Saturday 26 December 2015

Guest Post: The Worthy Trend Picks from Spring 2016

The spring 2016 fashion weeks ended a couple of months ago and it’s almost like a hangover of what we want to do and achieve with the ideas from the runways. Every season there are some new trends which make an instant mark, and then, there are others, which are more tweaked and twisted versions of the trends we saw in the past. To be honest, spring 2016 has been a mixed bag of both. So let’s unleash some of the best trends of spring 2016 right here, right now, and we'll also talk of a few tips to help you stay in budget for the shopping season.

Shouldered Well

Many designers loved emphasising the shoulders it seems, so we have seen cuts and textures that have been used to create highly unique outfits. Designers that made the maximum impact with this type of detail include Prabal Gurung, Louis Vuitton and Peter Pilotto. The thing is you can find a lot of well-cut shoulder outfits online, and there are some ideas that may seem similar to what you have seen on the runways. The idea is to shop smartly and for some quick online shopping, you can click here.

Back with the Belt 

If you had followed the spring 2015 trends, you may remember how the obi belts were all over Vogue and some time back, we had the kimono inspired outfits with belts designed to accentuate curves. The same idea continued for spring 2016 too, with many designers adding the belt to show off the body in style. Some of the top fashion houses like David Koma, Michael Kors, and Chanel have some great ideas to offer. In case you have never experimented with many accessories, you can choose to try the concept of changing your entire look by playing with belts for next year.

The Stripes are Back in Town

Pastels, soft colours and gingham were some of the common trends in the last couple of years for spring, but for 2016, the focus has shifted back to stripes again. This is clearly an indication that this is a trend that never goes out of fashion and if you have made some stripy designer investments, you'll probably be wearing them in years to come. The stripes for spring next year are bold, effective and very appealing. If you are looking for ideas, you can check out the collections from designers like Christian Dior, Alexander Wang and Max Mara.

Return of the Ruffle

Finally, let’s also talk of ruffles and pleats, which also made a serious mark on the runways in many shows with ruffles used for cute detailing around the hands and pleats working wonders for bright & girly dresses. If you're still not convinced, check out this divine piece from Kenzo...

Hope you found your call for spring 2016! Get started with experimenting right now!

Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and the chief editor for the budding fashion blog- The House Of Elegance Fashion. Known for her quirky and amazingly practical style statements, she is also a stylist by passion.

[Images 1-3:, Image 4:, Photo by Giovanni Giannoni]

Saturday 12 December 2015

The Truth About My Body Image & Shopping Addiction Pt. 1

I think I've been putting off doing this post for a while, purely because it's a tad easier to talk about SS16 collections and what's going to be in next season. Saying this, I've been thinking a bit more about what my goals are for this blogging platform and I really do want to make sure I keep pushing myself to share some of my experiences in order to help others. At the end of the day, it would truly give me happiness to think that my blog post reached someone across the globe who needed that boost of confidence...

In one blog post I'm not going to be able to cover everything, far from it actually but I hope I can at least share with you my realisations and understandings of myself and my relationship with the material world, particularly fashion and beauty.

Since I was really young, I had a clear interest in things like dressing up, wearing make-up, doing my nails etc. I will always remember my Barbie perfume, my lip-gloss maker and collection of hair accessories to name a few things from my obscene diva-worthy collection. For many years, dressing up was always the fun part of going out. I always looked forward to co-ordinating my own outfits (which I always picked myself for school) and accessories. When you're young, everything is somewhat exciting and the lack of self-awareness allows you to experiment a lot, at least for me anyway.

Posing in sequin dresses gave me lifeeeeee.
What I didn't know was that this borderline obsession with self-image would carry on into my adult life and I didn't understand the true meaning behind it.

I see a counsellor regularly now to help me with various issues and in my eyes, it helps me a lot to have a neutral third-party to really tell me what's going on with me. In one of our sessions related to my spending habits and perceptions of myself, she began to make it clear to me that I had somewhat of an addiction to shopping. The reason why it was an addiction was because I felt the need to accumulate lots, which meant that I had no desire to buy one or two things in a shop but needed to leave with a mass amount. As I'm not the richest person in the world, this would mean that I shopped at your typical high-street stores like Primark and New Look, often on a weekly basis at least. I bought a lot online too... browsing late at night became commonplace. It was also more appealing and fulfilling to me to get a lot at once, rather than save and get one luxury item. The other reason why it was an addiction was because I felt compelled to buy things regularly and also that I felt pressure to wear new things all the time. Oh, and the most obvious reason is that I was unaware that it was an unnecessary expense. I genuinely believed I was purchasing sensibly, even though most of the things I got would just be added to my already huge collection of clothes, bags & shoes only to collect dust.

