Sunday 5 October 2014

Delna Poonawalla at London Fashion Week: Karmically Fabulous!

Delna Poonawalla: Talented, Unique, Extraordinary.

Kaleidoscope Karma is the title of her most recent SS15 collection which recently debuted at London Fashion Week. Comprising of geometric prints and leather details, as well as organic materials, the collection is incredibly special.

Honestly, when I saw the collection up close and personal, the amount of detail and work was so visible. Everything has a deeper meaning- almost as though there was a mystical, hidden layer in each piece.

Meeting Delna herself was an incredible experience and I'm so thankful that I got a chance to get to know her and the pieces in person!

The collection itself is chic, easy and modern. Although the designs are stunning and elegant, the materials and fit are meant for an effortless wear, meaning you can look gorgeous without getting annoyed with your outfit.

Essentially, all the pieces have a vital spiritual inspiration to them. The colour palette, for example, includes luscious baby pinks and deep shades of aqua and purple. All the colours represent our inner chakras and if you look closely, all the designs definitely seem to have a lot of life and energy within them, perhaps representative of our inner flowing energy.

Using intricate detailing and textures, the pieces really do come to life and a 3D effect is created. What I love about the collection is that Delna took risks and chose not to blend in with the expected. By following a thought-out plan, the end result of her show and the collection was simply incredible and highly cutting-edge.

Hybrid is what I would probably describe the collection as, considering there are Indian influences, yet the collection is very modern and contemporary to appeal to a global audience. 

The above piece is definitely one of my favourites as the jacket has such beautiful embellishments all over it. It is definitely a statement piece and worn with white jeans, it creates such a sophisticated and chic look.

Below is also another one of my favourite looks, particularly as I like the figure-hugging fit of the jacket and its finish. Teamed with the graphic print shorts, the combination of deep shades of blue is gorgeous.

I was so happy to have gotten a chance to meet the uber-talented Delna herself and view the pieces up-close at her hotel room. I was so impressed! Take a look at the sheer beauty within these designs and pay attention to the range of chakra-inspired colours incorporated within each piece too as I feel that this is such an innovative concept...

Here is a pic of the white jacket shown above. Even this picture doesn't do it justice as it truly is such a glamorous piece and what I actually like is the pink inner lining which has the 'Delna Poonawalla' name all over. Maybe it's just me, but it's the little things that I like to pay attention to sometimes!

Here are a few pics from backstage at the LFW show that you can take an exclusive look at! How amazing does Delna look in the middle, posing with her fabulous models?!

I also got this really stylish cuff which I love, especially as it's textured and contains a caged look with three straps. See, every single detail within this collection is simply excellent.

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