Sunday 10 February 2013

Alexander Wang Fall 2013- New York Fashion Week

Wang delivered his usual aesthetic with this collection. Lots of monochrome, grey, black, white, masculine shapes and a "moody" atmosphere.

The multi-platform runway with stairs killed it though. The finale was brilliant and the opening of the soundtrack ("Eye of the Tiger") proved that Wang is ready to tackle Balenciaga and rise above the challenges in his way, which I cannot wait to see, by the way.

 Nice to see A$AP Rocky in the front row after his campaign with Wang last year.

Loved the fiery ponytails, not sure about them tucked under the knitted caps though.

The focus was primarily on outerwear and the collection was really designed for its purpose: Fall/Winter. A lot of the other collections have been good but not realistically Fall wear. Wang knows how to deliver for his clients, providing uniquely convenient pieces with creative flare.

Long fur mittens with a grey knitted snood dress. The snood is a nice idea, not sure if it'll fly off the shelves though.

Like this rust-coloured jacket with the criss-cross detail over the size zipper.

Lovely black pea coat with a zipped black leather skirt. Simple and clean.

Love the broad-shouldered, oversized jumper with a glitter stitched skirt.

Black on black. Metallic top with satin-finish trousers. Love those shoes!

Beautiful tailoring. Black satin is huge, it seems. Cut-out shoulders are gorgeous.

Origami-inspired jacket. Really refined with the crisp shoulders and collar.
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