Sunday 29 March 2015

How Did You Style That?: Linzi Shoes Cleated Sole Shoe Boots

Hey everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful lazy Sunday... I'm here with a new concept for my blog, 'How Did You Style That?'. 

Styling is so incredibly subjective and what works for one person may not work for another. In all honesty, when I need to style, I go with what I think works for my body type but also what goes with my mood that day. I really don't pay much attention to trends when styling myself, trends have never actively influenced my looks as I find them to be a bit of a faff. Don't get me wrong, I like paying attention to what's in but I just think fashion is much broader than making sure everyone is wearing geometrical prints one season and monochrome pieces the next. 

That being said, my first piece to style is these gorgeous White Nappa Cleated Sole Sling Back Shoe Boots from Linzi Shoes! I was so excited to learn about the brand at their press day, which I reviewed here. I was so shocked at the range they had! What's more, I found that they were able to keep up-to-date and fresh with all their styles, often displaying concepts I'd not come across before in the ordinary shoe stores. Because all of their styles were on-trend, I found it much easier to pick what I liked instead of going around and thinking, 'Haven't these been worn to death?', 'Will I actually pull these off this season?'

Linzi kindly gifted me with a pair of these oh-so-chic boots and I was so pleased because I don't have anything similar in my shoe collection and I knew the cleated look has been in for a while and is going to stay in throughout the season.

I decided to wear them to the Bloggers Love Fashion Week event, which I will write about shortly. I thought that the pop of white broke up the darker colours I was wearing and really added to the edgy look I was going for. Normally I would probably go for some black ankle boots but I loved changing it up. I think it's good to experiment and try something new once in a while, especially with shoes!

Faux Fur Jacket: Forever 21 Premium
Crop Top: Trapstar London
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Trousers: New Look
Bag: Carvela, Kurt Geiger 

Overall I LOVED the comfort of these shoes, I had no problems with them at all. The mid-heel is perfect for giving a bit of extra height without the pain of wearing heels and the cut-outs at the back of the shoes are really flattering.

These are perfect for the warmer months, especially if you're planning on going on holiday as you would think these shoes would be super heavy but they're actually a lot lighter than I thought!

I would highly recommend checking out Linzi Shoes, particularly because they are so incredibly affordable and I think the quality you get is amazing! 

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