Friday 29 November 2013

Kanye West Admits $13 Million Loss on Fashion Industry

Kanye West's recent radio interview on 'Sway in the Morning' sparked some controversy regarding his aggressiveness on the topic of fashion. 

When asked, "Why don't you do it yourself?" (regarding the self-production of a clothing line), Kanye repeatedly yelled "You ain't got the answers Sway!". Clearly, frustration built up and I believe it was quite ignorant of Sway to ask Kanye why he couldn't just start from scratch and build a whole empire in fashion by himself. The whole interview was a little bit too ignorant for my liking. Kanye is a talented and knowledgeable rapper, but even his knowledge wouldn't be sufficient enough to run a whole brand. Think about the aspects behind it all. Design, production, finances, marketing. The list goes on.

When I look at Kanye, I see somebody who doesn't want to restrict themselves to one career. He wants to be wholly involved in any aspect of the arts that allows him to express his creativity. As a rapper, Kanye is going to be looked at as a monetary idol in the fashion industry. His "relevancy", as he puts it, can sell millions. However, Kanye is not a full-time designer. He simply cannot put in all his energy into a fashion line. $13 million is what it took for Kanye to invest in his designs and try to conquer the industry.

I believe Kanye has the creative mindset to produce a killer line. I really do. I admire the passion he brings to the table when discussing fashion. He knows what he's talking about and I can see him going far, bringing uniqueness and originality to the forefront of his designs. I think he does need to understand that as a musician, the larger corporations are always going to "marginalise" him. Any brand within LVMH that works with him will probably not meet his expectations. Kanye wants to be the supreme ruler and have the utmost control over decisions but that's simply not going to happen.

What I'd like to see is a Kanye x Margiela collaboration. Now that would make fashion history.

Consistency is needed for Kanye to become a well-established name in fashion. When he debuted his Spring 2012 RTW collection, I was actually rather impressed. I loved the combination of the rough beats on the catwalk combined with a raw, powerful aesthetic. The clothes were heavy. Leather, fur and lots of glamour.

Daring cuts and random splashes of colour. Did some of the looks look too unpolished? Yes. He wasn't going to get it all right in the first go but if he finds a way to balance his ego with the industry, we could potentially be looking at some genius pieces in the future.

Saturday 16 November 2013

Styled to Rock US: Rihanna Goes Stateside!

When the news broke that Rihanna was launching a reality TV show for upcoming designers, I almost wanted to slap myself to make sure I was reading correctly.

I was an avid fan of the Sky One series, featuring the beloved Henry Holland. What I admired most about the show was the feeling of authenticity displayed throughout the storyline of pressured designers struggling to beat the clock and conquer their inner fears.

There's definitely something special about Styled to Rock... it doesn't rely on heavily-scripted dialogue and focuses more on the natural occurrence of events in the design room. My initial reaction to hearing that a US version of Styled to Rock was in production? I thought it was going to be fake, fake and more fake. I don't know about you but in my opinion, US-produced reality shows have never given me a particularly "real" vibe and I know a lot about reality television. Thankfully, I was proved wrong. Yes, the budget for this series definitely seems to be (cough) a lot higher than the UK series, yet the overall structure and feel of the show is almost the same, if not a lot more realistic.

Pharrell Williams, Erin Wasson and Mel Ottenberg are the main panelists. What a genius collaboration. With Pharrell's down-to-Earth personality and compassionate advice, the dynamic between the contestants and panelists is definitely more positive. Mel and Erin believe in tough love. Understandable considering these contestants entered the competition to grasp the cut-throat nature of the industry.

With the prize of $100,000 and a contract to be part of Rihanna's style team at stake, seeing these ordinary people compete to fulfil their dream is heartening. To see raw talent manifest itself into beautiful designs worn by upscale celebrity clients is 100% worth watching.

