Friday 15 February 2013

Proenza Schouler Fall 2013- New York Fashion Week

Proenza Schouler's Fall 2013 collection took a highly unexpected turn this year. I was actually rather... bored with the collection. I expected something a lot more upbeat, fascinating and unusual but I suppose Proenza Schouler took a more realistic, wearable approach to their designs. 

The colour palette was certainly a lot more muted and dull with blacks, whites and greys being at the forefront. However, there were creative shapes and styles, they just weren't as "controversial" as seen previously. 

I do like the use of the white, it's hit everywhere and anywhere this season. It's such a complimentary shade to suit everyone so props to Schouler for that. 

Grey envelope coat with white trousers. Black patent clutch is a nice finish.

Black satin with leather. I do like the combination of materials and the loose fit of the trousers is expected  as it's unconventional. 

If anything, this is probably my favourite look of the collection. Clean and polished. Love the white pea coat and tight pencil skirt with black heels and clutch. Wearable, yet unique. 

All white top and dress. Monochrome trend is huge here. In a subtle way, you can see the outline of a black vest through the top and the shoes/clutch have black details too. 
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