Wednesday 14 January 2015

The Higher The Heel, The Better You Feel: Online Avenue Stiletto Boots

'Tis the season of boots, and hot ones at that. 

I had so much fun styling these knee-high stiletto boots from Online Avenue ( As you zip them up, you just start to ooze this bad bitch aura all of a sudden (not that I was ever a basic). 

The length is just so DAMN sexy. Over-the-knee is always flattering and I found that these tight-fit boots made my legs look a lot slimmer and the cut-off point comes just above the knee which I found to be a plus point.

I've missed high boots so much... I've been obsessed with ankle boots for months now so to try out some knee-highs again, let me just say that I am now back in love people. 

How cute is the box! LOVE it! 
At first I was sceptical about whether I would actually be able to walk in them at all but the platform really helps to keep your balance. The heels are pretty high but because they're boots, they're bearable to strut around in, plus the length does give you a lot of support.

The patent black is gorgeous and classic, making the boots so versatile as you can style them with a plain white shirt and jeans or you can glam it up and team them with a shift dress for a night out. When I wore them, I just went into rebellious chic mode and put on my 'I don't care' jumper from Nikki Lipstick. I will warn you, once you have these bad boys on, you won't stop staring at them. 'Ahhh, so glossy!'

As it's quite cold out, I definitely think that high-heeled boots are the way to go. Peep-toes = freezing. I love that you can just wear these with pretty much anything and be good to go. They just make you so much sexier, I don't know how else to put it!

Go check out the brand as Online Avenue is super affordable and they stock the latest trends so you can treat yourself without feeling guilty!

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