One of my favourites is Sergio. A contestant who was actually entered late in the competition but proved his unbeatable skill by winning two challenges in a row. In the latest episode, his design for Miley Cyrus was absolutely gorgeous. The combination of a floaty, white blouse compared with a rough, biker-chic patent leather skirt fit the brief incredibly well. You could see where Hollywood met downtown club.

Another talented favourite of mine is Autumn. Her motif whilst designing is her unconventional use of zippers. I wish I could have included images of her work but surprisingly, they don't seem to be posted anywhere! She hasn't won a challenge yet but her vision is so inspiring to me. The way she takes a minor detail such as a zip and uses it to replace hemlines or normal forms of stitching creates a beautiful aesthetic.

Styled to Rock US airs on Bravo TV at 8/7c on Fridays. If you're not in the US, I'd suggest watching the episodes on

Saturday 28 September 2013

Rihanna for River Island: A/W 2013 Review

Naturally, after the first Rihanna for River Island collection, I was definitely hesitant to purchase anything from this one. I still can't believe how terrible the first one was, if I'm honest.

Well, this collection definitely isn't amazing and it's not worth obsessing over, in my opinion. I can see Rihanna's fan base buying a lot of the items for the sake of buying them, however. I suppose celebrity status will always conquer merchandise, no matter what it looks like.

Personally, I've bought 2 items from the collection and I'm questioning one of them now...

G4Life Sweat Dress- £50.00
I'm pretty content with my sweat dress purchase. It seems like that incredibly warm jumper that'll always get worn on blustery Winter days. Paired with cable knit tights and heeled ankle boots, I don't think this is a bad item from the collection. It makes a statement without being too loud.

G4Life Cropped Sweatshirt- £35.00
Although I bought this, the sweatshirt is definitely nothing special. Maybe if paired with high-waisted acid wash jeans, I'll change my mind.

Aside from these items, there was quite a few items that just weren't realistically wearable to the average British girl or woman. Somehow, I just can't see myself walking around the streets of London in these glossy trousers, can you? Now, if Rihanna walked around in these... she'd somehow make it onto a "best dressed" list. Why? She's Rihanna. Rihanna can pull off anything, quite literally.

High-shine coated trousers- £50.00
One item I will give Rihanna props for is the tan stiletto boots in her range. They're so tough and rebel-chic. Rather on the expensive side, but I suppose you wouldn't expect anything less.

Suede stiletto boots- £120.00
Overall, Rihanna's new collection is definitely better, but still doesn't have enough appeal to me. The items still all seem like things Rihanna would wear. Although that's the idea, successful celebrity collections have always intertwined personal style with subtleness. The neon yellows, PVC and the lack of pretty much anything that isn't cropped can definitely be off-putting for your average shopper in River Island. Definitely a hit and miss collection.

Saturday 14 September 2013

NY Fashion Week: T by Alexander Wang S/S 2014 Review + Personal Update!

Where on Earth have I been?

New York Fashion Week has officially come to an end and I feel like I've completely missed all of it. I've been away for a while on internships and preparing for life at university but I can assure my readers that I am doing everything in my power to stay motivated to blog. I'm not exactly sure which direction to take with blogging but for now, it'll still remain a big interest of mine as there's nothing I love more than to review collections. My experience working for has also confirmed that this is one of many passions and I will continue to invest in it until I don't feel satisfied anymore. What I will say is this- seeing the views on this blog continually increase so rapidly is definitely the most motivating factor for me. Whoever you are, I genuinely appreciate you as I have a lot to learn in this sphere and it's going to take a hell of a lot to become a noted blogger.

Wang's Modern Wardrobe Staples  

As you may know, Alexander Wang will forever be one of my favourite designers. His unique mindset enables him to create the most statement pieces that don't even scream "statement". With this collection, I was pleasantly satisfied to see Wang stick to his simple and minimalist stance on clothing. As per usual, no print and no embellishment. It really is all about silhouette and fabric in Wang's collections.

