Saturday 22 November 2014

Pearl Divine Rainbow Quartz Crystal Necklace: Mystically Beautiful

Recently, I've been going through a bit of a phase of realisation. I've abandoned jewellery for a long time... I'm not too sure why but I've just been really boring with everything and I've only been going for the usual studs, a watch and maybe a bracelet if I'm feeling adventurous. 


Jewellery is literally everything. It can add so much to a dull outfit and it can change your mood completely. I love finding new pieces now, especially ones which I may not usually go for because change is a must when it comes to style (in my opinion anyway). 

How cute is the packaging :O
Saying this, I'm so happy to collaborate with Pearl Divine, a unique and affordable jewellery range. When I saw their Rainbow Quartz necklace I just HAD to have it because it's so original to everything I've seen!  

The colours are absolutely stunning as you can see hues of blue, green, purple and gold as you turn the stone in the light. I love it because it has a rainbow palette so you can wear it with a black or white top/dress to add some colour this season.

Here I'm wearing the necklace with a fluffy black jumper. The crystal sits on a 24-inch, silver-plated chain so it is fairly long, yet the length makes this a very versatile piece to wear. It's great if you want to wear a necklace that will take you from day to night and attract a few compliments along the way.

It's honestly such a beautiful necklace. It makes a lovely change from the usual high-street statement pieces out there as this creates a statement through its sheer beauty and the detail it has in its colour and structure of the pendant. Being a natural gemstone, each pendant will be slightly different to the next, making each necklace unique in its own way. I personally love this as it adds to the naturalness of the necklace, enhancing its rarity.

For £8, I think Pearl Divine offers heaven on a silver chain...

The newly-established online store has lots of other gorgeous pieces for very reasonable prices if you want to check them out. I really think the range is perfect especially for the upcoming Christmas period if you're looking for personal and stylish gifts with a bit of edge and originality.

You can also follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with the brand :) xo

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