Thursday 29 January 2015

Aashni + Co Wedding Show Feat. Manish Malhotra + More!

Although I'm aware of the soaring Indian fashion scene in London, I've tended to neglect it because in all honesty, I don't know much about the industry at all! I definitely think I've been missing out as the Aashni + Co Wedding Show blew my mind with so many beautiful outfits and talented designers.

Aashni + Co sells high-end Indian pieces from couture to ready-to-wear. If you are looking for exquisite Indian pieces from the top designers, I'd definitely go on their website or even pop down to their Notting Hill store as they do carry a large range and I can guarantee you will find something extremely special.

The show was held at The Dorchester Ballroom which is insanely gorgeous. Everything was decorated beautifully and when you walked through the doors, it felt like a grand occasion to say the least.

Here I am, looking terrible as ever. No seriously I don't like this at all but hey it was the only picture of me at the event so I had to use it. I was planning on wearing a different dress which would have fitted the occasion 10x better but there was a slight wardrobe malfunction before I left my house. The woes of fashion...

I had to pull out something last minute so I went with a gold lace playsuit, tights and tan wedged boots.

As you can see the details were incredible. Everything just seemed like a piece of art to be entranced by. Probably because these flawless pieces were works of art.

Although I couldn't personally meet him, I did manage to take a snap of Manish Malhotra who is a world-renowned designer and a top favourite with celebrities and Bollywood stars. From the work I saw at the show, I can see why!

Look at the sheer vibrancy of these colours! Everything seemed to come alive and each uniquely refined garment had a life of its own. Nothing was just sitting on a rail. 

The show wouldn't be complete without hair and makeup, right? I came across these stunning beauties having their hair and makeup done as they sat wearing heavily embroidered pieces full of gold embellishments. I thought the beauty side of things was done amazingly. The ladies didn't look too heavily caked or too contoured. They literally glowed effortlessly and oozed of glamour and confidence. Props to Aamir Naveed Hair and Ambreen Makeup!

Oh, and the cakes! The extravagant, towering, mouth-watering cakes! To be honest this whole show has got me really excited about the Indian bridal sphere. Everything is over the top and God damn it, I love it!

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