Wednesday 27 August 2014

Looks Good On Me: The Most Revolutionary Shopping App EVER?

I'm really excited to let you guys know about a new app, 'Looks Good On Me' which will undoubtedly make your shopping experiences 10x more stress-free.

As we browse through the rails on the high street, we often grab several items and spend minutes, even hours (yes, hours) deliberating on the following:

1) Will I look fat in this? Surely there's a reason why that Zara model is staring at me disapprovingly, right?
2) Is this trend too outlandish for my office job?
3) Do I really want to pay for another cocktail dress that will end up in the back of my wardrobe?

Co-founder, Tatjana battling a serious fashion problem: Shopaholic Syndrome. 

Well, an innovative new app is set to take those pressures away!

The best part is that it's SO easy to use! Co-founder, Tatjana Apukhtina is confident 'anyone will be able to use ‘Looks Good On Me’ effectively'. I would take her word for it.

'Looks Good On Me' really does aim to put the fun back into shopping. Say goodbye to fashion faux paus...

So How Does It All Work?

How cute is the logo?

All you have to do is pick a group of trusted fashionistas to be your own personal fashion advisers. They could be your friends, family or colleagues. It's completely up to you and for me personally, this is my favourite part. There's no need to feel self-concious or nervous if you're only asking people you can trust, right?

Next, you can take some selfies of your potential new outfit whilst you shop and send them to your chosen advisers. You can even set a time limit so you won't have to wait around too long for them to make up their minds.

It really is as simple as 'yes' or 'no'.

After a straightforward 'yes' or 'no' vote, you will be shown an overall verdict at the end and all of a sudden, shopping just got easy!

The app is so entirely versatile. It can be used to choose your next job interview outfit, dinner party jumpsuit or even your bridal gown. The possibilities are endless.

You heard it here first, I think this app will take the fashion industry by storm and if you ask me, it's a retailer's biggest dream come true.

Great, Where Do I Sign Up?!

In order to achieve their goals, there is a Kickstarter campaign that you can get involved in to fund their final development stages.

First, let me take a selfie!

The co-founder, Matthew Blakemore says that they have been 'overwhelmed with the support' they have received so far and that 'it’s imperative they hit their target to make this project a massive success'.

You can donate as much as you want, although they do have some pretty impressive rewards for certain donation amounts. The campaign is live until September 10th 2014. Go check it out for yourself! 

The app is set for release in October 2014 and will be free to download firstly on Apple IOS and then later on Android. 

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