Truly, I felt entitled to buying lots because of the tough life I have led so far. In my mind, I thought I owed it to myself to make myself feel good and feed my ego. I want to make it clear at this point that I acknowledge things could have been a lot worse. A lot of addicts buy overly expensive items like designer bags and shoes which are out of their means. Without making excuses for myself, I at least am thankful that I wasn't overly destructive but this still doesn't rule out the fact that it is a problem.

So, why was I compelled to shop a lot?

A lot of it boils down to my feelings about myself. For a long time now I've often felt a bit down about my appearance and always felt like I could look better and present myself better. As a blogger, I think the industry also puts pressure on you subconsciously. For instance, when you attend events and see the amount of effort girls go to in order to look good, it sort of dampers your mood and you feel inadequate. Another thing is because I have been facing quite traumatic times as of late, my mood hasn't always been great and when that happens and you feel depressed, it's natural to feel low about everything including your image. Sometimes it means that I comfort eat or feel no motivation to exercise. I can also put it down to verbal forms of bullying I received during my childhood, some of which I can now retrospectively look back on and understand that it stemmed from jealousy. Girls would often make comments about my tremendously long hair and tell me that I needed to cut it, which once got to me so bad that I actually tried to cut my own hair in front of the mirror. The only thing is that I actually cut some of it from the top! Thank God it grew back... :/

My generation is living in the digital age and having gone through various issues relating to self-image, I am actually quite scared for a lot of young women who are coming under this pressure to look a certain way. Before, I used to be able to go out without makeup but now I find this very hard unless it's a quick trip to the GP and back and even this can give me anxiety sometimes.

Ideas of beauty have shifted and now that everyone is so obsessed with contouring and highlighting, using waist trainers, airbrushing their pics to the max with Facetune and making themselves appear to be the best version they can be. It can be quite disheartening when you feel like you're not making that same effort and fear that people may judge you for that. It's also worse if you're already suffering from something like anxiety or depression because it is known that sometimes when you're in a state of lows, it's common to neglect your appearance. Often, doing everyday things like brushing your hair can seem like a drudging task yet alone glamming yourself up every single day.

I honestly believe that young women in this generation need to be very careful and aware of these pressures and try to not succumb to them. It is very dangerous and dark. Often, it can lead to so many issues or make existent ones worse like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts... the list goes on. I really do want to help anyone who may be going through similar issues who may just need a boost of confidence or someone to listen to their story. I would be more than happy to do this so please email me at and rest assured, anything you email will be strictly confidential. I have said this before and I will say it again, I am by no means a therapist and can not offer anyone professional advice but what I can try and do is be supportive and often, all people struggling need is a little bit of support.

I want to end this post here. I think it's going on a bit too long. I think what I'll do is do another follow-up post talking about how I have managed to deal with these issues and share what steps I have taken that have helped me out and also what I am still struggling with and why. At the moment, I'm trying to figure out some of my own health issues which if proven true, have a big link to body image and self-esteem like PCOS, for example. When I complete my tests and know a bit more with what is going on, I would be happy to share more.

If there is anything people would like me to discuss more specifically, please do feel free to get in touch as well. I truly want my platform to become more 'real' and open, discussing topics that are not easy to discuss but so important to bring awareness to. I hope this has given everyone a bit of insight into a few of the issues relating to self-image that I have dealt with and perhaps made me more of a human figure to you all, especially those who do not know me in person. At the end of the day, everyone is going through something tough and even the bloggers who may seem like they have everything in the place from the hair to the makeup to the outfits to the popularity... I guarantee you that behind the image, is someone who is still dealing with something pretty dark. So never feel like you need to live up to the women who 'have it all together'. Be real with yourself and do what makes you happy and never go on too long with negative thoughts about yourself as this is self-destructive and dangerous. Acknowledge your mind and your body, be in tune with your thoughts and reach out for help if necessary, even if it feels like the hardest thing in the world.

Saturday 28 November 2015

Christys' Hats SS16 Press Day: Never Underestimate a Good Hat!

Since 1773 Christys' Hats has conquered the high-end hat industry as we now see many of their designs on the likes of Will.I.Am, One Direction, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Myleene Klass, Beth Ditto, Justin Timberlake, The Libertines and many, many more. 

