Saturday 10 January 2015

Yours Truly Organics: Why I Abandoned Clinique's 3-Step

If you have been following my blogging journey so far, you will probably have heard me mention my continual use of Clinique's 3-Step system.  For about a year I have religiously been using their products because I always knew the brand catered for sensitive skin like mine. Although the products have worked for me, I have now become enlightened (*cue angels singing*) as I have found a range 10x better for me and my skin type...

I first encountered Yours Truly Organics at the Bloggers Love Hub and I spoke about their amazing Face Balm in my haul review here. No joke, I have been using the face balm every single day as you can tell by the picture. It has worked wonders for my skin and every time I watch beauty blogger videos talking about this primer and that primer, I just think... nah. I'm quite lazy about using lots of products everyday so to have a balm which works well as a makeup base and a moisturiser makes my life a LOT easier. It's rich in texture, you don't need to apply much and it really helps to keep your face matte throughout the day.

After my success with the face balm, the brand kindly allowed me to try the rest of the products so I could see whether the full regime would work for me. Everything comes boxed prettily and the packaging is simple, yet effective. 

On each box and product, there is some information about the ingredients and how the product works for your skin. I love reading the back of them as I apply to remind myself about the natural ingredients that are going to be absorbed. Daisy extract, argan oil, oats... as you read the bottles, you begin to feel comfortable and reassured about what you're using. I'm really noticing that natural and organic products work best 99% of the time. Why would something with an ingredients list full of unknown substances and chemicals with impossibly long names work better than a product sourced from plants? This is why I have chosen to steer away from Clinique. It's not that their products are bad in any way, it's just that Yours Truly Organics works a lot better and I see more visible difference in the texture of my skin. Maybe it's because I have kept a set routine for such a long time that I have forgotten about the possibility that there could be products that work so much better for around the same price point! 

So I have been using the products for a while now and I am finding that they suit my skin very well. I have fairly sensitive, oily skin and using all the products together has really improved my appearance. I use the Gel Cleanser every time I'm in the shower, it leaves your skin feeling nice and fresh but I love following up with the Balancing Toner, enriched with witch hazel, which we all know does wonders for impurities and breakouts. After I've toned my skin, I honestly feel so refreshed. I think it's after you see all the dirt that comes off on that little cotton pad. It's scary to think how crap our skin accumulates without us knowing! I've already mentioned the face balm and its incredibleness so I won't go into that, and as for the serum... oh my God. 

I've never been into serums, I just haven't felt the need to really use any. I've always thought they were more for anti-aging but the Repair Serum is a fab product to have when you really need that extra boost before the face balm. You only have to use a pea size for replenished and brightened skin. Every time I use the serum, I look in the mirror and see that my skin is more glowy. That's probably what I love most about this line... you actually see the difference straight away. 

I can't recommend this line enough! I am going to use all the Yours Truly Organics products as part of my regular routine now because I finally feel like I have found products that suit my skin's sensitivity and combat its problems too.

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