Saturday 23 August 2014

It's Our 2 Year Anniversary! + 2 OOTD's Just For You! (Internship + Coffee Meetup)

Pop the Champagne...

I seriously can't believe that today marks two years since my very first post on The Rebirth of Fashion. I remember being 17 with a huge desire to get online and start something I could call my own, with my very own ideas and concepts. There have definitely been hiccups and moments of lack of motivation, I'll admit. However, today I can honestly say that I am proud of myself for taking the time to continue on and focus more on my ambitions.

I'm working on a few things to grow and develop this site into something a lot bigger and I know that I will get there eventually but I wouldn't be posting today if it wasn't for the views of you guys!  Everybody around the world reading this, yes you, you have helped me to achieve my goals so you should be proud of yourselves too! I am thankful for every single read and I hope that you will continue to visit this blog to get your daily dose of fashion inspiration, a laugh or even to sit and criticise everything I do. I don't mind 'haters' at all, I wouldn't have the drive today without you guys too! xoxo

#1 Outfit of the Day: Fashion Website Internship 

First things first, I have started a new fashion internship with Fever London and I am super excited for this amazing opportunity. I've just begun and already, I'm loving it and getting stuck in with everything. In fact, I've just written an article on their blog if you'd like to have a look at some of their beautiful, vintage-inspired designs that I picked out:

For the second day there, I wore a simple black miniskirt teamed with a classic, monochrome striped blouse with flats and my spacious tan Michael Kors handbag.

What I love about the blouse is that it's slightly oversized so it goes really nicely with a shorter skirt and tights. Stylish, yet perfect for getting down to business.

#2 Outfit of the Day: Coffee Meetup

If you've been following my recent OOTD posts, you'll already recognise the handbag as it's from River Island and I have been wearing it to death. Seriously, I can pair it with almost anything and it will add that oomph that a staple outfit will need.

For a recent catch-up with a friend, I wore a simple, oversized blouse which has a slightly cropped hem and teamed it with ribbed leggings and tan ankle boots.

The darker green is gorgeous as it gives the outfit a pop of colour and to be honest, the leggings are very flattering on my curves. As for the boots, they have a mid-heel so they're both comfy and stylish. Another item which goes with literally everything!

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