Saturday 8 October 2016

London Fashion Week SS17 Part 1: Delna Poonawalla

So LFW SS17.... where to begin!

Firstly I'd like to start by saying that for me, this season was pretty chilled. I only fit in a couple of shows and in fact missed both my on-schedules (tut tut). What I am thrilled about, however, is that I managed to catch Delna Poonawalla's show at the stunning Amba Hotel in Charing Cross. The location was spectacular and it really set the scene for an outstandingly elegant collection. 

I was really excited to see Delna's vision come to fruition, especially after having met her in the past and having seen first-hand her out-of-the-box concepts. If you don't remember, refresh your memory and have a browse through my article from 2014 reviewing her fabulous Kaleidoscope Karma collection. A couple of years have whizzed by but that collection has left an imprint on me because of how innovative the concept was- as you all know I love me some hybrids! Mixing different elements of femininity and masculinity together is something that Delna has an irrevocable talent for and so I was super excited to see what has been brewing behind the scenes with this 'Dark Mistress' collection.

I was not left disappointed... 

(P.S. I did take my own images but I felt they really did no justice to the collection so I will be using Vogue's high-res for reference.)

I love the colour palette used in this collection- very rich and regal. The champagne tone here is incredibly flattering and the square plunge neckline of the jumpsuit is harsh but toughens the look up just the right amount.

I'm getting major Greek goddess vibes! Take me back to Mykonos! The draping across the shoulder is beautiful and traditionally feminine. Juxtaposed with this is the unexpected dark navy detailing. Against such a light tone I pick up a sense of Gothic with the web-like embroidery. Again, a fantastic re-appropriation of femininity in high-fashion.

I love the theatricality of this collection... you can almost imagine it being worn on stage in a play. This bold midnight blue is gorgeous alongside the gold detailing. The models strut with sass and I'm all the way here for it!

Probably my favourite of the whole collection... An unusual shift dress made with gold chains and complete with sequinned embroidery on either side. This is of course a statement look but my 'literature degree eye' can't help but view the chains symbolically; the woman is wearing the once shackling chains loud and proud. The woman's body is no longer a site of constriction or appropriation, it signifies freedom and a f- load of power. Woo!

The beautiful Delna alongside two fierce models. Can we talk about Del's gorgeous bardot dress though? So flattering! 

Image Credits: Vogue UK

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