Wednesday 28 November 2012

Kristian Aadnevik

When Nicole Scherzinger walked out in that flowing combination of lace, spikes and a gorgeous, light and airy skirt on the X Factor, I couldn't help but think "Who. Designed. That?" Seriously, it was like my dream dress.

It had everything I'd want in one piece and it fitted her like a glove, although when does anything not... (Sidetrack: The last dress she wore on Sunday was a TOPSHOP dress, ladies and gentleman, not McQueen or Marchesa, Topshop. Wow.)

Kristian Aadnevik is an absolute God when it comes to fashion. His S/S 2013 collection is, in my eyes, a divine masterpiece. The collection has a certain fluency to it with its sexiness and elegance, especially seen with the shorter minidresses with draping that comes alive on the runway. 

I'm a huge fan of the strapless sweetheart necklines that flatter the female figure and Aadnevik knows how to deliver these pieces. Any girl can wear his pieces on a night out to literally transform themselves into a goddess and there's no question that they'll have the best outfit...

Like the style of the dress Scherzinger wore recently, his S/S 2013 collection features a bodycon minidress with full lace and spikes on the neckline. Daring and rock chic.

Without a doubt, Aadnevik has become one of my favourites and is definitely one to look out for in the industry.

Monday 26 November 2012

Kardashian Kollection Review

The Kardashian Kollection has debuted at Dorothy Perkins and what better way to kick off the Kardashians' success than making an appearance at Westfield London. Kicking myself, to this day, that I didn't go (hangovers...).

Anyway, having signed up to be one of the first people to purchase KK items from the DP website, I recieved a Gmail notification, grabbed the nearest credit card and bought a black and gold studded handbag, which I do adore. Can't seem to find it on the DP website, either sold out or was part of the limited first stock.. not sure. Only a couple images on Google, here's one, although I don't think it does it much justice:

Prices were quite reasonable but from what I've seen, I haven't been a massive fan of the clothing. A lot of it does ooze the Kardashians, but for my age range, there's a limited selection to buy, especially with midi dresses etc. 

In a way I'm disappointed with the safe shimmery shift dresses in the collection, yet I am a fan of the bodycons which I can see Kim in instantly:

As expected, lace and leopard print were the common themes throughout the collection which I appreciate seeing as that's pretty much all they wear... personally, I liked the more simple blouses like the following aqua coloured blouse with cute black detailing on the collar. 

Overall, there weren't many pieces which wow'd me but the collection certainly contained a mixture of statement pieces like PU leggings and black pencil skirts as well as party pieces like leopard print blazers and sequined dresses. 

For me, the accessories were the best of the line, but that's just my opinion. 



Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

Exclusive backstage coverage from the VS 2012 fashion show!

It will officially air on CBS, December 4th so I hope to catch up in the UK the day afterwards.

Looks like it was an extravagenet bash as always, with performances from Bieber and Rihanna, who's outfit was made just TWO hours before the show by the way! Stress much?

America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 Winner Announced!

America's Next Top Model has been and continues to be the most loved fashion-related Reality TV series, following a series of aspiring models hoping to impress the gorgeous Tyra Banks.

ANTM was one of the highlights during my childhood and when I returned to watch cycle 19, I fell in love once again.

Can I just say how amazing the panel is? Undoubtedly, there is a huge hole in the production with Nigel Barker missing, but BryanBoy (LOVE), Kelly Cutrone (LOVE, LOVE) and Rob Evans (*Almost dead from thinking about good looks*), definitely do a good job with filling it.

So, the winner was... Laura! The top 3, Laura, Kiara and Leila, were rightly chosen, yet a part of me was rooting for Kiara more than ever, knowing how much more she needed the experience and the money. However, there's no doubting Laura's modelling skills. She's a commercial goddess with a glowing look about her. Challenge winner time after time, Laura consistently proved that she had the ability to embrace a modelling contract, be the face of several beloved campaigns, yes... Smashbox and Nine West etc.

Looking forward to seeing Laura James' spread in NYLON and upcoming features in campaigns!