Friday 26 December 2014

Bloggers Love Hub: Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle HAUL!

It's been a long time coming since I did this post, I've been yearning to talk about all these treats I got from the exclusive Bloggers Love Hub events which connect brands to bloggers and allow us to discover amazing products from top-notch brands within the industry. I'll admit that I like to take my time with products first before I review them so I can give you the most accurate opinions possible (although I moved house for the first time too and I now realise why it's one of the top stresses within life... ugh). 

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Now's the time to really think about changing up your regular products and routines, especially if you feel the winter has had nasty effects on skin and hair. Hopefully I can help you out a bit with this post! 

So as you can see I was lucky enough to try out some incredible products, some of which I have actually decided to make regular use of in my routine. I'll stop yapping now so we can get started with the reviews! 

I've heard about Slendertone for a long time now because it's such a huge, established brand with a well-developed, loyal following across the world. I received the Slendertone Abs as I am definitely most self-conscious around my tummy area. Although I haven't used it much yet, I plan to make this part of my regular lifestyle as I get into a proper exercise routine again with a healthier diet. People have seen so many good results with this so it's only right to give it a go and to do it properly, several times a week to see some results. I will be posting updates on social media as I follow my journey with Slendertone to let you guys know how I get on. The product itself is perfect as everything is so compact and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions, as well as abdominal exercises which can help alongside, as well as a planner to help you organise your usage and goals. Whether you're going on holiday or simply want something to help tone your abs, this is definitely something to try out. As they say on the site, 'Summer bodies are built in Winter'! 

I absolutely fell in love with the statement necklace I received from Bow Boutique! It is so so so colourful and vibrant with various stones, including hints of aqua, pink, yellow and indigo. It looks gorgeous on and creates such a sophisticated and glamorous look, especially with simple evening dresses such as a black shift dress. Wear it with something simple in black or white to let the colours stand out and do the talking. I'm all about statement necklaces recently because they make life so much easier, especially when you don't want to think about wearing lots of jewellery pieces and embellished this, embellished that. All you have to do is put a necklace like this on and you're good to go. Amazing. 

Umberto Giannini has ruled the hair world for years upon years now, as I'm sure you all know. I tried the Ultimate Curls Nourishing Oil from them and I was really impressed with how it worked for my hair. Firstly, it smells absolutely insane with a rich coconut scent. Coconut oil has worked wonders for hair forever and I used to have it put on my hair all the time as a child so it's no wonder that everyone is reverting back to the natural oils out there as they are the ones which really do the best job in all honesty. This product is great for helping your curls stay in place and to give you some extra oomph. It works for all curl types, small or big so you can use it all the time, no mater what look you're going for. 

This is probably one of the products I was most impressed with: Yours Truly Organics Face Balm. Infused with daisy extract, it smells beautifully and it's very refreshing seeing as the brand prides itself on using organic products only. This works wonders, absolute wonders. It's helped with my oil control and minimised breakouts. I try to use it twice a day to get the best results but usually can only remember to apply once after I cleanse my face. It's very rich and a little goes a long way which I love. The great thing about this is that you can use it as a moisturiser but it also works fantastically as a primer/base for your makeup so you don't have to worry about using lots of different products. I have already been in touch with Yours Truly Organics to tell them how impressed I was as I'm going to be using this regularly and replacing my Clinique 3-step System which I have used for almost two years now. I honestly feel like natural and organic is the way to go, especially for skincare. If you don't believe me, try it out and compare the difference! 

Going with the natural trend, I was also introduced to Zuzka, a natural skincare brand. They gave me the Coconut Cream Cleanser to try out and I have been using this a lot too. Honestly, the difference you see with natural products is well worth it. It has a creamy consistency and yes, this smells incredible too! I apply it all over my face when it's dry and wash it all off in the shower. This also helps with oil control and it has really complimented my sensitive skin well as it is so delicate. I would recommend this if you are looking for something to use regularly everyday and to take travelling with you as the pump is so convenient for easy applications. 

Next, I have been using Sniffy Wiffy's Hand Cream in Japanese Plum. As you can tell, I have already started pumping this on my hands regularly but let me tell you, the smell of this is so gorgeous and sensual that it's almost like perfume... but for your hands! In addition to the scent, the product works well to moisturise hands and keep them soft when they can often become sore and rough during these colder months. What drew me to Sniffy Wiffy the most was their incredible goal to increase awareness about breast cancer. On every label, Sniffy Wiffy puts easy-to-follow instructions on how to check for signs. Now, this is honestly something that is so important to know and to incorporate this into everyday products is such an innovative and intelligent idea. Who says beauty can't be ethical and morally conscious? Everything is handmade too so again, you don't have to worry about what you're putting on your skin. Huge props to Sniffy Wiffy!

You may have already seen me mention this on Instagram but I have fallen in love with In Situ Cosmetics and their exciting new concept. They are one of the most innovative skincare brands I have personally come across because they can personalise and customise products just for you. Literally, you can choose what you want and what purpose. For me, I chose an eye balm to help me relax and to be applied at night. The best thing about it all? They even put your name on the product! These make such good gifts too as people love to get presents that are customised these days so why not apply that to skincare too? 

For makeup, these two lipsticks are from ColourChase who make cosmetics which are brightly coloured. From the swatches, you can tell that they are highly pigmented and the colour payoff is just insane, probably the best I've seen. The blue is definitely very daring and bold but if you want to try something different or have a little fun with colour, you should try it out. Experimenting can be great, you never know what colours work for you. You may surprise yourself! 

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