Saturday 17 January 2015

January 2015: Beauty Products I Dislike

I've been meaning to do a 'dislikes' post for a long time now, purely because I feel like I've been going on and on about what I 'absolutely love' and I haven't shared any insight on what I actually haven't loved so much.

Being a blogger is about honest opinions and giving the readers accurate information. I hope this will be a useful post for some of you. I'm sure there will be disagreements and shocks at some of the products here but hey, everyone has a different experience with everything and this is just mine...

(Also as a side-note, I've used these products last year so they aren't technically just Jan dislikes).

Okay, let's get started!

(From top left, clockwise):
Soap & Glory Sit Tight 4-D Firming + Smoothing Serum
Dove Summer Glow + Soft Shimmer Nourishing Lotion
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel
Collection Colour Pro Intense Lip Lacquer: Rebel 01
H&M Lip Stick: Purple Rain
Revlon Photoready Concealer: Light Medium 003
Rimmel Velvet Matte: Velvet Touch 013
Morrisons Vitamin E 3-in-1 Facial Wipes 

You may have already seen me share my views on the Dove Summer Glow on Instagram but I had to include this here too. I absolutely adore the original version of this, it gives you a nice subtle tan and it does gradually build up as you apply day by day. However, I accidentally picked up the shimmer version in Boots and it just doesn't do anything for me. I don't like the shimmer, I think it's too much and not exactly 'subtle' so I would urge you to try the original instead.
Next is something I picked up a while ago whilst at Boots. I usually only shop Collection makeup for the infamous Lasting Perfection concealer but I decided to pick this up too. I really hated this, I can't lie. The colour is insanely beautiful and very, very intense and pigmented as promised but the smell is horrid and the consistency is extremely sticky and hard to apply. I would only get this if you're willing to spend a good ten minutes trying to get the product all over the lip as it sticks so badly.
Next is the H&M Lipstick. Now, I've never really tried much H&M makeup in the past but I picked this up as I headed to the till. The colour is a subtly shimmery mauve which is gorgeous for the winter months but I have to say, I wasn't too impressed with the staying power as you do have to keep reapplying. I won't dismiss this too much as I would probably still wear it and for the price, it's not too bad.
As far as I could see, the Photoready concealer was a huge cult product with everyone. People seemed to LOVE this so much. I think the product itself is pretty good and it blends into the skin really nicely but I do prefer liquid concealers over anything like this. Plus the name implies that it gives heavy coverage but I would say it gives medium. Again, not a disastrous product by any means but just not for me. 

The next dislike is quite funny because I'm sure a lot of you are thinking, 'what the hell do you expect buying Morrison's wipes?' Let me clear things up, I usually always always always use Johnson's or Simple wipes on my face but I picked these up as I was moving house and didn't have any makeup remover on me, thinking that they wouldn't be so bad. Wrong. They dry out extremely fast and I felt that they were harsh on the skin. Didn't remove much makeup, took a lot of scrubbing to get my eye makeup off especially. Do yourself a favour and stick to beauty companies, not supermarkets! 

Okay, I will admit that I can't call this product a complete 'dislike' yet because I haven't used it enough but that's literally because I'm so lazy. I've pretty much fallen in love with everything from Soap & Glory, from their makeup to skincare, it's all amazing and does the job really well. Now this MAY do the job well but for me, I found that staring in the mirror for ten minutes trying to massage this into my thighs was just a pain and I didn't feel much going on. Apparently this is meant to feel tingly and warm to show that the caffeine is absorbing but I barely felt a thing after applying a lot of product. I would still give this a proper go to fully give you my thoughts but it's an overhyped product in my opinion.

Moving on to nail varnish, 2014 was a huge year for nail varnish experimentation. From mattes to chromes and leather effect, everybody was going for something new. I picked up this from Rimmel because the name drew me in and I thought 'ooooooh, I want velvety nails!' This looks insanely gorgeous after applying about 2-3 coats, don't get me wrong. I just expected it to stay a lot longer. It lasted for maybe 3 days without chipping and then I started to see chip after chip after chip. Only use this if you want a velvet matte finish for an occasion but if you're looking for something to get through the week, this isn't it.

This is a HIGHLY unexpected addition to my 'dislikes' because I have used the Clinique 3-step for such a long time. There's nothing blatantly wrong with the products at all, they do work for my skin but I just found such a better alternative for me and that is the Yours Truly Organics range, which I reviewed here. I think some of the Clinique products are too overpriced for the performance they bring but I still have some things from them which I swear by, including their foundations which control my oil and keep my skin looking flawless day to day.

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