Monday 6 July 2015

Stitch Three Coffee Morning: How Your Fashion Cravings Can Save Orphans...

If you're like me, you often have moments of complete sadness thinking about the state of the world, especially when it comes to the welfare of children who are suffering in poverty. It's awful to come to terms with the idea that children can be born into a life of hardship without asking for it. I think sometimes it's easy to forget and more so easier to distract yourself from the real issues. I do it all the time... it saves the feelings of guilt....

However, we can't always run away from the issues at heart. I think all of us can be doing things to help out people in need, whether its donating to charities, volunteering every so often or setting up fundraising events. Not only is it rewarding but it actually makes a big, big difference as I've learnt with my experiences (although I could be doing a lot more too!)

Anyway, I thought I would share with you an exciting event coming up where you don't actually have to do much at all, aside from maybe purchasing a few beautiful pieces!

Nida Azwer Iznkik 
I know it's a little short notice but if you have the time, why not pop down? 10% of all proceeds will be donated so you can shop a little more guilt free!

South Asian, high fashion studio and retail concept, Stitch Three, will be hosting a Coffee Morning in association with NGO, SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan, where they will be presenting a seasonal curation of the latest collections from some of Pakistan’s most lauded fashion houses.

SOS Children's Villages Pakistan works for the welfare of orphaned children, providing them with loving care, security, higher education and job training. 

It's taking place on Wednesday 8th July, 10am – 2pm at a South London location. Please RSVP to for further details.

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