Wednesday 24 June 2015

Wonder App: Swiping Just Got More Fun!

For the last couple of months I've had the joy of helping to write some content for a new app to take the market by storm: Wonder

It's basically like Tinder, only instead of swiping right for hotties & left for serial-killer lookalikes, this app brings you the latest fun things happening in and around your city. So if payday is approaching & you want to find a new spot to splash your cash or you've got that mate that just always insists, 'I don't mind anywhere... no, no, you choose' (annoying right), then you can just swipe around for a bit until you find somewhere that takes your fancy.

With fashion, food & drink, exhibitions, concerts & much more, this app has a large variety to meet all your wants and needs. Right now, the main locations are London & NYC but keep an eye out for new cities that are coming. Oh, and I should mention that the app is aimed at towards the 20s demographic so you won't find anything bog-standard or boring. Phew.

So let's take a look at how it all works...

Above is a screenshot from the app where I came across Michael Kors (I know some of you will be yay-ing & some ew-ing). So what you'll get is a lovely pic that sums up the brand making it easy for you to see what you'll get in the shop, a price range, an info button, a share feature & of course an option to swipe right to save it into your wonders. 

I love this app for fashion places because I've found so many places I haven't even heard of before & it gives you that inspiration to go out & explore instead of hitting up the same places over and over again... Even if you've lived in London forever like me, you'll be surprised at the amount of cool things to do from the posh Bankside spots to the hipster pop-ups in Shoreditch. 

Plus there's a big selection for different price ranges. So it doesn't matter what your budget is, you can find anything from thrift stores to swanky high-end designer boutiques and there's lots of free places to visit too like exhibitions, festivals, landmarks, meaning that you'll never have to be stuck at home even when you've got to save up the pennies. 

As you can see, you've also got a detailed but brief description of the place so you can quickly see what the place is all about without going through hefty paragraphs as you would on a regular 'About Me' page for instance. 

You've also got a convenient 'visit website' button which will take you on it directly. The app is really good for doing everything on it at once instead of having to exit, get Google up, find the place & get the info that way. When I'm bored at home or need to kill time on a bus for instance, I like to get this app up & save a few wonders that I like the look of so I have a selection there ready. It's so convenient because the next time you're in charge of finding the club to go to or the restaurant to eat etc., it won't take you as long to decide.

Above is an example of what your saved wonders will look like. You don't have to worry about them going anywhere, they'll remain there for you to browse through as & when you wish. 

So if you're a fashionista, a foodie, a raver or a professional exhibition-viewer, you're bound to find some good picks on this app. Even speaking as a casual user of it, I find that it's super easy to use, quick to load up & features regular updates of new places. 

Let me know what you guys think & be sure to download the app here. It's free! 

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