Friday 15 August 2014

Kim Kardashian x Balmain 2014

Throughout 2014, Kim Kardashian has clearly proved that Balmain is one of her favourite designers to flaunt around award shows, premieres and dates in. I personally feel that she has the feminine, curvaceous figure to wear Balmain well, although sometimes she does get it wrong by picking unflattering cuts and lengths. 

When I think of Balmain, I immediately think of luxury. It's a very high-end designer that stands for class and elegance, with some of the most exquisite designs in the industry. I'm sure some would not associate the brand with Kim and wish that she would have less of a reputation with them but I completely disagree. Other than being a guilty fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the other spin-offs, the fact of the matter is she has the money and the stylists necessary to rock as much Balmain as her heart desires. I'm sure she barely pays for any of it though. 

We've seen her wear a lot of cropped length tops with high waisted pencil skirts. This look clearly emphasises her curves as her smallest section, being her waist is exposed and the bodycon materials cling to her lovely lady lumps! What I also admire about her is her ability to go from seductive to modest as she throws her staple nude Max Mara coat over her nude dresses. 

The Balmain Statement Looks 

I quite like this look! I love that the dress has a high neck and a short hem. Kim has chosen the right shoes to go with the dress, although I would have liked to have seen a sleek ponytail to show off the dress even more. The florals in the middle remind me of Dior, especially with the pastel hues going on too. 

This was definitely a look that Kim got slated for a lot. I actually quite like this purely because of the sheer uniqueness of the dress. Clearly there is an incredible amount of detail in this dress and I adore the gold and cream colours together. Again, I'm a fan of dress and think wider hips are appealing but many would disagree. 

I absolutely adore these Balmain biker jeans. The khaki colour goes so well with an understated white blazer and tee. 
This is possibly one of my favourite Balmain looks from Kim. The skirt's rouching actually flatters her in my opinion. It's well-fitted and with nude heels, the skirt is truly the statement piece as the rich silk material shines like anything. 

Here, I think Kendall definitely rocks Balmain a lot better. The colours work a lot better and the skater skirt look and sleek ponytail makes her look so youthful and elegant. Kim's look still works for me although I think it's overkill. There's simply too much going on especially with her bold makeup. If she kept it more simple and paired the skirt with a black sleeved top instead, I would have thought otherwise. 

Now this look I really adore. For the Teen Choice Awards, Kim made the right choice to keep her hair slick and straight, making her look youthful and fresh, rather than her elegant side-swept curls. We know that the pencil skirt and cropped top  look works well for her so that's a plus. I do like the zebra print teamed with leather, it's very daring and rock-chic. I'm not a fan of the shoes at all, they seem to clash a bit. I would have loved to have seen white, matte pointed pumps instead. 

Hands down this is the worst Balmain look Kim Kardashian has ever worn. This is just all wrong. The dress doesn't fit her will and looks baggy from the bottom, making her look bigger than usual. For such heavy beading, this look is very hard to pull of and even I'm unsure of how it would work on anyone. What makes this worse is the fact that Kim has worn knee-length suede boots! She basically has no skin showing at all and it looks very odd indeed. 

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