Saturday 16 August 2014

My 5 Staple Wardrobe Items (+ They're ALL High Street!)

Every girl needs to have some staple items in her wardrobe. That's a fact. We all have some items that we just cannot imagine life without, like seriously. The most obvious is an LBD right? Well times have changed and a lot of us are a tad more selfish than that. I thought I would give you guys a brief post with my personal staple items that I've had for quite a while now.

Many would argue that staple items are investment items and quality is everything because you're bound to be getting a lot of wear. Now, investment items usually equate to high-end or luxury. At least that's what I think of in my mind. Everything I pulled out was indeed a high-street item at a very affordable price, proving that spending zeroes upon zeroes on prestigious 'investment items' is all bullshit. 

As a student, I don't have much of a choice but to shop on the high street for most of my clothing anyway, but I still do have the mentality that if you can get the same thing for half the price, why not?  I hope I don't end up changing that in the future and wasting cash on simple cotton vests purely because of the Dolce label. No offence to the team at D&G, you divine, divine people. 

1) The Shift Dress 

Where? H&M
How Much? Approx £15
How Do I Wear It? This is incredibly versatile and flattering on all body shapes. Wear on a night out with heavy jewellery or at work with pumps. 

 2) The White Blouse
Where? Forever 21
How Much? Approx £10
How Do I Wear It? As this is unlined, do wear a simple vest underneath if you're looking to wear it on formal occasions or at work. Otherwise, you can go bare and daring with a black bra underneath and pair it with some leather leggings for a night out. 

 3) The Leather Jacket
Where? New Look
How Much? Approx £30
How Do I Wear It? Throw this on over pretty much anything, night or day. I have worn this over everything under the sun including skater dresses to add some edge or even embellished clubbing dresses. 

 4) The Denim Shirt
 Where? H&M
How Much? Approx £12
How Do I Wear It? Wear this chilling out at home with leggings or my personal favourite, tucked into a leather skater skirt, just like Kim Kardashian. 

5) The Versatile Shorts
 Where? New Look
How Much? Approx £15
How Do I Wear It? I like to wear these with peplum tops or plain grey/white tees tucked in as these are slightly high-waisted. 

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