Monday 29 June 2015

When Paid Promotion Goes Wrong...

If you're an Instagram junkie like me, you'll now be used to scrolling through your feed & spotting the usual celeb suspects sporting their new protein powders, waist trainers, cheap dresses in their name... the list goes on.

Yes, it can be seriously annoying but I can sort of understand it when it comes to reality stars or people who work on & off. Sometimes you just need a bit more income coming in or hell, maybe they're just greedy. Aside from the low-list celebs, there are definitely some of the bigger names in the celeb world who I've noticed are doing a terrible job at promotions...

As a blogger, I know my fair share about sponsorships, promotions, collaborations etc. but even for those who don't blog or work in PR, sometimes it's pretty damn obvious when someone is just pushing a product in your face that they don't use.

Lilly Ghalichi: Razor Gate

Here's a screenshot from Lilly Ghalichi who has absolutely blown up all over the internet. I feel bad for discussing her because I've had so many good things to say in the past & I actually remember when she wasn't so huge & acknowledged my blog post about her. Now that she's become an absolute living doll, I've noticed that some of her promotions are really off...

Basically she's promoting these cheap 99 cent razors & telling us how great they've been for her skin sensitivity. Okay, let me compose myself. She's a gorgeous Persian woman & I have an Indian background... basically if you're from the exotic side of the world, chances are you're going to be hairier than most. Just being real! There is no way in the hell that this woman is shaving. It's absolutely laughable. If you read the comments, people are outraged that she would try and convince us that she actually still shaves & uses these cheap-o razors. 

Pic via @Lillyghalichi on IG
(Sidenote: I love that she's having a full-on photo shoot with heels in the shower... girllllll). 

Lilly has openly discussed her experiences with laser hair removal in the past & this PR promotion is a huge, huge blunder. She is losing credibility left right & centre. I'm happy for her success and as I used to read her blog years ago, I really admire her for wanting to show the world that it's possible to have brains & beauty. Having huge hair & fake tan does not erase someone's law degree. I just hope that her PR team can do a better job of choosing their collaborations because if she pulls something else like this again, it's not going to be pretty. 

Kylie Jenner: Old & Wrinkly

This is fairly old news now but it came to mind when thinking about this topic. When Kylie was first spotted promoting Nip + Fab I was honestly bamboozled. All I could think about was 'wow, that figure must be reaching 6 digits'.

The girl is 17 years old.

Photo via
I'll admit I don't want to go in on her too harshly because in some ways I actually feel sorry for her. Let's be honest, she most likely had little say and was probably just told that some new brand wants to work with her & she would get a ton of money. Also, you have to sometimes think of the strange circumstances that she has had to grow up with. Aside from the Bruce-Caitlyn change, she also has to live with the pressures of comparing to her sisters who have made their fame through looks.

I wouldn't be surprised if she actually does use the stuff. It seems more & more evident that she is following in Kim's steps with her aesthetic.

The media is brutal and for someone younger than me to have to face that, I'm sure it's difficult... hence her self-esteem issues about her lips. Everyone has struggles & I think we should stop being so quick to attack her (even I'm guilty of it) and realise that being rich doesn't mean people aren't going through their internal struggles. Sorry for going off topic! I just felt the need to voice that message :)

Marnie Simpson: Lol.

Some of you are probably like... who? She's a reality TV star on Geordie Shore (yes, I watch it please leave me alone). I just thought I'd add this for comic effect. She's always promoting something or the other & this pic just kinda screamed 'right, I'm tired as shit... gonna hold up these hair pills & then I'm done, PR ain't paying me enough to write why I like 'em or 'nowt like that!'

Pic via @marniesimpson on IG

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