The choice of rich red separates in a ribbed knit material is definitely shows Wang's ability to create wardrobe staples. Comfortability with edge, as the zips that aren't fully done almost personifies the average Wang girl... a bit mysterious but definitely not reserved. 

A boxy shirt with an unusual fabric that's almost similar to latex. Wang definitely loves to play around with dimensions as he creates this street-luxe ensemble. 

"Fetishism" and "Wang" are words often used interchangeably and now I understand why. The tightness of this dress on the model's figure is seductive. 

A utility jumpsuit that goes perfectly against the construction background. With Wang, there's no clear line to mark what is feminine or masculine. 

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Outfit Of The Day: It's Alright As Long As It's Black Or White

A new blogging venture for me... outfit of the days. Perhaps, these are a little overdone? Well, I'm not doing street style (yet...) and I'm not making a huge deal out of photography. I want this to be as realistic as possible... a spontaneous photograph of my outfit for the day and where to get it. An idea of my taste and what I pair together for different occasions. If I like how it goes, I'll continue doing this and if any requests or questions are put forward, I'm more than happy to answer! 

I rarely look at trends and try and emulate them so it's unlikely that I will be doing "how to wear ___ trend" posts. However, if I find that I'm wearing something on the day or have some things in mind that fit a certain trend, whether it be catwalk-based or street-style based, I might put something together. 

(If I know something I'm wearing is still in store, I will definitely link it too!)

Instagram: @ManitaRughwani - similar photos and 'Outfit Of The Day' posts will be uploaded there too but the blog posts will have a bit of extra detail. 

Disclaimer: I have a bunch of insecurities. Probably more than Bridget Jones. 

Top- Primark
Skirt- H&M
Wedges- New Look
Sunglasses- Marc Jacobs

Today's outfit was for a 'How To Get In To Fashion' event hosted by GoThinkBig. Some lovely staff from Grazia magazine talked to about 20 of us young and eager beavers about their journeys and life and how they ended up where they are. It gave me so much confidence that I'm on the right track (touch wood). It's all about interning, connections and humbling yourself. In a tough industry, being complacent and cocky won't get you anywhere. If you come into a job or internship thinking you're above it, you pretty much won't get anywhere because people in fashion TALK and recommend left, right and centre! Those were some of the vital points I got from the event.

Really happy I went! I wanted to wear something fairly comfortable, yet stylish. Therefore, the plain black stretch top tucked into the lace skirt was perfect because it complimented my shape and didn't enhance my unforgiving curves, at times. The sandals were pretty comfortable too and I thought the metallic gold broke down the simplicity of the black and white.

Thursday 1 August 2013

Lipsy Panel Mini Tote Bag Review

The jewel of Lipsy's current handbag range is this tote bag with a nude, black and gold colour scheme.

The structure of the tote is very Céline-esque which is one of the features that drew me to the bag. Classically elegant and chic is what this bag screams with the gold metal detailing on the front of the bag. 

I didn't just buy this bag because of it's style, I bought it because I needed something practical and sturdy enough for my start at university this September. The space inside is enough for a laptop and some books, perfect!

The gold zip is ideal to keep everything securely tucked away. I tend to prefer zips than button details just for security and peace of mind.

I'm also keen on the limited patent fabric that the tote has. I find that excess amount of PVC adds a cheaper feel to an item but a little on the frame of the bag is a lovely touch.

The colours are perfect for all year round and the bag can be matched to many outfits which is something to look for when it comes to a handbag choice. Although we've been seeing a lot of neons and brights considering the summer weather, often they are hard to team up with outfits unless you're wearing something toned down.

This beauty is available for just £48.00 at Lipsy.

Monday 22 July 2013

Giveaway Time! Win a £50 Spend!

Loyal readers, as you may know, I am currently writing content for and they have a fantastic giveaway! 

To enter, click here:

You have a great chance to win a £50 spend at Petasil shoes, a brand with a huge celebrity following. They sell stylish, yet comfortable and quality shoes for children. 

