Thursday 17 January 2013

Lilly Ghalichi obsessed!

The new addition to Bravo's Shahs of Sunset reality series, Lilly Ghalichi, made quite an impression upon the cast and viewers. I for one am obsessed with her!

Named the 'Persian Barbie', she balances being an licensed attorney in the state of California and picking which Hermes bag to wear every day very well. What do I find the most appealing? The fact that she has the honours, the intelligence and the brains for Law but has no shame in revealing her love of fashion and has used it to create a successful business!

Here's Reza explaining his love for Lilly:

Lilly Ghalichi has part ownership in Have Faith Swimgerie, an innovative swimwear line which combines... you guessed it... swimwear AND lingerie. Clever right? It's the sexiest swimwear line on the market.

The line is a huge hit, with Joanna Krupa being one of many models. Check out the line at

In the latest episode of Shahs, we can clearly see that Lilly misses no opportunity to take high-glam to the max, with her outrageously funny comments. Take when she grabbed her Hermes from Asa Soltan in the latest Cabo episode and exclaimed "sorry, I don't want it to get sweaty"... I died. 

Lilly's love for Michael Costello is to die for. She's a walking advertisement! When she appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen in that emerald gown with a plunge neckline... OMG. I don't think anyone's ever dressed up that well for the show! Although, I have to say... MJ did look good in that one-piece and red lip. 

WHHL with her adorable puppy Coconut!

Images courtesy of Lilly's Instagram/Facebook album uploads. 

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