Saturday 4 July 2015

Opulence & Grandiose Luxury: Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor Take the UK by Storm!

Walking into the new Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor store at East Shopping Centre for the first time was absolutely jaw-dropping. I felt like I was in a dreamland... the space was elegant & an air of opulence lightened up the room, yet it didn't feel intimidating... more so welcoming and peaceful.

As I walked around, I noticed these fabulous designs all around me, fit for the crème de la crème of society. Each piece was unique in its own way, it was like looking at works of art. These weren't just clothes or garments, they were paintings.

Interestingly, as you walk around the shop you can definitely see the transitional themes that are going on within the collections. With concepts such as The Phantom of the Opera & Persian Fantasy, this is no ordinary designer... what I can assure everyone is that you will be getting exceptionally unique pieces that are created with out-of-the-box concepts in mind.

The space is open & airy with lots of room to view all the designs & chill out on the golden furniture. You could tell that everything was immaculate from the designs to the setting. It felt so regal, unlike any other store I've ever been to. 

Meeting the Brains Behind it All...

All thanks to Bliss PR, I had the pleasure of meeting Anjalee a few days before the big launch. She was bubbly & full of life, very on-the-ball, welcoming & ready to talk me through her collections. As soon as she spoke, I could feel the energy & passion that she has for her babies. As I walked around staring in awe at the vibrant colours & rich materials, Anjalee mentioned her love of using silks, lace & Swarovski crystals which is fairly unusual in the industry. Some were very heavily embellished with crystals but they still looked so classy & glamorous, designed to make any woman in them light up the room with her presence.

I also noticed her use of sheer materials & pieces that looked more like gowns. With such dazzly pieces, it reminded me a lot of the huge trend going on right now on all the red-carpets as we've seen the likes of Beyonce & Kim Kardashian rock these show-stopping dresses with crystals everywhere, fitted to hug their silhouettes which is a point that Anjalee really focuses on a lot. 

It was apparent that there weren't too many typical pieces here. The lenghas had a twist to them, many with very intricate details inspired by Persian themes including their carpet designs. The anarkalis were far from standard... more like red-carpet gowns. 

'Why make something standard when I have the capacity to do something different', said Anjalee. 

As we discussed her big break in the UK, Anjalee mentioned that she has had other international stores but with her UK branch, she wants to stress that she will adapt to all her clients individually and does make hybrid Western clothing as well to meet everybody's needs. It was apparent that Anjalee puts her pride & soul into her work, as demonstrated when I was wrapping up. A bride-to-be came in for a consultation and I managed to have a nosy glimpse at how interactive the whole experience was. It was like watching something out of a movie. Anjalee was there discussing all her needs & as the bride came out, everyone just watched her transform into a princess & her family were   completely taken aback.

As I'm 20, I think it's fair to say I'm far from the marriage stage but when that big day comes, I would 100% want to choose somewhere like this store where I feel like all my needs are being catered to. After all, every bride wants that special treatment.

Aside from the glamour of the store & consultations, I noticed that the Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor photoshoots were absolutely phenomenal.

'We recently shot in Mykonos, Greece alongside the crisp blue waters. It was a stunning location and I wanted to do something different to shooting in a studio', she mentioned. 

How gorg is the shot below?! I just had to bring up these photos because I felt like they really made the clothes come to life and I love the element of adventure & spontaneity within these shots.

Unexpectedly, I was in for another treat during my time at the store. I had the privilege of watching Anjalee sketch a design in front of my very eyes. It was absolutely incredible.

From someone who just sticks to the writing to save people's eyes from my horrors, it was so fascinating to see the beginning stages of a design. Just like that, she was able to devote herself to a new creation & immediately she was able to say which gradients of colours she would use, where she would place the embellishments, what type of draping... just wow. Just remember, we brought it you first! Who knows, this may well be a sneak peek of the hit new design to be seen on Bipasha ;)

If that wasn't enough, I then went on to be styled in one of her exquisite designs. Admittedly, coming in with my ever-so casual clothes, it was a bit daunting to try on something so grand but as soon as I put it on, I realised how much of a difference such luxurious clothes can make to your whole demeanour. A boost of confidence came over me & I was stunned to see myself in something so beautiful. This is one of her wrap-around sarees and I must say, I was expecting it to be a lot heavier than it was. 

Surprisingly, it was very light & easy to manoeuvre in which is an absolute must on your special day. You don't want to be worrying about being uncomfortable, you just want to shine & radiate confidence which is inevitable in something like this. 

As Anjalee & I both agreed, to see these designs on the rack is one thing but to experience wearing one is an entirely different experience. I found her designs to be very well-made. As intricate & delicate as they are, they are made for women to enjoy being in & to ooze power & boldness. 

Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor regularly dress A-list Bollywood celebs like Bipasha Basu, Anushka Sharma, Kangana Ranaut, Katrina Kaif, Hema Malini, Mallika Sherawat, Lara Dutta & lots more.  

'One thing in common with all the Bollywood actresses in our designs is that they have all had lots of experience walking on the ramp & modelling. They have the star factor & they all share grace in their poise', Anjalee pointed out. I think we can all agree on that one...

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia
So before I left, I just had to get Anjalee's thoughts on the new digital age & advice for young people like me:

'Social media is very important, I take it very seriously. People just don't have the time to read newspapers or watch TV like they used to. They want fast information now with the likes of Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Social media is a must for branding yourself & if you want to get into the industry, be sure to stay focused on the goal and you will succeed if you have the knack for it. Make sure to market yourself correctly as marketing is everything.'

It's Show Time!

I had a 10/10 experience with Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor and I would recommend their designs to anyone looking for outstanding pieces for special occasions, especially weddings. Just pop in & you'll understand the true meaning of luxury, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Now I'll stop yapping & let you enjoy some images from the launch...

East Shopping Centre: A mecca for all things high-end Asian in one well-maintained, spacious building.
PC: Monir Ali 
Posing with Anjalee herself, as she wears one of her flattering foam gowns.
One of the oh-so feminine fairytale gowns that caught my eye!
Model rocking a gorgeous aquamarine outfit with gold accents.
Model working this lavish piece that embodies couture to another level.
A room filled with press, bloggers, models & fabulous people.

Further Info:

East Shopping Centre, 232-236 Green Street, 
London, E7 8LE.

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Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor Twitter
Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor Instagram

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