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Elie Saab Fall 2013 Couture Review

By far, Elie Saab is my favourite designer to review during Couture season, as well as Valentino and Dior. The glamour and classiness that ooze throughout each and every collection produced is simply unbeatable. The standards for Haute Couture are high and Elie Saab has never produced a design, nor a single piece that I haven't found to be gorgeous.

Just when I thought Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture collection, reviewed here:, would be impossible to top, the uber-talented designer has managed to present another flawless, exquisite collection showcasing some of the finest designs in the world right now.

Opting for a deep, rich colour palette with ruby shades, creams, golds, sapphires and emeralds, the colours selected for Fall were perfect and certainly are fit for a queen. Opting to change things up from the black and gold combinations as well as the aquamarine tones we saw in the last Fall collection (, every single collection is like an exciting present to open as the images are released. I know I'm going to be blown away every time and as I've said over and over again, Saab has a way of bringing back that old Hollywood glamour with a modern touch. Tradition can be a good thing and I disagree with's review- print may be something Saab plays around with in the future but I don't believe his collections get monotonous, I believe his beading and embroidery speak volumes and excessive use of print will shift the creative direction quite drastically.

Stunning, red-carpet perfect ruby gown with red embellishing. The flared skirt and three-quarter length sleeves  add dimension. 

Shorter and sweet, yet elegant and striking. A nude-shade ballgown-style dress with a shorter hem. 

In a deep shade of sapphire, a one-sleeved, floor-length gown is beautiful to the highest degree possible.  The non-embellished chiffon skirt sways as the model walks, whilst the fitted bodice enhances a flattering figure.

A tighter, more straight fit to the other gowns. A sweetheart neckline and a more figure-hugging fit would make any wearer look svelte and daring in this number. 

A richer fabric would not be possible for this piece. The emerald tone looks gorgeous with the sheen and the plunge neckline is simple but a nice touch.

As with all Saab shows, the last and final, awaited bridal gown will always leave cameras flashing and fashion-fanatics going crazy. Crystals and quartz are embroidered on this layered gown which leaves an enormous trail from the sides and the back. The veil is floor-length and is also clearly glistening with embroidery all the way through. 

Rihanna at River Island: The All New Autumn Collection

Read my thoughts on Rihanna's streetwise, luxe collection for River Island here:

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2013 Couture Review

Margiela has become a designer that I tend to admire, simply because of the consistency in the designs itself and its uniqueness to others. Margiela has naturally increased in popularity in the mainstream world, with rappers such as Kanye West constantly mentioning the brand in lyrics and wearing pieces from the range.

In my eyes, Margiela pride itself on creating almost "unisex" pieces which would fit the body types of males and females. Risks are things which the brand is not afraid to take at all, yet some of the best pieces are very simple and luxurious because of the rich fabrics and quality of those fabrics.

This is the third season that Margiela will have graced the Couture runway after gaining the Couture label. Joining Christian Dior and Chanel, Margiela is now up there with the major, major designers and clearly has an atelier capable enough of delivering the standards needed.

This collection was definitely something original to the Couture runway. We saw latex fabrics, splashes of colour in one look and the renowned masks on each model. A trademark for Margiela.

I almost felt as though the mixture of "strange" latex looks with then "pretty" gowns towards the end represented Margiela perfectly. It can now do both. It can produce these oversized, Alexander-Wang like pieces and use uncalled-for fabrics to do so and then go ahead and create gowns that are red-carpet worthy for celebrities who like to have something a little different to the Ellie Saab's etc.

StyleClone- New Position, New Articles To Check Out!

Hi everyone, rare that I post anything personal here but just wanted to inform readers that I am now also writing fashion articles on It's a great website for trends, news etc. and it is definitely on its way to becoming a staple fashion website. Check out some of the recent articles I've done:

I will be following the Paris Couture collections and will try to update on here too!


Saturday 22 June 2013

John Galliano Braces Media Coverage- First Time Since 2010!

