Wednesday 23 January 2013

Christian Dior Spring 2013 Couture

It's finally time for some Spring Couture, where dresses turn into grand displays of art and everything is exaggerated to the highest degree possible. It's fun, extravagant and something I love to look at.

Clearly, there are going to be mismatched opinions about Raf Simons and his ability to take over from Galliano but honestly, I think Simons is going in the right direction with this collection. Some would argue that wearability should not be an option in a couture show but I disagree. This collection presents a perfect combination of pieces that are clearly high-end couture looks, yet there are definitely pieces that can be worn by your average person... with a big wallet.

"Modern romanticism in a minimalist way".

Nature was certainly at the forefront of this collection. It reminded me of Dior's Fall 2012 Couture collection where the walls were covered in real flowers and those who sat in the audience commented on the gorgeous scents which accompanied the show. However, for Raf, that wasn't a great time. People slated the collection (the one with the black suits, to remind people) and pleaded for Galliano to return and uplift Dior again. I have to say, Simons should feel very proud of himself with this collection.

Although there were pieces which just seemed "ugly" in my eyes, especially when four or more different coloured fabrics were mixed together, the majority of the collection appeared to be well planned, coordinated and polished.

The red glitter lips on the models looked stunning and added a nice contrast to their looks, as well as romantic edge. The short hair represented "a woman who dares to be different". Think Psycho. Indeed, it reflected the collection well. It's not always about long hair with curls. Romance can stem within anyone.

The straight neckline was definitely big in this collection. The contrast between the black and the shimmering silver skirt works really nicely. Hint at this season's metallic trend?

Beyond gorgeous. Satin finish black suit. Perfect for party wear. 

Innocent and stripy. Think Oscar de la Renta stripes. 

Daring and bright. Look at that neckline!

Risky use of the shimmery powder blue against burgundy  In my opinion, that floral  corset underneath would have worked nicely by itself. 

Here, the florals start pouring in. Sheer, sensual fabric with glittering rose embellishments. Shimmers down the runway.

Bridal wear. Without the floral sleeves, this would have gotten my vote.

Unique as ever. The puffball is absolutely huge!
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