though there was a mystical, hidden layer in each piece.

Meeting Delna herself was an incredible experience and I'm so thankful that I got a chance to get to know her and the pieces in person!

The collection itself is chic, easy and modern. Although the designs are stunning and elegant, the materials and fit are meant for an effortless wear, meaning you can look gorgeous without getting annoyed with your outfit.

Essentially, all the pieces have a vital spiritual inspiration to them. The colour palette, for example, includes luscious baby pinks and deep shades of aqua and purple. All the colours represent our inner chakras and if you look closely, all the designs definitely seem to have a lot of life and energy within them, perhaps representative of our inner flowing energy.

Using intricate detailing and textures, the pieces really do come to life and a 3D effect is created. What I love about the collection is that Delna took risks and chose not to blend in with the expected. By following a thought-out plan, the end result of her show and the collection was simply incredible and highly cutting-edge.

Hybrid is what I would probably describe the collection as, considering there are Indian influences, yet the collection is very modern and contemporary to appeal to a global audience. 

The above piece is definitely one of my favourites as the jacket has such beautiful embellishments all over it. It is definitely a statement piece and worn with white jeans, it creates such a sophisticated and chic look.

Below is also another one of my favourite looks, particularly as I like the figure-hugging fit of the jacket and its finish. Teamed with the graphic print shorts, the combination of deep shades of blue is gorgeous.

I was so happy to have gotten a chance to meet the uber-talented Delna herself and view the pieces up-close at her hotel room. I was so impressed! Take a look at the sheer beauty within these designs and pay attention to the range of chakra-inspired colours incorporated within each piece too as I feel that this is such an innovative concept...

Here is a pic of the white jacket shown above. Even this picture doesn't do it justice as it truly is such a glamorous piece and what I actually like is the pink inner lining which has the 'Delna Poonawalla' name all over. Maybe it's just me, but it's the little things that I like to pay attention to sometimes!

Here are a few pics from backstage at the LFW show that you can take an exclusive look at! How amazing does Delna look in the middle, posing with her fabulous models?!

I also got this really stylish cuff which I love, especially as it's textured and contains a caged look with three straps. See, every single detail within this collection is simply excellent.

If you loved Delna's enchanting SS15 collection, why not 'like' her page on Facebook :)

Wednesday 1 October 2014

AW14 Hair & Beauty Favourites Part 1 + EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT!

I'm so excited to let you guys know about some of my favourite hair & beauty products for AW14! I've tended to focus so much on fashion that a vital element of creating style and elegance has been left out.

Now, I'm here to fix that!

As AW14 kicks in, I definitely think hair and beauty products need updating. Depending on your skin, you may find you need to change up your routine to keep your skin moisturised in the cooler weather... or perhaps your hair tends to look flat and lifeless day after day. Don't worry I know just the things to help you out!

My Top 5!
What? Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser
Why? So this is actually the first Elemis product I've tried, despite continually hearing about how exquisite the brand is. I have to say, it is probably one of the most impressive skincare products I've ever used. Although it's anti-ageing, it can't help to start young right ;) It's so rich and creamy so you only have to use a bit and it really removes all the dirt, makeup and clogged pores, leaving you with fresh, smooth skin. You really do notice a difference straight away. It was so good my mum uses it now! Thanks RUSH for introducing me to such a divine product!

What? L'Orėal Professionnel Techni Art Fix Design
Why? This is a fantastic product for achieving poker straight hair or pin-up curls. Whatever style you're going for, this spray will hold your style in the direction you want. It's incredibly light and a few spritzes will do you good for the whole day. What I love about it is that it doesn't weigh your hair down at all. I've been using it on air-dried hair after washing it to contain my natural hair's tendency to frizz out. It's been a miracle product for me as I'm a lot more happy to leave my natural hair the way it is now.
BONUS: Techni Art Fix Design is part of RUSH Shop's exclusive Catwalk Collection, in celebration of the buzz London Fashion Week created this year! To get 10% off items in the collection use CODE: LFW10 by 31/10/2014! 

What? ghd Style Total Volume Foam
Why? For years and years, I have loved ghd and I've literally used the same straighteners for at least 5 years. Good news: the products are as good as the tools! If you want a foam which doesn't leave any visible residue, this is for you. It gives you noticeable volume and looks great if you do a simple blowdry after applying it. 
What? Caudalíe Divine Oil
Why? This is a huge, huge, huge cult beauty product. It is highly raved about but the price has put me off for ages. Luckily I kindly received it in a goodie bag from Condé Nast International News at Vogue's Fashion Night Out event! This is truly a godsend guys. It smells gorgeous and it's multi-purpose, meaning you can use it on the ends of your hair, body, nails... you name it! It'll last you a long time as you don't have to use much and it truly is so luxurious it's incredible. It fixes dry skin and hair immediately but you can also use it on your face to add a sultry glow. 
What? Myleene Klass Lip Colours
Why? I was lucky enough to meet Myleene Klass at a press event, where I got to have a look at all the gorgeous makeup, clothing and lingerie! She is such an inspirational and bubbly woman and I loved meeting her! I got the chance to have my makeup done on the day and the Magdalena shade was used on my lips. It's a vibrant pink- perfect for creating a statement look this AW14. You can get a set of her 3 lip colours which include a gorgeous nude and sexy, classic red in a set. 3 colours a girl can't live without in 1 set... convenient much?!

Had to put this in! Me & the gorgeous Myleene :) Here I am wearing the beautiful Magdalena lip shade. It's actually named after her mother, how cute!