Recently, John Galliano, the designer who was shamed by his anti-semitic rant in Paris in 2011, appeared on Charlie Rose in order to confront the demons which forced him into a downhill spiral.

The interview can be watched online here:

In January, Oscar de la Renta announced that he would seek the help of Galliano for a Fall collection which surprised the fashion industry in its entirety. To remind yourself, have a read of this post:

Oscar de la Renta & Galliano- Fall 2013. 

Although the YouTube videos gained thousands of hits and the headlines received thousands of views, I don't believe anyone truly understood the psychological reasoning behind the comments he made. In a video recorded by a member of the public, Galliano was seen making some very offensive remarks including "I love Hitler". Following this, Galliano was practically made an outcast by anyone who was anyone. 

In this interview, I believe it took great strength and courage for Galliano to properly explain the addiction which led to the comments. It shocked the world at how a creative genius who produced exquisite designs for the House of Dior and the House of Galliano could possibly ruin a reputation so renowned. The interview gave an in-depth insight that finally revealed all.

In my opinion, Galliano appeared nervous, yet humble and calm throughout. After discussing the bullying that occurred at a boy's school he attended in South London, he mentioned his transfer to Central Saint Martins, home to many designers including Christopher Kane and Zac Posen. 

"You draw like a God", he was told. 

Then, the deeper side emerged. Charlie Rose dug into the question everyone wants to know- why? "I was a blackout drinker", explained Galliano. His excessive drinking released "paranoia" and triggered frustrations from his childhood. This may explain his aggressive nature in the Paris recording. A "self-defence mechanism", he called it. 

Galliano, bravely claimed that he was a "slave" to his addiction.

What members of the public and in fact, anybody who does not have high-end fashion designing experience, is that designing equals immense pressure:

"I was producing 32 collections a year between The House of Dior and The House of Galliano." Just looking at the number 32- I can only imagine the stress and struggles that the sheer demand must of put on him. 

From valium, to sleeping pills, to alcohol, Galliano cried "My life became unmanageable". 

One particular point of the interview struck me. "I was acting like God", he admitted. Luckily, he now understands that he is not in the driving seat of his fate and has reconnected with God, in order to seek forgiveness for his behaviour. I can only admire him for attempting to change and recognising how grateful he should be that he is alive today. 

When the suicide of Alexander McQueen was mentioned, Galliano simply exclaimed " I understood". This powerful statement made everything into a blank canvas, I believe. 

Throughout, Galliano recognised that he could not mask nor excuse his behaviour in any way, with any psychological tendencies or explanations, yet he knew that the person seen in the video was not him, in any way. In fact, he claims he has no memory of his being there as the alcohol took over his memory and his subconscious acted as reality. The triggered comments about him being "arian", by the recorders definitely provoked an uncalled-for reaction. 

By the end, I saw a changed man, despite not meeting or knowing him personally. I believe he fully grieves his actions every day and if it wasn't for Oscar de la Renta giving him that chance to shine again, his gifted ways of design may have escaped him forever. Anna Wintour has also played a vital role in helping reform his ways. "She's amazing. She inspires me", he praised as he smiled blissfully. 

Overall, I commend Galliano for opening up and perhaps shedding some hope for other addicts who are too ashamed to seek help. After rehabilitation in Arizona and many attempts to make amends with clients, friends and family, I believe Galliano can recover one step at a time. Perhaps the breakdown allowed him to finally realise that he needed to say "no" occasionally and seek the full support of his team. Health is the most important thing here and I can only hope that one day soon, Galliano will be given the forgiveness he requires and the platform to create the designs we miss so dearly. However, as long as he continues to make his years sober, a great accomplishment has stemmed from this tragedy. 

Sunday 9 June 2013

Versace Resort 2014 Collection Review

If you took a regular Resort collection out of it's stereotypical box and into the hands of a "no risk is boring" designer, you'd get Versace's 2014 collection.

