Saturday 13 December 2014

Harley Street Treatments: Microdermabrasion Review (From a Newbie!)

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Okay so I've heard a lot about microdermabrasion and I've seen the word used a lot in the blogging sphere but I've never really had a chance to check out what it's all about. I knew it was a beauty treatment and a pretty hyped one at that but as the popularity of it grew, I also grew more interested. 

As I've recently expanded into beauty, I'm definitely a lot more interested in treatments out there, especially those that focus on healthy skin. I'm learning that nothing is more important than having a good base to work on and not taking care of your skin is simply the worst thing you can do. As I have been moving away from the blasé attitude towards makeup removal (i.e. a 5 second scrub with a makeup wipe) and my everyday regime (i.e. some cleanser and a bit of moisturiser slapped on only to use a heap of foundation afterwards), I'm starting to not only take my regime more seriously but I'm also starting to consider all the options out there to help me keep my skin on track. 

For my first ever microdermabrasion treatment I went to Harley Street Treatments who I cannot recommend enough if you're thinking about this or other non-surgical treatments. They are highly established and have staff which are so well-trained and experts in their field. I think with any type of skin treatment, it's better to go for quality and if that's what you're looking for, do check them out. 

Right, so on with the microdermabrasion treatment... Hopefully this post gives you an idea of what to expect and how I found the experience, which I think is especially helpful to beginners as it's always good to get an idea of what you're getting yourself into beforehand. 

As you can see, the clinic itself is beautiful and spotless. As you walk in, the atmosphere is very pleasant and everything looks tidy, professional and comfortable. The staff greet you with smiles and make you feel at ease right away. 

Once you go into the treatment room, the ambience is mellow and calming. Your worries are put to bed as a specialist will guide you through your skincare worries and concerns, explaining to you step by step what the treatment is about and the procedure that will occur. Any questions you have are answered perfectly. I think this is probably the most important stage as the more knowledgeable and relaxed you are about the treatment, the better. 

Microdermabrasion is a big step up from a normal facial. It is a popular resurfacing treatment which literally helps out with almost any skincare problem you have including acne, blackheads, scars, large pores and roughness. By using crystals, infared laser light and suction, the treatment deeply exfoliates the skin and gets right into the layers which cannot be done otherwise. 

Firstly, my face was cleansed with CNC cleanser which is creamy and contains aloe vera and macadamia nut oil, to name a few ingredients which help to replenish the skin. Following this, CNC toner was used to help combat my oily skin and then the crystal vacuum was used all over the face. Initially, this can feel harsh on the skin and a bit painful but the process does not take all that long and it certainly isn't unbearable at all. 

After my face was wiped, the extraction process started. This was the most painful part but honestly when you realise what's happening, you will learn to bear it. I did have quite a few breakouts at the time and all the areas were covered so the more you have, the more extraction will be required. However, I will say that my aesthetician was incredibly good at helping me through the process by keeping up a humorous and light conversation with me. 

She acknowledged the fact that I might experience pain which is good as you want to know it's expected and natural. To get to the surface of each breakout/area of concern will hurt but I think it was probably because it was my first time that I found it pretty painful. I know people who do microdermabrasion regularly so I'm sure it's really not that bad! Once you see the results at the end it is ALL worth it, trust me! 

Following this, Medik8 C-Tetra serum containing Vitamin C was applied to my face and at this point, your face does sting but you won't have to experience it for long as a clay mask is applied right away and after a few minutes, you will feel your skin start to cool down a lot until all the stinging is gone.

After 10 minutes, the mask is removed and Red Alert is applied which helps to combat the initial redness, as well as some moisturiser.

Once it's all done, your skin will naturally be more red than normal but in all honesty, I expected it to be worse than it was and I didn't feel so bad walking out the clinic. Your skin feels renewed because it literally IS renewed! Once you think about the treatment and what's actually happened, you feel so much better about the state of your skin because you know that all the issues have been tackled straight-on.

I saw an immediate difference. My skin was 10x smoother, my breakouts were very minimal, my skin was less oily and I was a lot more confident about my skin overall. It makes a big difference when you're happy with the state of your skin and I believe it really does help to uplift your mood.

I would recommend everyone to try microdermabrasion as it is worth it in the end, especially as Harley Street Treatments make you feel at ease throughout the whole time and they really do a good job at what they do, truthfully.

Harley Street Treatments are based in Bayswater, London.
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