Saturday 27 September 2014

London Fashion Week Part 3: Tramp In Disguise SS15 + More LFW Pics!

Right, apologies for such a late post! With the start of uni again, things have been extra busy and I have been meaning to post this for such a long time! For my final part of London Fashion Week, I got to see Tramp In Disguise's live photoshoot for their stylish new SS15 collection!

As we walked through the gorgeous ME London hotel, the luscious models posed for the camera in the new collection- not to mention some amazingly styled hair and makeup. Check out the vibrancy of that red-toned hair! 

The collection had some gorgeous colours for SS15 including subtle shades of pink and baby blue- ideal for creating feminine looks. Although what I love most about Tramp In Disguise is the edginess in everything. Whilst the colours may be feminine, the graphic prints really make a statement and this  is definitely a collection for empowered, sexy and confident females. Ladies who aren't afraid to be bold with their fashion and turn heads on the street.

I loved the idea of using speech bubbles too! The quotes are funny and humour really helps to bring out the brand's values. Sass, wit and boldness are everywhere and I am a fan of it all.

With some chunky jewellery and heels, the looks really do come alive. Everything is so aesthetically pleasing but it's almost as if you're meant to look at the looks and dig deep into every detail because clearly a lot of work has gone into the designs. I personally love the dress above with the evil eye pattern- so chic!

Check out Tramp In Disguise below & let me know what you think of the collection!


My Outfit + Somerset House Pics!

So what did I wear for the last day of LFW... I decided to go girly and bright. I wanted to be bold with the neon skirt, hopefully it worked!

Basic Tee: Primark
Neon Skirt: River Island
Bag: Forever 21
Boots: River Island 
After the shoot, I met up with a couple of friends and we strolled around Somerset House which had a buzzing atmosphere for fashion week. I saw lots of fresh street style and people rushing off to shows I can only dream of going to. One day...

Me, Lizzie P, Josh Milton & Tasha Green!

Wednesday 24 September 2014

Dealsy: A Shopaholic's Vital £ Saver App!

If you're like me, walking around Oxford Street is great and all but when you want to make sure you're getting some good bargains and not paying more than needed, it can be hard to figure out if you're hitting the right stores. We're only human, we can't possibly know about every sale out there... right? 

Well actually a new app, Dealsy makes things a hell of a lot easier. As a student, I am all about saving money and I'm sure a lot of you are too. Why should we pay more for the same pair of heels?!

The app itself is so easy to navigate around. Everything is made simple and very practical. You simply log in and immediately, Dealsy tracks your location within London and gives you all the deals around your local area. Smart right?

Topshop, River Island, Zara... the list is endless!

Once you've found a deal you think is up to scratch, simply click on it and it shows you all the details, including a convenient map with your location and the store's location- making it 10x easier to know how to get there.

If that wasn't enough, you can even see some 'snaps' of what to expect from the sale. So basically you get an exclusive sneak peak before you even get there. This can get a bit tempting, I have to warn you...

Once you've claimed the detail, you can rate it with a savvy colour-coded indicator! Make sure you turn up the heat and give your deal a red if you think you got some stylish treats for less £. 

You can also upload your own deals and offers! If you become a 'Dealer of the Month', you can win some amazing giftcards for some of your favourite stores. Rewards for saving money- sounds good to me!

The app definitely exceeded my expectations, it's such a handy app to have on your phone and it was so quick to sign in and get started on my savings!

Dealsy is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Dealsy Sessions

I thought I'd also let you know about Dealsy's new campaign, 'Dealsy Sessions'. It features fresh, upcoming talent in the music industry and trust me, there are some talented picks! For exclusive content from some incredible artists, be sure to check it out and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

To give you a taste, here's CJ Reardon's session, 'Acid Rain':

Saturday 20 September 2014

London Fashion Week Part 2: Bohemian Fashion SS15

So onwards with my London Fashion week journey...

I had the privilege of attending the Bohemian Fashion SS15 Show and meeting the lovely designer, Monica Nechifor. Admittedly, I didn't know too much about the brand until I went to the show but after I saw the exquisite designs, I have become such a big fan.