Daring, powerful and somewhat summery- the Versace collection was just right. The perfect combination of riskay silhouettes with cropped hemlines and short bandage dresses.

The colour palette saw bursts of white, aqua, yellow, dusty pink, coral and black pulled together to create looks for a diverse range of buyers. You have the black looks for the formal, yet sexy looks for the modern-day empowered woman, as well as the brightly coloured, "in your face" looks for day wear in the sun.

Certainly, Donatella was not afraid to have fun with this collection, but when is she ever afraid of that? Clothing does not have to be boring at all. You can go from a slightly more demure sweetheart girl in the day to a lustrous goddess in the evening. In my opinion, this is what Versace does best... it brings together the girls who want to experiment and not confine themselves to one boring look.

Some attempts at colour-blocking were made with this collection, as yellows and pinks were paired together, for example. Expectation is in the past- clothing can be exactly what you want it to be.

Sex appeal boosted to the max- simple, yet sassy white bandage dress contrasted nicely with a black textured clutch.

A simple floral pattern can never go wrong for Summer.

Traditional? What is that. Why choose one bland swimsuit when you can make a statement with this, to say the least. Chequered on one side and floral on the other- the ultimate contrast. The one-strap and plunged neckline adds the sexiness to the look, however. For me, the bag is what I'm loving the most here, that Versace emblem looks gorgeous against the turquoise. 

Double neon yellow with a bandage dress with a slightly longer hemline but still short, nonetheless. Tight is the way with Versace. I'm all for the strappy heels in this collection too, certainly on-trend right now.  

A bit more subtle and demure with the dusty pink combination here but the cropped jacket still  adds a youthful  atmosphere. I've been missing oversized clutches so it's nice to see one here, although the structure of it seems quite unique with the satchel strap. 

Adore this look. The sheer mesh on the sleeves and bottom of the skirt is stunning together. All black is the perfect way to look sophisticated, yet sexy. Again, love the clutch and the "undefinable" look here. I presume the model is wearing a dress and a blazer but the construction adds that "all-in-one" feel. 

All coral- a very daring look to pull off but look at that slit! Midriff, cleavage and killer legs to  distort the "boring" blazer and skirt look. Who says office chic has to be for the office? 

Very Donatella with the black and gold combination. I am obsessed with this blouse with the gold pocket outlines. Unconventional but stylish with the strappy heels too. Slouchy can be uber-chic! 

Monday 20 May 2013

Cannes Film Festival- Best Looks So Far

Can someone say Delevingne? If there was ever a perfect dress I could personally imagine, I feel like Cara wore it at Cannes this year.

A strikingly beautiful black lace dress by Burberry with a plunge neck and sheer sleeves. Covered in diamonds, Cara certainly knows how to make an entrance and the pose says it all for me. This look is flawless but what are those shoes?

Emma Watson in a Chanel Couture floor-length gown. This is gorgeous on Emma with the sequinned bodice and the smooth, white skirt.

OK, so I'm not sure if Sofia Coppola was the best dressed exactly but I had to include her as she's my favourite director. Dressed in S/S 2013 Louis Vuitton, Sofia keeps it simple with this LBD.
Everything about Frieda Pinto's look is exquisite  The dress is custom by an Indian designer, Sanchita  and her shoes and bag are by Jimmy Choo. Love the embroidery on the top, the high slit, the all-over gold and the strappiness of the heel. Perfect for Cannes.

Sunday 19 May 2013

Bags I Want: Céline Tote Bags

If there's one bag right now that I keep seeing in and around the fashion sphere, it's these gorgeous totes from Céline.

I believe they come in mini, micro and macro sizes to fit the buyer's needs.

I think the structure of these is absolutely gorgeous and how chic they do they look?

Available in 5 different variations, the tan, patent black and cream/black are my favourites.

To get a closer look, check out missglamorazzi's "What's In My Purse?" video on YouTube. Fell in love with the handbag from heaven afterwards.