Friday 28 November 2014

My Current Beauty Favourites! Feat. Smooch, Seascape & W7 Cosmetics

So it's been a couple of months since I've expanded into beauty and I am honestly so glad I did because I've had the chance to explore so many amazing products that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. I'm slowly building up my collection with some lovely skincare and makeup treats.

Admittedly I really don't over-do the makeup, in fact I keep telling myself I'll learn how to do eyeshadow techniques properly and I never do. I just keep it simple with a basic skincare regime, foundation, eyeliner, mascara and some lippy for everyday use (I am thinking of going on a course so I can learn a few tips and tricks which I will definitely share so keep an eye out *wink*).

I thought I would share a few products I've been absolutely loving for the last month. Half is skincare and half is makeup from the likes of SeascapeSmooch and W7 Cosmetics. Enjoy!

Here's my lovely range of products that I received, all cutely wrapped in pink. LOVE! The Seascape Hand & Nail Cream is amazing as it offers rapid healing for hands which are chapped from the cold and the sleep oil is perfect when you want to cuddle up in bed and need something to soothe you after a hard day's work. The scent isn't too overpowering which is good as a lot of lavender fragrances tend to be a bit too harsh for me.

The W7 Purple Haze palette is lovely for this season as hues of purple and pinks are always on-trend as the weather gets colder. This is nice to keep with you as you can easily use the lighter shades for a daytime look and switch it up with the darker purple for a night out. So convenient!

This is the W7 Angel Eyes palette which I cannot express to you how much I adore! I am definitely lacking in eyeshadows as I always skip that part of my makeup so I am so glad to have something with neutral shades and some which are shimmery enough to use as a base with some eyeliner for a night out. This would be great if you like to blend together a couple of shades and try something new or if you're looking for a shimmery smokey eye for an upcoming christmas party perhaps :)

Also from W7 Cosmetics is their Full Colour Lipstick in shade 'Sandpiper'. Now, if this isn't a statement lipstick, I don't know what is! The pigment is INSANE and the colour you get on first application is very bright. This is definitely for the ladies who are looking for maximal colour and long-lasting wear. The texture is creamy and very smooth and I love the rich shade of fuchsia this offers. It would look lovely with a minimal black or white dress.

This is from the Smooch Duo Eyeshadow palette called 'Dare to Bare'. This is SUCH a good-sized palette to throw into your makeup bag as it it's very compact and has a decent mirror inside for on-the-go application. As you can see from the swatches, the shades are just so so so pretty and highly pigmented. I expected good-quality from Smooch and I 100% got it. You can imagine how stunning this would look on the eye as it really shimmers in the light. Highly recommend!

Also from Smooch is their Berry Kiss lipstick which I have been using to death. Honestly I wear it at least 3 times a week now because I think the purple is perfect for AW14 and the colour isn't too OTT for the daytime. It applies amazingly well and feels smooth on the lips. The colour payoff is pretty good and it does manage to stay longer than some of the other lipsticks I have from No 7 for instance, so that's a major plus! 
The Showstopper

Whilst I adore all the products, I have to admit that the star of the show has to be the Seascape Peppermint Lip Balm  It's been on my mind to buy a good lip scrub because during the Winter I think its necessary to keep lips smooth before they turn into a peeling mess. This is honestly a godsend and I can't stress how amazing it is. I use it under all my lipsticks now and throughout the day as it has a scrub feel to it yet it is still quite gentle, plus the natural peppermint fragrance is lovely and cooling on the lips. It immediately smoothens out your lips, providing a great base for colour or just if you need a helping hand to get through the day. 

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