Sunday 21 October 2012

Cécilia Cassini- The 13 Year Old Designer

After watching America's Next Top Model, I was giddy to see Whitney Port, Guess & Lulu Guinness (how awesome were those bags?) on the selection of designers for go-sees. However, one young designer grabbed my attention: Cécilia Cassini.

At just 13 years of age, she's made it into the make-or-break industry of fashion. After getting a sewing machine as a gift from her grandmother at the age of six, she's been non-stop.

As Laura said, "She proves that if you want something, you can go out there and get it".

“It sounds like she is a prodigy. It’s just not normal to hear of a ten year-old with that kind of passion for fashion design,” says Mary Stephens, Director of Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

She's already dressed Miley Cyrus, Kelly Osbourne and Heidi Klum, to name a few.

On the show, she appears very confident and just as talented as some of the older designers in the business, with her comments such as "Victoria was trying to be as bubbly as Kiara but you could tell that wasn't her personality".

Upon visiting her website, which appears to be under construction, her clothes are available to buy online at affordable prices.

I'll definitely be watching out for her with her title as "the youngest designer in the world".

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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Christopher Kane S/S 2013

Christopher Kane has emerged as a highly successful British designer over the last few years and this collection is a symbol of his artistic and unconventional ideas.

The palette of colours used were based on pastel colours and Kane claimed they were "colours that make you feel a bit sick". 

Risk-taking was everywhere in this collection and whilst there were beautiful, simple looks, looks which seemed to be based on horror pop out of nowhere which you can't help but stare at immensely, wondering how his mindset works. 

A white, side-zipped bomber jacket and pencil skirt. Clean and fresh.

Continuation of the girly, beautiful atmosphere with baby pink and creative layering of the fabric to move away from the typical office-type wear. 

Boom. A Gothic look appears. With this being said, I am absolutely in love with the leather jacket. The flower pattern and the multiple zips in "weird" places twist my arm. It's something I've never seen before, which is why Kane delivers with this collection. 

Again, an unexpected Frankenstein t-shirt appears. Edginess and roughness sum this look up. The Christopher Kane girl must be prepared to take risks.

I love bows and this blouse is gorgeous in my opinion. I love how it reveals the midriff and the chiffon bow to cover the chest is a great, on-trend detail. Could definitely make a good evening look.

Not much description is needed here. Kane has taken a feminine, playful look with pinks and whites and trashed it with black labels everywhere. Definitely a statement look to say the least. Without reading too much into it, it's as if Kane wants to represent an unfiltered woman with lack of limitations and boundaries. Should we be more open to moving away from overly feminine looks?

Céline S/S 2013

My knowledge of Céline is very limited so I was apprehensive to review it. From what I had seen and heard, I knew that the brand was very unique and rather avant-garde. The adverts in Vogue would capture me because they were so different to say, Louis Vuitton or Prada as they would appear so minimalist and simplistic. 

"There was something of the walk of shame about the lot, as well as the nineties up-all-night attitude..." as Jo-Ann Furniss states and I couldn't agree more. 

Glossy, satin materials emerged on the runway with broad, masculine silhouettes with a relaxed vibe. Plunging necklines with netted materials and trench coats with furry shoes that resembled slippers showed me that the Céline woman is not a princess-like figure whatsoever, she is a woman of strength and fierceness with a careless attitude and the ability to dress up elegantly when needs be. I understand why this brand has a huge following and look forward to reviewing further collections. 

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Chanel S/S 2013

Chanel's S/S 2013 collection was one that, for me, stood out against the many designers. Naturally, I was drawn to reviewing it because it's Chanel but it was warming to see the use of solar panels and the theme of sustainability incorporated within fashion.

I believe Karl Lagerfeld has proved to everyone that he is able to continue consistently producing top-notch collections that live and breath the Chanel ethos and branding, yet there's always evidence of fresh, modern ideas to innovate the label.

The silhouettes and shapes were very A-line and there was much focus on a broad shoulder through the use of the bolero jacket.

With 80 looks on the runway, the show went through tons of different atmospheres and looks, with a few that maybe didn't tie in so much with the others but I loved that there were pops of colour when you least expected them.

A sophisticated LBD with classic Chanel pearls.

I adore this glossy, hot pink jacket with a checked lining inside. It gives a bright pop of colour to contrast with the plain white dress. 

A cobalt blue jumper dress. Love the unusual structure of this. Not so sure about that transparent hat...

Peter pan collars were everywhere this summer and Lagerfeld uses them here, but x100!

The idea of this dress is undoubtedly original with a denim skirt being transformed into a minidress, but the embellishments don't do it for me.

What would a Chanel collection be without tweed? Here a wash of dirty pinks and blues are seen to mix up the trend.

Really cute, sheer fabric used here and the flowers are used in just the right places, along the shoulders and the skirt.

If looked at closely, the flowers used on this white maxi dress appear to be similar or even are candy wrappers. Interesting design which I can definitely see being worn as a high-fashion maxi in the spring.

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Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2013

To say the YSL show at Paris Fashion Week had an A-list celebrity guestlist might be an understatement... Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, DVF & Vivienne Westwood were a few that couldn't bare to miss the eye-candy.

"The concept behind the collection? 'Pull-on and go' - meaning easy and effortless items, be they swingy caped crop tops, Bermuda-style shorts, oversized tunic tops or frilled and flounce-festooned dresses." (

I thought the predominately black collection was a well thought-out, fluent collection.

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