Tuesday 9 December 2014

BanyanCraft: Stylish + ETHICAL Jewellery! + 20% OFF!

As you may recall, I've been very much into jewellery recently, especially statement pieces which I can wear over simpler outfits. Less stress and less hassle if you ask me.

I definitely think that jewellery is important and it is SO incredibly fun to mix things up and try different styles as there is always something new out there, yet I think we often forget about where our jewellery comes from.

This isn't limited to jewellery at all. It applies to clothing too. However, much jewellery we purchase and wear is usually produced under unethical conditions that brands are often either unaware of or choose to be in denial about, as I recently learnt at an event at the London Ethnic event at the House of Commons.

So why should WE avoid it? Admittedly, it is quite hard to find out the background of all the pieces we consume. Where would you turn, who would you speak to? We can't always be ethical consumers but what we can do is try and support brands who specifically have goals to support workers and the conditions they are under.

This is why I'm so happy to be working with BanyanCraft, a brand based in India who have a deep-rooted cause embedded in their company. They aim to change the way the industry operates by buying and selling directly from artisans who handcraft their beautiful pieces. Often these talented artisans are neglected and aren't paid nearly enough profit for their efforts. I was pleased to know that BanyanCraft takes this into consideration and really aims to combat these issues head-on so that we can feel less guilty about what we wear. 

Their range is huge and they have some very stylish and intricate pieces as well as statement and glam ones to wear for special nights out. Here I am wearing the Ringlets Charms Necklace which is a layered necklace full of character. It really stands out on any outfit but I chose to wear it on a baby blue shift dress with black heels to accentuate its statement power. You can choose how to wear this necklace as the layers can be shifted around. 

As a special treat, you can get the necklace I'm wearing with a huge 20% off! Simply enter the following code at checkout: XC28WFE14CKX

Although it looks heavy, it is far from it! It's very light-weight and easy-to-wear. I would say it would go best with something plain and non-patterened as this really does catch some attention.

I absolutely love the packaging it comes in as this can make a huge difference to the buying experience. As soon as you open your necklace, you get a lovely note reminding you of the importance of your purchase... how thoughtful!

Coming from an Indian background myself, I really do appreciate the concept of BanyanCraft and I would recommend anyone who wants to purchase some lovely jewellery whilst giving back to the world to try them out. They ship internationally too so no excuses!

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