Thursday 5 February 2015

London Edge SS15 VIP Bloggers Meet Up: My Intro to the Alternative Life!

I'll admit that sometimes I tend to stay stuck in a routine with my style. Once I get comfortable with something I tend to follow it for a good while. I do experiment don't get me wrong, although I definitely think that I can step outside my comfort zone a lot more. It's fun to try new things, new styles, looks from different eras. That's the amazing thing about fashion... there is an endless amount of looks to try out and once you find one you like, you can really transform your mood, attitude and demeanour. 

Because of this, I LOVED attending London Edge's event as a VIP blogger. It was amazing to see so many brands come together in one space and show off their best designs. When I walked in, I was shown to the press area which was very stylish and all-white. After a glass of bubbly, I got a hugeeee goodie bag, definitely the biggest to date! Thank you so much to London Edge for giving me luxury treatment, it really made my day! 

Below I am wearing my Voodoo Vixen dress which I was kindly gifted on the day. I fell in LOVE with it. It's not something I would usually go for, especially with the longer length but you know what, it was so nice to try something vintage-esque. The fit was great and it accentuated the right parts seeing as I am a size 14. 
It was lovely to meet Laura, another fellow student blogger who I had chatted with on social media before the event. She looked lovely in her pastel pink dress and pixie cut! You can check out her review of the event here :) 

We explored and came across some amazing brands full of eccentric ideas and it was refreshing for me to see a new side of fashion because I have tended to stick with more mainstream looks. I loved the friendliness of everyone, there were no airs or signs of snobbishness which I admittedly have become accustomed to now so that was nice for a change! 

As VIPs we all got treated to hair & makeup! Fab! As I already had makeup on, I just went for a red lip but props to the makeup artist as she really did a good job and I loved the blood red shade she used, it stayed for ages!

Now for the goodies! I loved so many of the treats but here are my favourites...

From left: Fanpac London T-shirt,
Collectif Mirror,
Banned Cardigan,
Miss Candyfloss Hair Flower,
Manic Panic Lipstick,
CherryLoco Necklace,
Jawbreaker Scarf 

I absolutely adore the Manic Panic Lipstick in shade Enchanted Forest. Again, this is definitely not a colour I would normally go for as it's quite daring but when I swatched it, I was really pleasantly surprised at the colour! 

 Once again, thanks to London Edge for hosting such a fab event, I loved every minute of it! I will leave you guys with some pics from the fashion show and some dresses that I literally had to just stop, stare and adore as I came across them...

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