Wednesday 11 February 2015

The FASHION TAG! 15 Questions, 15 Answers!

1. I love to shop for my clothes at…(3 shops)?
- River Island
- Primark

2. Shop you like to visit but don't usually buy from?

I think this would probably be Zara. Shocking right? For some reason I go in there but never come out with bags full of stuff. They do have nice things but some things are overpriced for what they are... on the other hand they do have quality items for a decent price. The main reason is probably the fit, I don't think the clothes are really made for my body type. I have leather trousers from there and they look horrible on me! Definitely not the best for curvier girls, for european size 8's, yes their stuff looks amazing! 

3. Last accessory you bought?

I bought a neon pink pouch and embellished tablet case from SkinnyDip. Ever since I got my jewelled phone case from them, I just adore the brand. If you're a student it's great too because they do great discounts. 

4. Do you own something you've never worn? What?

I actually have a lot of stuff I've not worn yet, it's really really bad. Although I'm not going to feel too guilty because a lot still has tags on because it's cold outside and I reach for warmer clothes instead. I do own dresses and playsuits from like 6 months ago with the tags on because I always try them on and end up putting something else on. Once I spot an issue with something I just won't wear it.   

5. I put a lot of thought into what I wear, throw my clothes on quickly or just like to be comfortable?

I do like to be comfortable but it's not like I just wear anything. Actually sometimes at uni I will because I don't care if I look like shit. I don't have anyone to impress. If it's an event I will definitely plan my outfit because I clearly want to look good. I bet most girls will say 'yeah I just thrown on things, I don't care'. Well why do you look so made up everyday? I doubt it. 

6. If I could I would wear (blank) everyday?

Pyjamas. I actually do this though, don't judge me. If I'm at home all day I will wear them all day. Who the hell cares? Why do I need to be wearing actual clothes? I have house clothes but they never get worn. Oh and leggings. I love leggings. Leggings are amazing. 

7. My wardrobe is mostly full of…?

I can't say because it's very versatile. I have a lot of statement pieces now, like metallic dresses, lace tops, embellished blouses or just fluffy heart tops which say 'everybody hates me'. I mean I change it up a lot. 

8. Most comfortable piece of clothing I own is…?

Slouch pyjamas from Primark. Oh. My. God. If you don't own these I don't know what the hell is wrong with you but I love that I don't feel like I'm wearing anything with them. 

9. What hat would you never ever wear?

I hate hats on me in general. I avoid them unless it's freezing... 

10. Whats your style?

I'm actually really really struggling with this. Style is so subjective!!! You know what I'm not even going to answer, I'll let you decide. 

11. Favourite t-shirt?

I went into Victoria's Secret when they had a sale and I bought this gorgeous pink t-shirt with a sequinned 'Love Pink' logo. It's so glam and very Trisha Paytas <3

12. Favourite dress?

I own a Preen dress (YES I KNOW, EFFING PREEN!). I bought it via eBay though so no I did not spend like £300. I really adore it because it has various panels of mesh and satin so it looks like one carefully crafted piece of luxury and gorgeousness. 

13. Favourite jumper or sweatshirt?

I have a plain fluffy black jumper from New Look. It's warm. It's black. It does the job. 

14. Favourite bag?

Hands down my purple crocodile textured one from Jasper Conran at Debenhams which I kindly chose after their press day. It's structured and it looks so classy. It's that rich plum colour too which is just... ugh it's too fab.

15. Favourite earrings?

Hmm surprisingly I'm not that much of an earrings fan but probably my Betsey Johnson ones which have red dangly crowns. 

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