What I love most was the intimate setting of the show. Everyone gathered around whilst the models strutted down the edgy pub venue. I thought the venue gave everything more personality... it's always nice to go to contemporary, unique events and see things out of the ordinary.

Clearly a lot of work and effort went into this collection but it turned out beautifully and I met some lovely people at the show who loved it just as much as I did!

Not the best pic of me but who cares!
My Outfit

I really wasn't sure what to wear but I went for a pair of Zara leather leggings which I have never gotten a chance to wear. I thought they were perfect for LFW teamed with a comfortable oversized blouse. Lots of Primark here, I must warn you! Also teamed grey and black shades to bring in AW14. 

Oversized Top: Primark
Leather Leggings: Zara
Chain: Primark
Shoes: Primark 
On With the Show...

I thought the show was beautiful.

Bohemian Fashion displayed a variety of elegant, high-end pieces for special occasions as well as a lovely variety of airy white blouses with gorgeous textures and details. Everything was simple and effortlessly bohemian- ideal for stylish women who want to look good without the hassle.

The look below looked divine coming down the runway. It is a long, figure-hugging gown with a dramatic bow detail on the side. It is such a feminine and luxurious dress- ideal for special occasions where you want to turn heads!

I thought the piece below was so stylish! The clothes are loose and comfortable, yet the red pattern adds a striking edge to the blouse. Teamed with a vivid, multicoloured patterned skirt, the outfit definitely makes a statement.

A Word from the Talented Designer...

At the end of the show, Monica said a few words about the collection and what it represents to her. After she spoke, I really understood how all the pieces worked together. Everything is created to celebrate women as they are in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

The collection is diverse, yet simple. It is chic, yet not over the top. Everything about it is different to what you see coming down high-fashion runways in Paris and Milan and that is precisely the reason why I adore it so much and I totally agree with Monica- women everywhere should feel appreciated for who they are!

I will definitely be having a look out for updates from Bohemian Fashion and letting you guys know the latest but be sure to have a look here for all the updates:


Thursday 18 September 2014

London Fashion Week Part 1 SS15: Phannatiq + Éthologie + Basharatyan V

My First LFW Experience!

Words literally can't explain how ecstatic I was to learn that I was actually going to be taking part in London Fashion Week this year. This has been a dream of mine for years and I never thought I would ever achieve it. Everything has kicked off all of a sudden and I have been busier than I have ever been in my entire life. It's hectic but I love every single minute because I enjoy the buzzing city, looking at new trends, unique street style, luscious models and intricate designs. 

ME London, a stylish swanky hotel on Strand hosted FashionAtMELondon which featured a variety of fashion shows and presentations from designers. I was lucky enough to attend a few that I would LOVE to tell you about. Apologies for any photos that aren't too clear, I am definitely learning along the way and will undoubtedly improve on quality next time. 


For my first event to kick off LFW, I couldn't have asked for anything better. 

As a crowd gathered in the lobby of ME London, we were all wondering what to expect but nothing could prepare us for what we saw. 

We were treated to a highly original presentation outdoors where the lovely models performed in their streetwise clothing. Think freerunning, dancing and lots of impressive flips... 

The clothing was gorgeous and totally cutting-edge. I love seeing fresh ideas and the camouflage prints combined with floaty black fabrics complimented each other well. An urban edge to high-end fashion. 


The Éthologie show featured feminine designs with lovely patch prints and leather details. Everything was so elegant and the models looked strikingly beautiful coming down the runway. To add to the atmosphere, we all recieved a gorgeous box which bursted with fragrant aromas when you opened it and inside was the cutest wooden USB! All the details that went into this show made it the glamorous event that it was and it's no wonder that the other guests I spoke to said they enjoyed every minute.  

Basharatyan V

Wow. The Basharatyan V show was phenomenal! Classic glamorous fits and the colour palette was stunning- rich reds, golds, blacks. A lot of the designs were simple but it was the figure-hugging fit of the dresses and jumpsuits that made them come to life and look so seductive on the models. I must admit though, I did adore the sparkly looks and was slightly mesmerized by all the glitz and glam.