I had a great time checking out their range at their recent press day recently. In all honesty, I've never been a die-hard hat person but you seriously can't help but fall in love with them once you enter the store and that sense of luxury hits you. They have such a massive collection so there really is something for everyone... whether you're looking for something very formal like a feathered felt hat or something super chilled like a patterned baseball cap, you will 100% find it. 

Here I am rocking this beautiful purple felt hat with feathers. I was completely and utterly drawn to it because of the gorgeous, rich purple shade... perfect for this season.

Seeing it in person is a whole different experience... it's just divine!
Arriving with only a brief knowledge of the brand, it was really refreshing to see that they do offer hats at various price points. I was honestly only expecting hats above the £100 mark, which I suppose isn't even all that much for something of such quality anyway but Emily, their lovely PR Manager, proved me wrong and also introduced me to their recently launched range, CROWN By Christys. CROWN offers a collection of fresh, fun and contemporary headwear for the modern world.

I had a nosy look at the range on the site and I came across this two-toned beauty for only £45 which I have now ordered (talk about tempting). A lot of the upcoming CROWN styles will also be very reasonably priced which is good news for everyone!

So if you're a student or don't want to spend too much but still really crave that luxury from a hat that you can keep long-term, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised. 

Here are some more fun SS16 styles...

I could so see this looking fab on the beach!
Gorgeous artistic vibes added to sports-style caps with the Christys' x Liberty collab.

A pic from the store that I think really captures the heritage behind the brand & all its ties to the royals, the military & the police. 

So what do you guys think of the range? Are you a hat person yourself? I don't think I'll ever underestimate the power of a quality hat ever again!

Christys’ Hats London stores:
9 Shorts Gardens, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9AT
16 Princes Arcade, London, SW1Y 6DS

Monday 23 November 2015

Matalan SS16 Press Day: Budgeting Just Got Fun!

I was quite excited to visit the Matalan press day this year. I used to shop there a lot in the past when I lived near a local store and I used to always find the cutest bargains ever. I still have items in my wardrobe from 2-3 years back which have still maintained their quality which is highly impressive...

I could definitely see a boho-chic trend going on for SS16 which seems to be the running thread with quite a few collections. Interestingly for a glam girl like me, I could see with these looks how easily you could take a boho dress and turn it into something fab for the evening, by adding chunky heels for instance. 

I'm a beanie! How about you?! (I had to filter this badly lmao)
I'm loving the blouse at the front... easy, wearable but also on-trend.

This maxi is just stunning! So simple but the print makes it so worth wearing.

 I thought this was a cute look from the Falmer Heritage range... I can see this being very flattering on body types like mine. Something to wear when you just don't want to have to worry about lumps & bumps.
OMG I NEED this swimsuit in my life! I wish it was out when I went to Goa, I would've rocked this by the pool. I literally live for cute swimsuits, especially as I have a tummy so something like this is perfect as it looks like it'd cinch me right in.

Platforms have been around for quite a while now but I can see these types everywhereeee for SS16. At only £18, I think I need both colours too ;)

Okay, let me explain. 'You don't even blog about BABY clothes?!' Yes, I know.... but HOW CUTE are these?!! I just had to include this range. Can't you imagine your lil niece or cousin in this running around the park with a melting ice-cream... n'aww.

Tuesday 17 November 2015

London SS16 Press Day Highlights: Part 2

'Tis the season for loadsa press days.

I recently attended a couple more press days recently and thought it was only right to give you a lowdown of my fave picks. Even though times have been tough, getting out and seeing some new (f* awesome) collections have certainly cheered me up and given me hope that with all bad times come dope fashion collabs & new shiny jackets...

Saymore PR

After last year's amazing Alpha Industries & Luke Roper fashion show, I was so excited to see the new collections and I was pretty impressed... Alpha maintained their utility-based military aesthetic but switched it up with some new styles & finishes... the khaki sheen above is just so gorgeous for this season. 

My personal fave from Saymore... a bright (CANDYFLOSS PINK!!) Alpha jacket. I need this in my life immediately, I mean it's so Barbie-chic but cool enough to wear on a night out in Camden too :O

The Bedroom Athletics x Liberty collab proved to me that this season, it's all about your slipper game so it might be time to ditch the huge elephant slippies guys... 

This Luke Roper backpack captured my attention... perhaps because it's shiny (and you should all know I love shiny things by now).
 Haddon PR 

I really should be a Spongebob merch model ;) No but forreal I was SO excited to see the Hype x Spongebob collab, I mean this is literally such a fab idea... whoever came up with it should be given 10000 krabby patties! 

Bold graphic backpacks & hats that will have you in a Bikini Bottom trance (no drugs required).


