Saturday 19 January 2013

Moschino Pre-Fall 2013

Moschino's collections are one of my favourites to review because they're so visually pleasing! I always feel like I'm looking at pieces that I'd either want to wear or that seem so chic and modern, I have to stare for longer than 5 seconds!

Moschino is approaching their 30 year anniversary and has clearly targeted many elements it uses (e.g. polka dots, bows, logo belts, beads). The Moschino-associated bright colours have been eliminated in this collection to give a more Fall vibe.

I adore this collection. I think everything is super cute and wearable. There's consistency within the transitions and everything meshes together really well. The focus on outerwear is really nice and versatile.

Huge, huge, huge trend displayed here. The mixture of black an the gold hints at the  tonnes of brocade we've been seeing on the catwalks. Even the boots used throughout the collection are nice... very versatile.

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the two contrast black/white looks here. The tumblr-esque Moschino  belt is used perfectly on the left. It's just one of those things that can be worn in so many ways to add glamour in a look.

Favourite look! The pussy-bow has always been one of my weaknesses... teamed with that Chanel-style jacket and skirt with the embellished gold borders. Wow. Beautiful, classy evening look with enough glitz in the detailing.

Stunning use of peplum on the right with the military style buttons and size-zipped jacket. On the right, you have high-glamour office wear with those tailored trousers and fringe bag.

Beautiful azure coat with 3/4 length sleeves. Perfect for a pre-fall collection as it can be worn over dresses  in the Spring etc. 

Polka dots! Finally, they appear on the right 's shift dress. Not a huge fan of this shade of green, although that plum bowler bag is to-die-for. 

A very romantic dress seen here. The black floral print over the white is really complimentary.

I thought this pea coat was really cute! The subtle coral/pink colour goes well with the fur collar.  I think the amount of fur used here is really good. It's not all over the place and not too OTT. 

Gowns! Flowing and sheer was the combination for Moschino. Elegant but simple. 
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