Monday 15 September 2014

Virtual Shopping Center: A REALISTIC, 3D Shopping Experience!

As London Fashion Week keeps fashionistas around the city buzzing, the world is preparing to see the experience of shopping change forever. What I'm about to let you in on is truly a revolutionary idea in the fashion tech industry and I am genuinely excited to see it all unfold...

Virtual Shopping Center was brought about by Jelena, a busy mum and business owner. Unforunately, what was once an enjoyable, escapist venture out became a hectic nightmare- shopping was never the same again. We all love a shopping break to chill out and unwind but when you need a break from THAT, you know there's a problem...

Shopping is not an activity that is meant to make you feel lonesome or stressed out. We need to put the initial fun back into the exciting, enjoyable, stress-free shopping experience that we once loved.

Jelena had enough. She wanted to change the game completely and under the name Gatebizzcommunications, she founded Virtual Shopping Centre in order to transform our usual flat, 2D online shopping experience into something 3D, realistic and most importantly- FUN!

A huge bonus with this concept is that you do not have to download any additional software to operate it. You can also pay for all your purchases in one single transaction, meaning you can go to as many stores as you like and save time paying. This really and truly is a 'no hassle' experience after all!

If that wasn't enough, you can also interact with your friends if you all log on together on your lunch break one day. You can browse through some stores, share thoughts about the pros and cons of that new leather handbag and it will all feel like you're there together as a group. Perfect.

Now for me personally, I still love going out shopping when I get the time but as everyone is so busy these days, the rise of online shopping is as omnipresent as ever. The only logical next step would be to try and take the realistic experience of browsing in a mall and translating that on a computer screen. It's quite a drastic concept but what I've seen from Virtual Shopping Center reassures me that this is most definitely going to be a success as it's so cutting-edge and innovative.

Anyone and everyone can use this, from bloggers, shopaholics, busy mums, working business people... the possibilities are endless as everything is tailored personally to you and you can tick your favourite stores when you sign up to receive offers and news about your chosen brands.

The Inside Scoop...

Jelena Bjelovuk, Business Owner and Creator says, 'After carefully thinking about the whole shopping experience - you know, chatting with your girlfriends, window shopping, price comparison etc., I have come up with the idea of Virtual Shopping Center. One of the main reasons was to provide future fans with a completely new and different kind of shopping experience which will be fun, convenient and time saving. The thing I am most proud of is the high-level of technological innovation that we have developed. It enables this kind of web platform to work flawlessly on all computers with average preferences and Internet speed. This platform has a great potential to expand even further and can be used for development of other e-businesses.'

Branislava Rakić, Online PR tells me, 'Working on such a huge project is very exciting. We all get to contribute with our ideas of what we’d like to see inside Virtual Shopping Center and then the tech guys tells us if we can do it or not. For the last year, I’ve learned a lot about technology but also about marketing, so I can tell I’m so much richer for the knowledge and experience now.'

How You Can Get Involved

Currently, Virtual Shopping Center will be launching an Indiegogo campaign to help complete their development stages. I will link all the details to this as it's released so you can get involved in the latest, breakthrough concept in the fashion tech industry!

You can also follow their social media pages to receive the latest updates:


Wednesday 10 September 2014

London Student Style: The REAL Side of Fashion #LFW Special!

As London Fashion Week approaches, our attention is often focused on top designers and catwalk trends, as opposed to the 'real' side of fashion. I'm talking about students! London is a hub of academics and full of buzzing students from 45 different universities. 

Whether we realise it or not, their style is what makes the fashion industry boom. Top designers and high-street stores often get their inspiration from street style, especially in London as we are known for pushing the boundaries a bit. 

I'm so excited to do a street style post but what I love even more is that the 4 gorgeous ladies featured today are some of my close friends. I'd like to let my readers have a look at what students are really wearing and what they think about fashion as a whole. 

Let's see what they had to say... 

