Monday 28 January 2013

Chanel Couture S/S 2013

Karl Lagerfeld just doesn't stop. About a month ago, we saw his magnificent Pre-Fall 2013 collection and now we can enjoy the Couture.

This collection is definitely one to be watched, purely because of the amphitheater's mystical forest surroundings and the horror-like music.

Hauntingly beautiful. Breathtaking. Picturesque.

The dramatic eye makeup, feathers and all the minor details really made this collection the masterpiece it is.

Loved the Chanel tweed in this collection. Glitter was entwined in the threading  and it really sparkled to give a Couture edge.

Lots of pure white in the opening. Very institutional. Karl said he used "frame shoulders" throughout this collection which appeared to look like armor or protection. Strength and power to women. 

Chic navy dress with a simple black belt. The matching feathers and lace boots add the  glamour and richness to the look.

For some reason I love this dress. The ruching is stunning. Notice how the neckline is neither empire or straight across strapless. The extra material creates ambiguity and strangeness. 

Immediately, the contrast of such pure white with black is very gothic. It's unstable. 

Long, and straight. Very unusual style of dress. There's a lot of detailed work going on here with the lace and sparkly embroidery on the darker panels. 

Floral. Girly. Cute. 

The previous look has turned into something of a polar opposite. The black feathers  make this look appear volatile, explosive and distressing to the eye. 

Very nice take on the "ruined" style Miss Havisham dress. I think this is absolutely beautiful. The amount of work and handcraft that has gone into these pieces must not be forgotten. As Tim Blanks stated, "Anything that looked like a print was actually embroidery- the man-hours involved in such technical feats clearly involved rigors of another kind."

Gothic to its extreme. Sheer mesh and leather designed to appear worn out as the dress graduates. 

Genius end to the show. Great to see positive messages go out to the gay community - well deserved.  Love how a child is also holding the hand of his lesbian mother. Lagerfeld really did well with this whole collection. He pushed the boundaries to make a stand and show people that the times are changing. Anyone who is capable of love can now raise a child and that should be an easily accepted fact by now. Bravo. 
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