Saturday 20 December 2014

Wingz: Perfect Arm Coverage for the Festive Season!

When I first heard about Wingz I was absoultely over the moon as I have recently been so so so self-conscious about everything including my arms.

I'm a UK 14 on average so yes I'm not huge but I am working on going back to a 12. That being said, I'm such a pro-curves girl and I believe everyone has the right to look as they please.

To me, curves are more appealing than being skinny any day but I can understand that sometimes as curvy women, we do have days where we reallllly want to wear a specific outfit that may be sleeveless and it just so happens that we don't exactly feel so happy about baring our arms that day.

Wingz provides an easy solution with their huge range of styles, all you have to do is slip on a pair underneath your outfit and over your bra. Then you can pretty much wear anything on top! It is literally such a convenient product and I urge you to try them out as they can be worn in so many different ways PLUS they're seriously affordable for the quality you get.

As Christmas and New Years rapidly approaches, everyone brings out the cocktail dresses which can be a bit daunting but with the help of Wingz, it's one (really big) problem ticked off the list. I'm wearing the Stretch Lace Full Sleeve Black Wingz which are absolutely gorgeous. Black lace is classic and never goes out of style which I love. They honestly are just so flattering that I could have worn about 10 outfits in this post because they looked good with so many dresses I tried on!

To give you an idea of the versatility they provide, I started by wearing the Wingz with a lace dress. Yes, at first this seems a bit risky but actually the contrast lace colours worked really nicely together. Teamed with a bright blue skater dress, I think the Wingz actually help the colour of my dress pop even more!

For a more subtle look, I also teamed my Wingz with a leather dress and statement necklace too. This equally works well as black and black will naturally always go together but it doesn't mean you can't experiment around with different coloured clothing too.

For my last look, I went with an elegant, satin and mesh dress which looked great but it really over-exaggerated my upper arms so the Wingz came in really handy as they genuinely look part of the dress and you can't tell the difference at all!

It's no wonder Wingz was featured on Dragon's Den as they are truly so innovative and can easily become a wardrobe staple in no time. They cover UK sizes 6-28 so any figured woman can look stunning in no time. We all have body worries but there are solutions out there and they're so fashionable too so you don't have to compromise on style. Perfect!

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