Saturday 21 March 2015

Neon Moon: The Sexy, Empowering Lingerie Line YOU Need to Back!

Women are women. Full stop. 

I think over the last couple of years I have tried to push this idea as much as possible. Whether it's through reading a bit more Judith Butler in my degree or meeting confident women in all different sizes at events, I definitely think that we need to keep reinforcing positive feminine attributes to try and overshadow the vast amount of hate and ridicule that females receive in the media.

The female body is special in itself and everyone has the choice to use theirs in their own way. That's not something that anybody can take away from a woman. If she wants to be a size 20, she can. If she wants to show off her scars, she can. I just find it aggravating that there are still such ignorant people in the world who want to dictate how a woman should look and present herself. Ironic that the REAL insecurity and anxiety is in the person who is ridiculing, no?

Neon Moon = A Way Forward

So baring in mind my thoughts on female empowerment, I was SO pleased to hear about Hayat Rachi's lingerie line, Neon Moon (how chic is the name!) I met Hayat at the Petit Miracles Launch at West 12 Shopping Centre last year. She had a gorgeous personality and ever since I've been following her progress with the brand, I have been amazed at how much of a hard worker she has been. I really believe her passion behind the ethos that she wants to promote and I think that's why it's important that we start to support authentic brands rather than ones who are purely out there for profit.

Neon Moon aims to counter the objectification and sexualisation of women through comfortable and original lingerie pieces which will fit women of all shapes and sizes.

Cellulite, acne, rolls of fat... it doesn't matter what you have going on with your body because Neon Moon aims to transform your so-called 'flaws' into features to be proud of and show off in colourful soft-cup bras and knickers.

As the days go on, Neon Moon is getting more and more recognition from press outlets such as The Telegraph and rightly so! I hope the brand goes onto dominate the industry, I really do...  As a curvier woman, most of the time I don't feel represented when I see media campaigns for Victoria's Secret or Ann Summers. Those women do not look like me at all. When we continually perpetuate the same over-sexualised images, can we blame women for feeling insecure and unhappy with their bodies? Why are we not embracing the reality of most women's bodies instead? I don't know about you but it doesn't make sense to me. Thankfully there is a brand to help combat these riveting problems.

'We want to shock the lingerie industry and work with the people who reflect what women’s bodies really look like. Girls should not have to question why they look a certain way or feel that they have to conform to society's pressures. It's important for girls to not compare themselves to unachievable standards of 'beauty'. Rather, they need to reclaim the right to their bodies and decide how it should look for them and not for others,' says Neon Moon Founder, Hayat Rachi.

Help Make it Happen! 

So how can you help? Neon Moon has launched a Kickstarter and with 19 days left to go, there is more than enough time for you to make a pledge to support this feminist lingerie movement! With plenty of promising rewards, there really is no excuse. From £5 to £500, give what you can, it will all be worth it. I feel strongly that women should come together and really work towards supporting brands that are genuinely here for US as real women and not super thin, airbrushed models. Let's bring back reality. 

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