Sunday 26 June 2016

Fitzjohn Skincare: Balancing Facial Moisturiser Review

Disclaimer: Product sent for review purposes

Whilst I was in Mykonos, soaking up the sun and admiring the muscles on the Greek Gods playing  beach volleyball was indeed my main priority. However, I did have another goal that I set myself and that was to try and experiment with some new skincare products whilst I was there and use that week to find out what really works for my skin and what doesn't. So that's exactly what I did! I started off with the Fitzjohn Balancing Facial Moisturiser...

What drew me in the most about the product initially was the heavy make-up of plant-based ingredients. I'm becoming a bit more mindful about using natural ingredients over chemicals so this was a big bonus for me. With the likes of organic Jojoba and Hemp Seed oils, in addition to antioxidant Pomegranate, Fruit AHAs, Yarrow extract and Vitamin E, this moisturiser is packed with treats that the skin is absolutely hankering for. 

As my skin is slightly oily, I was concerned that the product might be too heavy for me but the owner, Ethel reminded me that I only need to use a tiny amount especially when in a hot climate. I took her advice and to my surprise, my skin absorbed it like a sponge! You really do only need a pea-size amount and it took me a good couple of attempts to get this right as the product spreads about so easily. 

What's more, this also doubled really well as a primer for me. When I would use this I wouldn't need to use any further pre-makeup application products as I found that it layered on the skin perfectly and enabled a really beautiful finish for any foundation that I put on top. 

Retailing at £30.00 it is a bit on the high-end for skincare but I would definitely be able to justify the price as the product will last you a long time. After my first application I could tell that this was a top-notch skincare product made with lots of TLC. 

The lavish gold packaging also compliments the fabulously rich product inside- it'll certainly look stunning on any dressing table! 

I would recommend using this as a night moisturiser so you can let those omega-rich plant oils get to work in your pores and see the results in the morning (perhaps a nice change from staring at the ogre that greets you in your reflection after an incomprehensible night out). 

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