The Models Students

Name: Kiana Nicole
University & Degree: King's College London, Pharmacology
Outfit: Kimono- H&M | Crop Top- Miss Selfridge | Joni Jeans- Topshop | Shoes- Nike Air Hurrache Black Safari

Her Fashion 411: 'I would describe my style as practical, preppy and modern. I'd like to think my style stands out from the others but with so many students, there's bound to be different outlooks on fashion. I like recreating trends that I see bloggers and celebs pulling off, but being comfortable is important to me- I need an outfit that I like but won't be getting annoyed with throughout the day.'

Kiana is open to modelling opportunities and she may even be one to look out for in the blogger sphere!

Name: Isabel Conde
University & Degree: King's College London, Hispanic Studies with English
Outfit: Cardigan & Mom Jeans- Urban Outfitters | Top- Zara | Bag & Glasses- Camden | Shoes- Vans

Her Fashion 411: 'Dressing stylishly everyday is important but I'm not obsessed with every little detail. I would describe my style as quirky, practical and warm! My style doesn't always fit in with the others but in London, you do see lots of students going out of their way to be different. I guess you could say that London is one of the most fashionable places in the world with all the diversity in people's looks.'

Name: Laura
University & Degree: University of Leicester, History (Deferred)
Outfit: Dress, Earrings & Shoes- New Look | Cardigan- Market Stall

Her Fashion 411: 'My style is simple but I love to experiment with colour blocking and patterns from time to time. I guess I'm still figuring out my style! The nice thing about London is that style varies so much that it's hard not to fit in! Whether I decide to wear a hoodie or a tea dress, highstreet or hand-me-downs, I'm bound to fit in somewhere. One of my favourite things about fashion is when clothes have a story. The blouse my Grandma got married in has been passed down to my mum and then to me. I absolutely love wearing it!'

Name: Fatima
Degree: Pharmacy
Outfit: All abayas from Dubai & Sharjah, UAE

Her Fashion 411'My style is elegant and modest. I wear an abaya everyday. An abaya is a full-length, outer garment traditionally worn by some Muslim women. I love to wear abayas for occasions also. My everyday abayas tend to be simple and practical. The ones I have for special occasions are nicely embellished, elegant and embroidered. I notice a lot of new styles people go for at uni, but one good thing about wearing an abaya is not having to worry about what to wear everyday!'

If you would like to contact me regarding opportunities for these students please email

Sunday 7 September 2014

Bloggers Love Fashion Week Day 2: Fever London!

This week, I had the pleasure of interning for Fever London at Day 2 of Bloggers Love Fashion Week (#BLFW) at The Penthouse, London!

As we overlooked the gorgeous London skyline, the room filled with drop-dead gorgeous models, bloggers and industry professionals. It was time for them to see what Fever London really brings to the table this AW14. Bloggers browsed through the rails of vintage-inspired patterns and vibrant, colourful dresses perfect for the colour-blocking trend!

They were more than impressed!

See the action for yourself....

Here I am wearing a gorgeous Folklore Fit and Flare Dress in Black from the Heritage collection. It was SO flattering and comfortable! Perfect for accentuating the right bits and hiding those you hate, cough that would be my midriff! The dress has a pretty vintage print that makes a statement but is still subtle enough to transition from day to night!
Our set-up! How chic!
Couldn't resist a quick Snapchat pic!
Our rail filled with lots of elegant pieces. My favourites include the sapphire dresses, like the Getty Square Neck Pencil Dress. You have to check it out, it's so versatile and will easily become a staple piece in no time.
Fever London is known for recreating past looks and adapting them for today's fashion-forward women. The Avebury Top in Navy/Red really pops, as you can see here. The polka-dots are inspired by the 40s/50s but a piece like this can be worn in so many ways today, from a lunch with the girls to a spontaneous shopping trip!

What I really love about Fever London is the sheer amount of choice they have! You can find exquisite designs for special occasions such as weddings or be spoilt for choice whilst looking for a couple of staple AW14 knits!

Warning: you may need someone to carry your bags if you pop in!