Guys, Ellesse is back and back for good! I'm telling you now, it will be everywhere real soon. Chipmunk's already been  rocking it everywhere...

A whole table full of Slydes of all styles and colours... including their latest collab with NICCE. There are Slydes for good girls who wanna rock bananas and pineapples, or there are Satan slides... take your pick.

I couldn't not include this because what do I stand for? Positivity! 

Sunday 8 November 2015

London SS16 Press Day Highlights: Part 1

Hello gorgeous people!

I decided to get back on my blogging game and give you guys a rundown of my faves that I've seen at some of the press days I've gone to recently...

Let Me Throw In an Update...

If you've been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed my content is a lot... erm... shorter and shall we say... simple? I must apologise for this but to keep matters simple, I am going through quite a difficult period in my life right now and sometimes it's hard for me to find the time and energy to manifest the blog post ideas in my head.

That being said, I do definitely have some ideas in my mind and I want to get back to doing some more insightful posts, particularly regarding body image and shopping addiction. I hope this of interest to you guys, do let me know!

My blog is always going to be my baby and I sincerely appreciate anyone who finds the time to read it or even goes on it once in a while every so often. I love writing and I love sharing content and I hope to get out of this funk a little bit so I can write things which are more up to scratch :)

SS16 = LIFE! 

For now, let me show you guys some absolutely STUNNING SS16 pieces my eyes had the pleasure of seeing. Admittedly, I haven't been to that many press days this season compared to last year because I've been caught up with other urgent priorities but from what I have seen, there seems to be a little bit of minimalism going on but hardly any compared to the experimental designs I've seen using laser cut, custom designs and intricate prints. My favourite concept I've noticed is that a few brands are collaborating with charities or using eco-friendly materials which is absolutely what we need to be seeing more of, especially with low to mid-range collections.

 Modus PR:

I fell in love with the G-Star RAW collection which featured some quality jeans as you would expect but also some really innovative pieces from their latest concept which is all about saving our oceans (oh and Pharrell is the designer so naturally it's dope af).

I fan-girled when I saw the Giuseppe Zanotti collection with their beautiful electric tones, metallic gold panels & loads of glitter everywhere. It's basically my idea of heaven.

Chloé kept it chic as always with their eyewear... it seems rounded frames are definitely the way to go for SS16.

Gorgeous display from The Cambridge Satchel Company feat. lots of cute pastel shades. I've never been a satchel girl myself but this kinda persuades me to try one.

Loud & eccentric new styles from TOMS who also have a unique project going on to provide shoes to the less fortunate.

Expect the unexpected from Pringle of Scotland! Yes of course they still have their cashmere jumpers but they have also released lots of fun, experimental pieces which certainly shocked me. Love, love, love them going out of the box though!

Minimalism is in the air with MUJI! I didn't know much about them but I got a lovely intro to the brand and I'm sold on their affordability & non-mainstream collection from gorgeous aroma diffusers, skincare & stationary.

HPR London

I have to admit that the Persy collection was one of my favourite finds, probably THE favourite  I will remember. I just fell in lurveee with these couture finds with all the frills included. I mean this is what red-carpet is all about.

Another beaut from Persy... I couldn't stop running my hands through the layers, it was like a work of art! 

Gorgeous metallic laser cut skirt from Paul & Joe, team this with a plain black polo-neck & you'd be the star of the show!

Vivetta had a whole rail full of the quirkiest pieces known to man...
 Goodley Bullen PR

Loud, bold but feminine from Vanessa G.
Beautiful wearable elegance displayed from Suzannah Fashion!

Wednesday 14 October 2015

'I Own This Town.... In a £5 Playsuit'

I was meant to upload this outfit ages & ages ago! -__-

As you can see this shot was taken on my holiday in Goa, India. I wanted to do a budget outfit look that can be worn 100% effortlessly and here's what I came up with... 

I know it's a bit 'huh' to post in October but hopefully some of you will be going on holiday soon.... right?! D: 

(Also I wanted everyone to know that whilst standing on these stairs to shoot I was indeed gawked at by a random elderly woman & golf instructor who probably thought I was some odd neon-coloured creature. I guess the slay was too much for them.)

Playsuit: Primark, £5
Wedges: River Island, £25

Saturday 12 September 2015

Goa Beach Vacation: Carefree & Chic Feat. Guess x Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses, Distressed Shorts & Hat: River Island
Blouse: Guess
Sandals: Office
Cross-body Bag: Louis Vuitton Bronze Monogram Vernis